Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 1 - 1 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL as the Devils take on the Panthers attempting to secure their only points of this weekend

Join me (OJ) from around 5:30, score predictions welcomed as usual to

A reminder for any fans who haven't paid all of the Scottish trip yet full payment must be made before end of this month. The King RATs will be at their table waiting for your dough

Face Off delayed until 6:15 - no clue why

Last night texter Jon who is still in Edinburgh predicts a 2-0 win for Devils

Mark G says Devils will win by a single goal in regulation

Russky confident Devils will win

Pat says a 4-2 score in favour of Devils will do

Warm up in progress

Tonight we have Nigel, Olivia & Gerald (RED ARMY duties permitting) texting for us

I am amazed how many regular contributors to MNL are missing this key game - Half Term I suppose

Steelers 4-0 against Storm at end of 1st

Hazel says 4-3 to Devils

Jason in Ystrad Mynach says 4-2 as well but predicts a FIGHT early in 1st period

Zamboni chasing its tail at the moment

Delay was due to late arrival of Devils flight from Edinburgh

Panthers on the ice

So are officials

Devils on the ice


Waiting for details of referee

Puck dropped

Lots of Devils pressure

Carl Hudson shoots from blue line

The BBT is rocking


Trevor Hendrikx v ??????

Cam Janssen

Janssen gone to changing room ripped sweater I think

Dean Smith is referee

Fight was @ 1:40

Both get 5 minutes for fighting

Its still 5 on 5

Wiikman glove save from Andrew Lord

Joey Martin goes close

Panthers penalty Schmidt 2 minutes for holding @ 2:46

Come on U DEVILS get that PP into top gear

40 sec of pp remains

Puck out of play

Panthers Full strength

Jannsen & Hendrikx return

Gametime 6:58

Leigh Salters strays offside 9:19

Panthers Goal

Scored by Matt Myers assisted by Janssen

@ 11:22

Wikman saves from Josh Batch @ 12:26

Massive shot by Joey Martin saved by Wiikman

Crowd recorded as 2275

David Clarke offside @ 15:42

Blaze winning 1-0 in Poland

Devils icing @ 16:04

Wiikman saves from Zach Hervato


Lets tie up this game before the buzzer

Panthers penalty David Clarke 2 minutes for holding

@ 18:16

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Panthers 1

Haven't a clue what happened at 0:00 in Poland as Blaze Boris Valabik is given a 10 minute misconduct

SoG DEVILS 10 Panthers 6

RED ARMY TRAVEL still have space for their trip to Sheffield next Sunday 1st November. Adults 38, Kids 19, Family 95 (prices include game tickets)

Both teams back on ice

2nd period starts

This referee in Poland has given 4 10 minute misconducts in first period

Come on u RED ARMY get the lads going

Panthers Full strength

End to end at noisy BBT

Full payment for RED ARMY TRAVEL Scottish triple header by next Saturday

Gone very quiet on text front

A bit of handbags in front of Devils net

Devils penalty Tyson Marsh 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 24:58

No clear chances for either team so far this period


Jake Morissette clear zone twice

David Clarke hits post

Puck out of play 16 sec of PK remains

Devils Full strength

Gerald has won the Pizza, I thought he was on a diet


Zach Hervato v ?????

Is it a fight or handbags?

Zach Hervato & Sam Oafford both get 2 + 2 for roughing @ 29:13

Janssens offside

Its 5 on 5

Lets have a goal U DEVILS Now please

FIGHT Joey Haddad & Andy Bohmnbach

Both get 2 minutes for roughing

Haddad punched referee misses it so Joey goes after him

Haddad and Bohmbach actually got 5 minutes for fighting

Referee gave roughing call hence confusion

BBT trying hard to lift the guys

Devils penalty Guillaume Doucet 2 minutes for tripping when in reality Myers fell over


Nigel says Dean Smith is not having a good game

Great block by Andrew Lord

Devils Full strength

Gametime 34:44

Referee is missing so much (for both teams) its untrue

Penalty Shot for Devils Leigh Salters

Wiikman receiving treatment

Misses with penalty shot

Franny had previously called referee Smith over to Devils bench

Haddad & Brombach back

Gametime 35:55

gametime 37:21

Lets tie this game up U DEVILS

Panthers penalty Betteridge 2 minutes for delay of game @ 37:53

How Betteridge got that penalty he didn't do anything it was Oakford

Last minute

Panthers clear zone

End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Panthers 1

SoG Devils 5 Panthers 12 making it 15-18 after 2 periods

Come on U DEVILS one big period to bag those 2 points

Come on U DEVILS my other team UTICA COMETS came back from a questionable loss to the Hershey Bears to demolish the Syracuse Crunch 4-0 last night

Teams back on ice

Big argument in our house do we go to sunny Tenerife or upstate New York next month

I have a sneaky suspicion that Puerto de la Cruz will win

Puck dropped for 3rd period

Apologies referee did not drop puck as puddles of water pointed out to him, waiting for ice to dry

Still not dry but referee Smith must be on a promise and drops puck

Wiikman dislodges net as Devils attack

Puck out of play Face off in the Panthers zone @ 41:13


Wiikman covers @ 42:16

Wiikman glove save from Chris Jones

Net off moorings yet again

Smith does nothing

Guillaume Doucet goes close

Very noisy at BBT, players cannot hear whistle at times - playing on after a whistle

save Bowns @ 45:25

Tomas Kurka playing out of his skin

Panthers penalty Ling 2 minutes for interference @ 46:08


A PPG no less after 4secs of pp

Carl Hudson with his 4th of the season assst Andrew Hotham

Now keep it tight don't let them back into this game, you will get that winning goal

Goal was timed at 46:13

Panthers penalty Ling again 2 minutes for tripping @ 48:58

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS

Ben Bowns foils a 2 man breakaway

1 minute of pp left

Panthers FS

Devils penalty Tomas Kurka 2 minutes for slashing


Tyson Marsh blocks massive shot (ouch)

Puck out of play

Devils on PK

Devils Full strength

Panthers offside @ 53:14

Blaze now winning 2-0 in 3rd period

Lets hope we have Continental Cup in new Arena next season

Panthers penalty David Clarke 2 minutes for interference @ 54:32

Come on U DEVILS

RED ARMY I cannot hear you in Whitchurch so get louder

Devils penalty Joey Martin 2 minutes for holding the stick

4 on 4 for 1:39

Devils penalty was @ 54:53

Panthers Full strength

Devils clear zone

Devils Full strength

Blaze pegged back to 2-1

FIGHT Andrew Hotham v Logan MacMillan

MacMillan slashed Hotham, Smith as usual blind, both go to sinbin

@ 57:37

waiting for penalties

Andrew Hotham heads for dressing room

Both got 5 minutes for fighting Andrew Hotham assessed a Game as well

Panthers penalty Bohmbach @ 57:55 2 minutes for cross-checking

Devils on pp

Final minute

Panthers clear zone

End of regulation DEVILS 1 Panthers 1

O/T here we come

Confusion clock show 3 secs when buzzer goes

Its O/T anyway

O/T starts

Joey Martin goes close with early chance

Now 2-2 in Poland

A draw and Blaze fail to qualify

Panthers penalty Moran 2 minutes for tripping @ 61:52

Wiikman saves from Carl Hudson

Devils time out

Game restarts

Joey Haddad shoots wide

Panthers Full strength

Final minute

Leigh Salters goes close

Ben Bowns saves with 7 secs left

End of O/T we go to penalties

Panthers go first

Bohmbach misses

Jake Morissette scores

Schultz save Ben Bowns

Joey Martin saved

Ling next

Ben Bowns saves


Ideal finish to a sell out crowd - they will be back

Final score DEVILS 2 Panthers 1

Big thanks to texters Olivia, Nigel & Gerald well done U

As we wait for MoM join me next Saturday night when the Blaze visit the BBT after their exploits in the Continental Cup

Miika Wiikman is MoM for Panthers

Blaze are now losing 3-2

Devils MoM - BEN BOWNS