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Sheffield Steelers 4 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils return to league action at Sheffield

Join me (OJ) from around 4;30 as we bring you MNL's unique coverage of the Devils

Score predictions plus any other printable comments to

I am off to check what texters I have

Warmup underway

Texters Gerald & Colin reported in as has KettDevil who has travelled from Bedford

My two fellow hosts are of little faith, Stephen thinks the Devils will be turned over 5-2 whilst russky thinks they will also lose

warmup completed

Kelly a Steelers fan is also texting tonight as she regularly does when the Devils are in South Yorkshire

Lights dimmed and officials take to the ice

Devils on the ice in the House of Tin

Steelers long intro goes on and on

Gerald thinks Stellers are missing Fretter & Hay

Neither played last night

Jeff Legue being presented with something

Mark G says Devils will win in regulation by 1 goal

Puck dropped

Tyler Plante covers

Lots of empty seats

Nathan would take a point, praying for 2

A RED ARMY close on 100 have made it to Sheffield

Trying to find out who referee is

Ben Bowns covers @ 2:58

Referee is Perring

Tom Pering to be precise

Tyler Plante coughs up a rebound, Leigh Salters shoots wide

Both teams with 17 skaters

Joey Martin shoots high

Tyler Plante glove save @ 6:27

Steelers penalty Russ Moyer 2 minutes for slashing @ 6:57

Steelers clear zone

Tyler Plante glove save @ 9:24

That was 8:24

Steelers Full strength

Plenty of rebounds from Plante

Joey Martin shoots into side netting

Fight - Rodney Sarich v Josh Batch @10:52

Good win for Josh

Waiting for penalties

Rodney Sarich 5 minutes for fighting + 2 + 10 for checking from behind: Josh Batch 5 minutes for fighting

Carl Hudson has shot deflected wide

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for elbowing @ 11:42

Tyler Plante glove save @ 12:13

39 secs of 4 on 4 remains

Ben Bowns glove save @12:32

Sheffield Full strength go on PP


Devils Full strength

Steelers Goal

@ 13:51

Scored by Ben O'Conner assists Mathieu Roy & Fredrik Vestberg

Sheffield penalty @ 14:10 Mike Duco 2 minutes for delay of game

Guillaume Doucet shot saved

Steelers clear zone

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG

Steelers Full strength


Andrew Lord with his 4th of the season

@ 16:15

Assists Jake Morissette & Joey Martin - who else!!!

Devils penalty Leigh Salters 2 minutes for roughing @ 19:24


End of 1st period Steelers 1 DEVILS 1

KettDevil thinks Joey Martin is the reincarnation of Doug McEwen. He is running this game and Devils look dominant whenever he is on the ice. Both teams playing good physical hockey Devils are edging it but only just. Hotham & Lord are impressing him. referee who seems to react to the crowd is not impressing he needs to get control back

KettDevil (Peter) says result to close to call after opener

SoG Steelers 6 DEVILS 10

Steelers will start 2nd period with a 1:24 PP

Teams back

Puck dropped


Joey Martin SHG

@ 20:44 assists Jake Morissette & Andrew Hotham

That was Joey 9th of the season

Steelers Score Levi Nelson

@ 21:05 a PPG

Assists Russ Moyer & Tyler Mosienko

Tyler Plante injured

Brad Day goes in net for Steelers

Trying to find out what happenned to Tyler Plante

Steelers icing @ 23:00

Plante seemed to struggle to get up after a save

Bradley Day takes down Leigh Salters @24:30

Apparently Plante hurt his right leg in the opener

FIGHT Guillaume Doucet v Zack Fitzgerald

Apologies it was Leigh Salters not Guillaume Doucet

Leigh Salters batters him

@ 25:13

Actually 2 fights took place I am told

questioning that claim

4 Steelers in sinbin

Guillaume Doucet 2 minutes for roughing Leigh Salters 5 minutes for fighting

Jonathan Phillips 2 + 2 for roughing Zack Fitzgerald 5 minutes for fighting

Devils go on PP

Steelers Goasl Mike Duco assist Tyler Mosienko

SHG for Steelers that was

Bradley Day saves @ 27:02

Steelers FS

That last bundle of penalties not complete

Joey Martin goes close

Scramble in front of Bowns

Come on U DEVILS

To clear up Doucet & Phillips had a bit of handbags whilst Salters & Fitzgerald had a fight

Devils penalty Joey Martin 2 minutes for slashing @28:58


Steelers score but i believe it is disallowed

Confirmed - washed out

Correction Martin penalty was @ 31:02

Devils Andrew Hotham

Steelers have 5 on 3 for 1:25


It was Haddad who got 2 minutes for FO interference @ 32:48

Devils back to 4 skaters

a lot of talking going on at each stoppage inplay

Devils Full strength

I am now totally confused as it would appear that it was Tomas Kurka who was assessed a minor for face off interference

Steelers penalty o-Connor 2 minutes for tripping @ 35:54


Rodney Sarich & Guillaume Doucet sit for 2 minutes @ 37:02

Devils still on PP

Steelers bench penalty for too many men

Doucet was 2 minutes for slashing Sarich 2 minutes for high sticks

Day covers

gametime 38:30

was it a bench penalty or not I ask?

Not called

Final minute

End of 2nd period Steelers 3 DEVILS 2

Tyler Plante was replaced by Bradley Day @ 21:48

Peter (KettDevil) says that its a shame that the performance of the referee is overshadowing a good game. devils have made 2 mistakes and been punished twice, they have looked the better side.

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 12 DEVILS 11 making it 18-21 after 2 periods

Ice ready

teams are back and puck dropped for 3rd period

20 more mile U DEVILS

Lets get those 2 points

storm winning 1-0 at Coventry, if Storm win Blaze are out of CCup


Jake Morissette with his 10th of the season

Might have been Carl Hudson with assists for Jake Morissette & Zach Hervato @ 42:16

Devils go close again


Steelers Offside @ 46:44

Joey Haddad goes close

Bradley Day covers from Leigh Salters @ 48:42

Devils icing @ 49:37

KettDevil - says both teams being cagey with referee keeping a low profile

Josh Batch hasn't iced for sometime

Devils pinned in their end

Devils icing @ 51:24

Ice the puck, win the face offs - Devils beat a top Russian team doing just that

Ben Bowns save @ 51:53

Devils still cannot clear their zone

Ben Bowns covers @ 53:01

Come on Zach a bit of magic like last night is called for

Ben Bowns covers again @ 53:43

Its OK Shaun Edwards is in charge of our D

Storm now winning 2-0

Steelers still contolling the play, Ben Bowns is keeping us in this game

Bradley Day glove save @ 55:33 as Devils finally breakout

Devils Offside @ 55:42

Bradley Day saves from Leigh Salters

Ben Bowns glove save @ 56:03

Come on U DEVILS

Andrew Lord has shot saved @ 57:12

Referee whistles down play in Steelers end when puck is in play

Guillaume Doucet shot saved

Final 2 minutes

Ben Bowns glove save @ 58:46

Devils icing @ 58:53

Come on U DEVILS clear your zone

last 30 secs

Leigh Salters shoots high

End of regulation Steelers 3 DEVILS 3

A valuable point for Devils lets go and pinch the other point U DEVILS

Into O/T we merrily go

Can we forgo O/T and go stright to penalties - were are good at that and also I want me tea

O/T starts

Steelers icing @ 60:09

All Devils in O/T so far

Who said that Stellers score

@ 61:04

KettDevil admitted it was his fault for saying it was all Devils

eelers wi=inner scored by Robert Dowd assists Zack Fitzgerald & Cullen Eddy

A well earned point for Devils

As Colin says so long as we take more points off them at Sheffield than they do at BBT we are happy

Our thanks to Steelers Kelly, Gerald & Colin and period rep[orts from KettDevil

Devils MoM - BEN BOWNS

Steelers MoM - Bradley Day

Join us at MNL next Saturday when Russ will be in the chair for the Storm visit to Cardiff Bay

Thats all from me until the next time