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Cardiff Devils 5 - 1 Sheffield Steelers

Welcome to MNL as the Devils attempt to round off a perfect weekend by defeating the Steelers in the BBT

Score predictions as always welcomed to

Join me from around 5:30 for MNL unigue coverage of DEVILS hockey

I am struggling for texters tonight, a few of my regulars are missing this big game for various reasons

If the are volunteers at the game text me on 07527625206 if you can help out

Stephen in Biarritz is predicting a 3-2 win for Devils

Stephen B says it will be tight with the Devils winning by the odd goal in 7

Russky predicts a Devils win

Olivia and JohnWildthing have jumped into the breach to bring us coverage from the BBT

Jon J has also offered to help when he can

Matthew M thinks Devils wil win in O/T after sharing 4 goals in regulation

Sharlene if you are following MNL Matthew asked me to give you a shout after the good news to the pair of you

Zamboni almost finished

Allyn J in Sarajevo also thinks it will go to O/T Devils winning 4-3

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Anne W says Steelers will win

We shall see

Steelers take to the ice

Waiting on who has the whistle

Come on U DEVILS lets make it a 4 point weekend

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Big crowd at BBT and it will be noisy

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Michael Hicks is referee

Puck dropped

Devils icing

End to end at BBT

Very few whistles

Tyler Plante save @ 2:28

Steelers penalty Jason Hewitt 2 minutes for hooking @ 4:33


It was Levi Nelson not Jason Hewitt

1 minute of pp remains

Steelers Full strength

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for roughing


Pat goes for a 4-2 win for Devils

Time of Hendo's penalty 6:46

Ben Bowns save

Devils Full strength

Good PK by Devils

Save by Ben Bowns @ 8:49

I suppose no news is good news

Apologies for the low content coverage but we are desperate for new volunteer texters

Gametime 13:00

Sheffield penalty Tyler Mosienko 2 minutes for holding @ 13:15

Devils have 5 on 3

Steelers penalty Ben O'Connor 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 13:33


A PPG no less

Scored by Joey Martin (his 3rd of the season) assists for Andrew Hotham & Carl Hudson

59 secs of PP remains

Joey Martin misses open net

Goal was timed @ 13:57

Steelers FS

Shocking late hit on Guillaume Doucet

Josh Batch jumps in

Penalties coming

Colton Fretter 2 minutes for boarding

@ 17:36

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS

It would be a nice way to round off the 1st period

End of 1st Period DEVILS 1 Steelers 0

good period of hockey says Jon J

Crowd recorded as 2,099

SoG DEVILS 11 Steelers 10

Keep up the good work U DEVILS

Ice ready

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

RAT reminder - FULL payment for Scottish trip by end of October

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for high sticks

@ 20:52


Cracking atmosphere at BBT says JohnW


Tomas Kurka with his 5th of the season a SHG @ 21:48

Assist for Andrew Lord


Devils Full strength

Gametime 23:56


Joey Martin makes it 3-0 with his 4th of the season @ 4:47

Time Out Steelers

Assists for Tomas Kurka & Carl Hudson on Devils 3rd goal

BBT is electric tonight and Devils are responding

Game settled down after Steelers time out but crowd getting more noisy by the minute


@ 28:10

Joey Martin hattrick

Unassisted I believe

Steelers look rattled

Zack Fitzgerald is losing it

This game mostly likely to kick off as Steelers are totally embarrassed

Where are you know Anne?

Two great glove saves by Ben Bowns

Gametime 29:34

Mathieu Roy picks on Mark Richardson who just laughs at him

What is it like on webast? Let me know

all Devils at the moment

Andrew Lord shot saved by Tyler Plante

Steelers Goal

Trevor Hendrikx gets caught out of position

Jeff Legue assist Levi Nelson @ 34:34

Come on U DEVILS lets get our 4 goal lead back

Steelers have managed to claw their way back into this game

Joey Haddad offside @ 36:50

Devils penalty Brent Walton 2 minutes for hooking


@ 37:21

Devils Full strength

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Steelers 1

Devils are killing the Steelers on the break

Steelers outshot Devils 8-15 in that period making it Devils 19 steelers 25 after 2 periods

Thats what I have been told!!!!

Panthers back to winning ways beating Flyers 5-2 at NIC

Old style no defence hockey at Coventry where its Blaze 8 Giants 9 with 7 minutes to go

Murphy conceding 6 goals from 17 shots in first two periods, Stewart didn't do much better beaten 7 times on 32 shots

Ice ready

20 more miles to end a great weekend U DEVILS

Both teams back on ice

3rd period starts


Leigh Salters scores his 5th of the season @42:49

Assists Zach Hervato & Tomas Kurka

Lets have another GOAL U DEVILS not that I am greedy

Steelers penalty Levi Nelson 2 minutes for high sticks @ 43:42

A PPG would do nicely

Brent Walton hits post

Steelers FS

Giants win 10-8

A few goals for the Devils next weekend methinks

Talking of Belfast - any volunteer texters making the trip across the Irish Sea please get in touch

Hopefully david M & Dorothy (Giants fans) will help us out

Gone quiet again

Gametime 50:21

JohnWildthing says Tomas Kurka is having a stormer - Steelers cannot control him at all

Steelers hand pass whistled down

Capitals beat Storm 5-4

Allyn J wants to know if Zack Fitzgerald has put the biscuit in his own net yet

No he hasnt Allyn but there is enough time left for his party piece

Our texters are enjoying this game so much they have forgotten about us

Devils penalty Zach Hervato 2 minutes for tripping


@ 56:20

Save Ben Bowns @ 57:18

Final 2 minutes

Devils Full strength

Crowd cheering the lads home - raising the roof in the process

Almost there final seconds

Final score DEVILS 5 Steelers 1

Steelers throwing their toys out of their pram as buzzer goes

Fantastic win for your DEVILS rounding off a great weekend

DEVILS sitting proudly at the top of EIHL Table

Steelers MoM - JEFF LEGUE

Our thanks to texters Olivia & JohnWildthing plus game comments from Jon J


Thats all from me, join us at MNL next Friday when the Devils take on the Giants in Belfast 7pm FO