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Cardiff Devils 6 - 4 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL for coverage of this Challenge Cup tie between our very own DEVILS and the Coventry Blaze

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 for our normal biased commentary.

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Apologies for my parrot impressions but we are in desperate need of additional texters for both home and away games.

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MNL is a service that is appreciated as viewing figures confirm. We have an average of in excess of 1250 unique viewers per game

MNL is a service that is appreciated as viewing figures confirm. We have an average of in excess of 1250 unique viewers per game

The Devils away game against the Storm in September attracted more that 2,000 viewers whilst the 2nd game in Belfast recently had over 1,500

Even the first Giants game (live on Premier TV) had 891 tuned into MNL

At the moment a small and shrinking group of texters are being over burdened so if you can help us get in touch

Hopefully wee will be able to bring you coverage of tonights game after some new texters have offered their service. Awaiting confirmation

Warmup in progress

Many thanks to Josh & Tinkyadrian who have stepped into the breach to make their debuts as texters

I believe Dean Smith is the referee

By my reckoning a win tonight will ensure the Devils finish 2nd in our Challenge Cup Group

Zambonui chasing its tail

Cornwall Taffy in France calls it 5-2 Devils

Pat says it will be very close and has Devils winning 3-2

Russky predicts a Devils win and a few fights

I hope not as we don't want penalties with a trip to Steel City tomorrow

Josh says ice is ready


Devils horns aplenty at BBT

A few vampires as well

Lights dimmed


Jon J has reported in

Puck dropped

Dean Smith is in charge

Brian Stewart covers from Leigh Salters

Gametime 1:11

Good early pressure by Devils

Brent Walton goes close

A Carl Hudson blast pushed aside by Brian Stewart

1st Blaze shot @ 4:03

Blaze struggling to get into Devils zone


Kevin Noble fights Brent Walton

What a "brave" guy picks on smallest Devil

waiting for penalties Nobe gone to dressing room

Brent Walton has nasty cut

All this @ 4:36

Play has not restarted

Devils players incensed

Kevin Noble kicked out for sure

Leigh Salters tried to get at him as he left the ice

Joey Martin has also been sent to dressing room

Penalties sill not resolved

Brent Walton 5 minutes for fighting

Joey Martin Game Misconduct

Noble gets a 5 + Match for Fighting + Match for clipping

Devils on PP

Noble was hit by a water bottle as he left ice, we think Joey Martin threw it


@ 6:05 Jake Morissette assist Andrew Hotham & Zach Hervato

Devils offside

Jon doesn't think Ben Bowns has had to make a save yet

RED ARMY get on Brian Stewart back by chanting

Zach Hervato goes close

Blaze aren't in this game so far

Blaze FS

That goal was Jake Morissette 9th of the season

Luke Piggott & Chris Jones get a shift

Its still one way traffic

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Brian Stewart not looking as solid as usual


Petruis from Cale Tanaka

@ 11:50 2nd assist for Ned Lukacevic

Devils Joey Haddad 2 minutes for interference


Ben Bowns save

Kevin Noble got 5 + Match (just 1 Match penalty)

Devils Full strength

Brent Walton back on ice

Cale Tanaka is they key player for Blaze

Devils goal was recorded as a PPG

But there were coincidental fighting majors

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for elbowing @ 16:06


Blaze PPG scored by Drew Fisher @ 16:33

Goal now given to Ashley Tait


Joey Haddad with his 4th of the season Carl Hudson & Leigh Salters with assists

@ 17:45

1 minute gone

Neil Trimm limps off after being hit by a bullet shot by Trevor Hendrikx

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Blaze 2

Josh says referee Smith missing a lot tonight again . He says game was disrupted by Noble incident but Devils clearly on top and should be in front

Great result for Cardiff NIHL holding Invicta Dynamoes to a 1-1 draw

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 12 Blaze 7

It was Tyson Marsh who got assist on Devils 2nd goal not Carl Hudson

Teams back on ice

Players still drifting back to the ice, some are keener than others

Delay for some reason

2nd period finally starts

big hot by Andrew Lord on Boris Valabik

Blaze have early chances

Gametime 22:30

Ben Bowns covers puck by sitting on it


Andrew Hotham with his 5th of the season

He hit crossbar and buries rebound

Assists Mark Richardson & Chris Jones @ 24:06

Devils penalty Josh Batch 2 minutes for


Boarding was the call

Hit was on Jim Jorgensen

@ 24:23

Don't let them back into game U DEVILS

Peter Clough obviously doesn't subscribe to MNL bias view of the game

Devils FS after poor Blaze PP

Ben Bowns made a cracking save on Blaze breakaway

Brian Stewart covers

Jon says game has become scrappy Blaze struggling but doing enough to get in the way

By next Sunday Blaze could be out of the Challenge Cup - what a pity Peter

Big hit after a good shift by Luke Piggott

Gametime 30:05

Mistake by Captain Marsh rescued by Ben Bowns


All Devils at the moment

Great pass from Jim Jorgensen but no Blaze on the end of it

Brian Stewart save from Guillaume Doucet

Tonights crowd given as 1,872

Devils penalty Tomas Kurka 2 minutes for


For excessive cuddling suggest Jon

2 minutes for holding is the call

Blaze PPG

@ 36:18 a PPG by Michael Quesnele

Assists for Ned Lukacevic & Carl Lauzon

Its not Christmas Devils its Halloween so put them away for good

Jon says Blaze have done so little its unbelievable that they are level

Gametime 37:50

Excellent defence by Carl Hudson foils a Blaze 2 on 1

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Blaze 3

Josh says game is so dull its a pity Kevin Noble was thrown out

Gametime 37:50

Blaze (the Play Off Camps) out of the CC at group stage is on a par with the England rugby team failing to get out of their group

Come on U DEVILS lets have your usual barnstorming 3rd periods

With a bit of luck the Blaze will fold just as they did in Poland last week

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 9 Blaze 7 making it 21-14 after 2 periods

Come on U DEVILS lets have your usual barnstorming 3rd periods

Ice ready

Teams return to ice

3rd period starts

Ben Bowns pushes away early Blaze shot in 3rd

Tomas Kurka tripped in front of Dean Smith - NO CALL

Come on U DEVILS you haven't got out of 2nd gear

And Joey Martin is playing "Trick 0r Treat" in Mermaid Quay

Kevin Noble wouldn'tr go as he is frightened of the dark

Ben Bowns good save

Carl Hudson waltzes through the entire Blaze team only for Brian Stewart to save their bacon

Devils penalty Tomas Kurka 2 minutes for hooking

@ 43:30


Blaze penalty Carl Lauzon 2 minutes for high sticks

Its 4 on 4 hockey for a minute

That last penalty was @ 46:43

Guillaume Doucet does everything other than score

Devils on PP for 30 secs as Kurka returns

Blaze Full strength

gametime 49:24

Jon says we need some magic to liven things up

Carl Lauzon trying to energise the Blaze

Ben Bowns covers

Game has become even morescrappy

Gametime 52:04


Zach Hervato with his 3rd of the season

Assist Andrew Lord

And Carl Hudson

@ 54:09


Zach Hervato might have score 2 goals in less than a minute

Yes it was assists for Andrew Hotham & Mark Richardson

Goals were at 54:09 & 54:41

That woke everybody up

Great glove save by Ben Bowns from Ross Venus

Handbags by Blaze net @ 55:27

Andrew Lord & Brian Stewart collided, both fine

Devils penalty Tyson Marsh 2 minutes for tripping

Brian Stewart pulled


ENG by Leigh Salters

A SHG as well assist Mark Richardson

Trevor Hendrikx sits 2 minutes for

Blaze have 5 on 3 for 56 secs

Roughing the call against Trevor Hendrikx


Blaze score

Ashley Tait the scorer

51 secs left

RED ARMY in full voice

Brian Stewart pulled again

20s left

Trevor Hendrikx also got a a ten minute misconduct for unsportsmanlike conduct

Final score DEVILS 6 Blaze 4

Our thanks to Jon J and new guys Josh and Adrian well done to them and the Devils

This means we avoid Belfast & Braehead in the quarter finals

Blaze MoM Ashley Tait


Thats my lot, join me tomorrow night as the Devils travel to the Steel City to take on those nasty Steelers in a League encounter. Steelers beaten 7-4 in Nottingham

Its a 5pm face off in sheffield so join me from around 4:30

Stay indoors hide under the stairs there are some weird people afoot tonight