Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 5 Coventry Blaze

Five hours to go!!!! You can contact the MNL team on

Two hours till face off! The excitement builds :-) A fine 5 v 3 win for the Devils up in Coventry so far this year, a result that the Blaze will be desperate to overturn.

Good evening and welcome all. It's hockey night once again, and promises to be a good one. Early news from the rink suggests a modest crowd, with Dean Smith wearing the stripes.

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I'm told that a large Blaze contingent have made the journey south (all of Block 1, and then some). We also welcome Blaze fans who have not made the journey on this site.

Elsewhere around the country we have Phoenix vs Squeelers, Caps vs Vipers, Stingrays vs Panthers and Bison vs Giants. I will endeavour to keep you up to date with these scores where possible.

On the player front i am pleased to say ALL Devils players are icing this evening (bar Voth) - Hartwick and Towe seem to be fine.

The players are being introduced...nearly there. I am told the crowd is in the region of 1200 :-(.

Good news people. I have just heard that the radio broadcast WILL run tonight. Link to follow... ... ue&bbcws=2

Brent is doing his stuff! MNL will continue despite the audio feed but we encourage everyone to listen in to boost the figures - and because it's brilliant!

Sorry that link is a dud...try

PP Goal by Likit Andersson! Point shot.

Weaver took a tripping penalty at 19 seconds.

It seems Mike Prpich got the tip on that shot! Goal has been given to Prpich with assist to Andersson.

Second goal. That man Phil HILL!!

Goal timed at 01.27. Additional assist on the first goal to Silverthorn. Recap - Goal 1, Prpich from Andersson and Silverthorn.

Steelers 1 - 0 Phoenix in Altringham, 1st period.

Well both my texters and IH-update are crediting Mike Prpich with the second goal despite what the comentators have said. We'll try and clear that one up for you.

Devils penalty - Phill Hill, high sticks at 06.34.

Big kick save by Aubry. Can we keep the Blaze PP out tonight?!?

Penalty succesfully killed.

Chris tells me that Aubry has only had to make one save so far. Blaze not very convincing in attack!

A couple of the Blaze players are 'chatting' with Campbell. Could get interesting!

Prpich running rings around the Blaze defence! Can he manage another 3 against them?

Stingrays 1 - 0 Panthers!

Kelman slash! Brent suggests this hit will be reviewed after the game! Not clear who received the hit!

2 mins Kelman, 2 mins Stone. 4 on 4 hockey.

Big shot from Jarvis, unlucky.

Go Douggie! Argy-bargy.

Bit of a hug-fest in the crease. Nothing came of it!

Lewis went for Campbell.

Lewis is a chicken, Lewis is a chicken la la la

2 mins Lewis roughing.

Goal Campbell from Silverthorn.

Puck played accross the face of goal by Silver, DC beats Perras at 15.46.

We welcome Mr Campbell this evening again! Good to see Derek continuing his form tonight!

Big hit Prpich, seems to have winded himself a bit. O'Connor injured. No penalty - well done Mike.

Announcement made at the rink - 2nd goal credited to Jay Latulippe! (not Prpich)

Prpich vs Carlsson! Fight fight fight!

Prpich smashed O'Connor, then Carlson the next play!!! Carlson dropped the gloves and Prpich made him look stupid! Big win for Mike!

Carlson 2+2 and Prpich 2.

Goal at 17.46.

That was a short handed goal to Kelman unassisted.

Scrap - Latulippe and Calder, bit of handbags!

2 mins for roughing each!

End of the first! Nice job so far.

Well well well, news from the game. Apparently Kelman took a rather large baseball style swing at Stone - fortunately Stone managed to duck under it. The general feeling at the rink (well, amongst the blcok 2 massive at leat) is that it deserved at least a match for recklessness! Pope also indicated on the radio that it may be worth a review - here we go again?!?

Dean Smith is having a good game, possibly letting too much go!

Prpich and Campbell have been exceptionally strong, and Jay Latulippe is showing once more just how fast he can skate! Apparently Prpich got 2 clear punches in before Carlson went down. We were very unlucky to concede the goal, although Kelman took it well.

Update from Soundwave - the earlier crowd estimate was a bit low, now people are sat it looks like at least 1500.

Welcome to Kieran who is tuned in from Newcastle.

Big shot Towe - straight at Perras.

Goal for Manchester Phoenix! 1 - 1 vs Steelers in the 3rd.

Lewis is looking for a fight!

Much more physical from Blaze this period. Lewis and MacIver looking likely!

Prpich smashed Watkins.

Brent is getting a bit concerned about the amount of flack Prpich is taking from the Blaze players.

Will Maciver the engine step up!

Interfearance penalty on Jason Stone. Blaze PP.

Latest from Bisonland. 2nd period. Bison 1 v 6 Giants!

Stingrays 2 vs 2 Panthers in the 2nd.

Goal Carlye Lewis, PPG.

More Blaze pressure. Starting to find their game :-(

Texters are saying the game is really warming up now!

Goal, Sly has put one in! Not good.

Seems like a reversal of the game up in Coventry!!! We need to stop the rot NOW!

Goal Blaze, LeClaire. Time out?

3rd Blaze goal - Deschatelets from kelman at 29.59.

4th Blaze goal - LeClaire from Jamieson and Cowley at 30.38.

Too many men called on Blaze. Could this turn the tide!

Nice save by Aubry on a Calder breakaway.

LeClaire gets 2 mins for boarding on Latulippe. 5 on 3 for half a minute!

No shots at 5 on 3!

Goal Barrie Moore. Short handed goal, AGAIN!

Big shot by LeClair saved by Aubry. 3 mins to go in the second.

News from the rink - Devils TV has ground to a halt...much like the team!

Last minute of the second.

That's the end of the second. All texters saying the Devils just couldn't match the Blaze's pace throughout the period.

It's been a slow night on the e-mail's guys! I'm starting to feel very lonely, any Blaze fans out there?

Lets hope G can remember the speech he made when we were 3 - 0 down at the Skydome! Time for a reprise!

Latest update from the game isn't great - not sure how much of it i can really type here! Suffice to say there seems to be a distinct lack of effort, combined with the absence of a leader to give the guy's a lift. The Blaze played brilliant hockey for 10 minutes, during which time no-one stood up to them and looked to kill the momentum. Very dissapointing.

At least Lee from Cardiff is keeping the faith - Lee's prediction...7-5 Devils win! Thanks Lee.

Here we go for the third!

MacIver takes a penalty at 40.07.

The BBC appear to be experiencing technical difficulties sorry. That leaves us!

Blaze have iced the puck. It's 5 on 5, what can we do?

G experiments - Prpich, DC and Latulippe ice together, now that's a tough line!

Lewis and O'Conner are still trying to wind Prpich up!

I wonder if Lewis is trying to tell Prpich his Mrs' is a lesbian! RIP Reggie Dunlop.

Good evening to Tim back in the Midlands enjoying the BBC radio coverage - or at least was enjoying it. The BBC feed still seems to be down :-(.

Aubry stops Calder at 49.23.

Cowmeadow hits the pipes!

Final 10 minutes.

MacIver 2 mins for holding at 50.42.

Calder 2 mins, roughing at 51.00. 4 on 4 hockey.

Kelman 2 mins, crosschecking AND Soderstrom 2 mins, holding at 52.11. Come on Devils!

Perras makes a big save on the penalty kill.

This will cheer you up...Phoenix beat Steelers on penalties! I think it'll have to be a postmortem this week, not an inquest!

Goal, Jason Silverthorn!

Silver, unassisted PPG at 53.44. There is still time!

Weaver 2 min penalty at 55.13. It's getting tense!

Big save Perras at 55.49, the atmosphere is electric!

Another save Perras, 56.48.

Blaze killed the penalty. 5on5.

!!!This is your 2 minute warning!!!


And Hartwick takes a 2 minute penalty for tripping at 58.30! Nice.

60 seconds!

59.14 Face off for high stick.

Empty net - pulled with 15 seconds left (AGAIN)

Game over. Blaze win 5 - 4.


A huge thankyou to all viewers tonight all over the globe! Special thanks to Chris for the very detailed text updates once the radio commentary dropped. Despite the result it has been another successful night at the rink, a crowd of 1600 eventually, a big guest in David Roberts, and a first radio boradcast from the rink - despite the technical problems, the service will be great!

The Blaze man of the match was Ben O'Conner and the Devils award went to Jay Layulippe.

Plenty of debate once again tonight! Make sure you visit regularly and have your say, and also remember that MNL is accessible on every week.

I would confirm the results from around the league, but ih-updae has crashed i'm afraid. I do know that the Steelers were defeated at Phoenix though! Hopefully i will be able to peel myself out of my chair! For another week, good night. The next game is Wednesday night at 1930hrs against the Bison - and remember the game will be shown on Sky Sports later in the week.