Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Good Morning all Hockey fans. Join me (Russky) from 6:35pm for the usual build up, latest scores and match text commentary on this evenings game at the SSE Arena.

Please send any comments and/or predictions to and I will do my best to include it during the match text commentary. Until then see you later. Oh and before I forget: COME ON WALES!!!!!!

Ah well at least we got further than our neighbours from across the Severn! Had it not been for Welsh indiscipline in giving away so many stupid penalties in the first half Wales would have won that game. Lets hope indiscipline wont cost the Devils tonight!

Well we have our first two predictions in, Mark Gough reckons that the Devils will win 4-3 in regulation where as Jen Davies goes for a 6-3 win for the Devils

Can Edinburgh pull off another shock win? well they are 0-0 at Braehead after the first period.

Coventry and Manchester have just faced off up in Altrincham.

Steelers and Panthers face off at 7pm at the NIC and Dundee are at Fife in the local derby north of the Border.

I watched the game last night and I thought it was a good even game. Batch and Bownsy stood out for me but hey tonight could be a different game altogether.

Culligan is still out for tonight but hopefully will be back in a week or so.

just waiting for my texters to report in. tonight we have Dot and Dave M covering the Giants incidents and penalties, and two stalwarts of the Red Army i.e. Gerald and Colin are covering the Devils in the same way! We owe our texters a great debt of gratitiude as without them we would not have this service available, so they do a great job!

2 scratches for Giants: Higgins and ejdepalm

delayed start at SSE only now having intros

Tonights ref is Dean Smith

and we are underway!!!

Just Culligan scratched for Devils

Lloyd flattens Hendrikx silly boy he will pay for that later!

Giants pen 2 many men @3:43

Lloyd trying to wind up the Devils players . leaving his elbows where they shouldnt be

Giants FS

Wilson clears Giants D zone

Giants icing

7 mins gone frantic pace but no real action

very scrappy phase of play - all huff and puff but no real breakthrough

Bowns save from Demarais

Salters pushed into Murphy

late prediction from Matt Moore who goes for 3-1 Devils

Giants offside 10:50

Giants icing 11:50

Giants offside again @ 12:21

Lloyd shoots and misses


Hendrikx scores

Pen Giants Nickerson 2 minutes for roughing


Devils goal timed at 13:10

Giants FS

Assists on Devils goal credited to Walton and Hervato

Fight Fight Fight

Marsh V Peacock and Hendrix v Nckerson

@ 16:20

Correction :Nickerson NOT Ejected from the game,

Hendrikx 5 minutes for fighting Peacock 2 minutes for boarding

Ref Smith gets hit by Puck.but gets up and skates on

Nickerson gets 5 for fighting plus 2 for roughing. I guess that was for the punch he threw at Marsh before Hendrikx stepped in.

and thats the end of the period folks!!!

latest scores from elsewhere:Manchester 1 Coventry 2; Nottingham 1 Sheffield 1; Fife 0 Dundee 1; Braehead 1 Edinburgh 1

now 2-2 at Altrincham

not long til the 2nd period starts

Teams out for the second period

we are off in the 2nd.

Belfast goal waived off

Devils PPG

@ 24:21

scored by Martin

Keefe penalty was for illegal Equipment @23:21

Assist to Hudson on Martin's goal

Dt Piggot on ice for his first shift

Giants Pen Keefe takes a seat in the bin @ 31:00 2 minutes for tripping

Giants FS

Devils Pen Hendrikx2 minutes for hooking @32:59

Devils Pen Hendrikx2 minutes for hooking @32:59

Lets get the Devils PK working

Beech rattles Bownsy's cage

Devils FS

Devils Pen Hudson 2 minutes for delay of game


Haddad and CJ clear Devils D in quick succession

Devils back to FS

and thats a wrap for the second period

Latest scores: Manchester 2 Coventry 3; Nottingham 1 Sheffield 2; Braehead 2 Edinburgh 1; Fife 0 Dundee 2

now 3-3 between Blaze and Storm

A real barn burner in Altrincham: Manchester 4 Coventry 3

cant be long to the start of the third period

now 5-3 to Manchester!

2-2 at the NIC

the puck drops to start the 3rd period.

early pressure exerted by Belfast

Bowns forced to showcase his repetoire of saves

Giants goal scored by Desmarais assisted by Keefe and Mason at 44:27


@ 47:23

Giants pen

Giants pen

assists Martin and Lord

Giants Pen was Beech 2 minutes for slashing

Giants FS

Giants goal scored by Benedict @52:25 assists Radja and Forney

4 on 4 hockey, awaiting details on pens

Correction both sides At Full Strength

2:27 to remaining of regulation

Murphy pulled for extra skater

Giants call Time out with 20 secs left

Murphy still out

Game over Devils win!!!!!

Devils MOM is Joey Haddad

Giants MOM is Walser

well that makes up a bit for Wales losing. Well Done Devils. Safe journey home for the Red Army. Thanks to Dot Dave M Gerald and Colin for their excellent texts

Final scores elsewhere: Manchester 6 Coventry 4; Nottingham 2 Sheffield 3; Braehead 5 Edinburgh 1; Fife 1 Dundee 4

That wraps it up from me for tonight. Join us next weekend as the Devils travel to Edinburgh on saturday. Until then I bid you all a good night.

Dont forget: those who are going to Scotland for the triple header in December, the boys at the Red Army desk need to receive your respective remaining balances to by paid on or before 31st of this month.