Match Night Live
Newcastle Vipers 2 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Hey hey, Chris with you tonight for MNL. Don't forget to give me a shout at

Word from the Metro Radio Arena says Payette and Rankin are not icing for the Vipers.

Just a warning that we might be receiving only limited texts from the rink, so if all goes quiet, don't worry, we're still here :)

Wahay we have more texters! Only about 3 Devils fans at the game, with not many more Newcastle fans!

Tom on the email predicts a followup 5-2 Devils win after last nights 4-1 victory :)

Am getting conflicting reports that Wilson may not be playing again either...

Wilson IS playing tonight!

And our ref for tonight is Carson! Both teams are on the ice and we're almost ready to go!

Devils starting line for tonight in Voth, Hill and Latulippe

Our Vipers fan at the game is predicting an easy victory for the DEvils, let's hope so!

Silverthorn, Prpich and Elich make up the 2nd line tonight.

Adams, Towe and Francis make up the 3rd line. Will have to try and find out about Davies.

Never fear, Davies is sitting on the bench at the moment, texter thinks we're rotating players. On which line is the important question though :)

Vipers penalty at 3:43. Lundin 2mins roughing

Devils penalty at 4:02. Elich 2mins hooking.

All penalties killed! We're back to 5on5

Almost everyone on the text is predicting Elich to light up the scoreboard tonight!

Davies hits the ice for the 1st time at 13:02 with Towe and Adams.

Devils are definately looking the better team, we're getting shots off and reaching the rebounds. No goals yet though :(

Davies and Francis rotating on the 3rd line...

Sorry about delay folks, technial problems!

It's the end of the 1st period and it's still 0-0. Vipers hit pipes towards the end of the 1st.

Shots on goal. Devils had 18, Vipers had 5

Afraid it's been the usual story, lots of building up, but no finishing from the Devils :(

I think we're almost ready to go with the 2nd period, let's hope for many Devils goals :)

Finally! Here we go with the 2nd period! Wilson moaning to Carson during warmup.

Vipers penalty at 21:59. Wilson 2mins holding.

Devils powerplay all over the shop again :(

Vipers kill penalty easily :(

Wilson penalty was actually timed at 20:59...

It's gone awfully quiet up in Newcastle :(

Devils penalty at 27:39. MacIver 2mins interference.

Devils kill the penalty.

Maybe something more exciting will happen...

Vipers penalty at 28:45. McAllister 10mins abuse of official

Vipers Campbell is down on the ice, McAllister received penalty afterwards.

Mcallister thrown out of game

Vipers penalty Longstaff. 2+10. Not sure what for or when...

McAllister penalty timed at 28:45. 10min misconduct + game...

Longstaff penalty timed at 29:01. 2mins slashing, 10mins for something else...

Vipers are back to full strength, so maybe longstaff didn't have 2+10...

Devils shooting from the blueline again and making Longstaff look good...

Longstaff had 2+10 for slashing at 29:01 apparently.

Longstaffs 10min was for abuse of official

Devils penalty at 34:33. Stone 2mins interference

Devils penalty killed...

Devils miss 2 1on1 chances :(

At the end of the 2nd period it's still 0-0 :(

Shots on goal for the 2nd period. Devils had 18, Vipers had 5...

Shots on goal for the 2nd are actually 12 on Verner, 6 on Aubry

Texters report we're playing some nice hockey, but no finishing as usual :/

And into another exciting period of hockey. I wish :(

Aubry makes a brilliant save

Longstaff makes his return...

Aubry saves the day with a whole load of saves... COME ON DEVILS GIVE US A GOAL!

Vipers have come out the stronger team in the 3rd. Only Aubry is keeping us in this at the moment :(

Devils penalty at 41:09. Adams 2mins tripping

And there's the Vipers goal at 51:09. Powerplay goal from Hutchins

Vipers have called a timeout after their goal bizarrely...

Vipers goal Hutchins from Longstaff and Gouett

Come on Devils :(

4:17 of the 3rd period left to go...


Devils goal at 56:13. Goal Silverthorn from Elich

Additional assist to Teplitsky also

Vipers penalty at 57:32. 2mins tripping Gouett

Another Vipers penalty at 57:34.

Devils call a timeout

58:03 gone, Devils on the powerplay for 1:32. COME ON DEVILS

Vipers have a penalty shot!

I have no idea what time this has been called, but am trying to find out!

Hutchins misses the penalty shot at 59:26

Vipers thought Hutchins had scored but Carson said NO!

And into overtime we go

Voth, Latulippe, Maciver and Jarvis start overtime for the Devils

Silverthorn, Hartwick, Prpich and Teplitsky come on...

3mins into overtime and still no goal. Come on Devils :(

And now we're into penalties! Not sure what info i'll be getting on these...

Teplitsky scores

Hutchins misses

Voth misses

Courtenay scores

Latulippe misses

Wilson misses

Now we're onto the 2nd round of penalties!

Tyson misses

Hutchins misses

Voth misses

Courtenay scores

And the Vipers win 2-1 after penalties. Bugger.

Devils man of match is Elich

Vipers man of match is Verner!

Thanks to our texters from tonight, hope to see you all next weekend for the home double header