Match Night Live
Fife Flyers 1 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as your DEVILS travel to Kirkcady to take on the Fife Flyers in what hopefully will be the meat in a Welsh triple sandwich

Score predictions always welcomed to

Join me (OJ) from around 6:45 when hopefully the first leg of the treble will be in the bag

Score predictions always welcomed to

Texters Gerald & KettDevils have reported in from Kirkcady

Owner Brian Pareker says Devils by 2 goals

Matthew M is hugely confident Flyers 1 DEVILS 5

Russky has Devils to win in O/T

Warmup in progress

Hopefully we will have Gillian (Flyers fan) helping us out at MNL as she does whenever we visit Kirkcady

Warmup drawing to a close, some players reluctant to leave the ice

Warmup done

I know how some of you like to visit our Celtic cousins across the water, if you are or know of someone who is going to Belfast for next weekends games and can help us out at MNL please PM me, email or text 07527 625206

Alan Anderson not icing for Flyers

Hazel in sunny Southend predicts a 4-2 win for Devilsa

Clive B thinks Devils with scrape through 3-2

Mascots on the ice

Toby Craig is the referee

Elliot B has it 4-3 Devils in regulation

Officials on the ice

welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

I am sure that the minute RED ARMY present with make their mark if only on "Stovies sales"

Decent crowd present

Gerald thinks they have all come to see him

Anthem time

Flyers with 18 skaters to DEVILS 17

Puck dropped and we are away

Shayne Stockton oes close for Flyers

Joey Haddad throwing hits already

Gametime 1:54

Fast pace to game early on

Tomas Kurka offside @ 3:41

That was the first whistle in the game

Big hits, big shots good game says KettDevil

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for elbowing @ 4:21


Flyers camped in Devils end - no shots on Ben Bowns

Puck out of play

Ben Bowns glove save from Shayne Stockton

Flyers hit posts

Devils clear zone

Great save by Ben Bowns - 20 secs of PK left

Devils Full strength

Puck out of play @ 6:32

Ben Bowns pockets puck @ 7:25

Flyers look very sharp

Brown saves @8:24

Ben Bowns saves from Jeff Lee

Devils are hanging on - its all Flyers at the moment

Guillaume Doucet fires high

Gametime 10:02

Flyers penalty Stephen Gunn 2 minutes for hooking @ 10:44

Good PP so far

Flyers breakaway stopped by Joey Haddad

Devils Offside @ 11:27

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Carl Hudson fails to get on the end of a cross ice pass

Flyers Full strength

PP started well but then went downhill

Gerald thinks we didnt get a single shot on goal in that PP

Devils penalty Zach Hervato 2 minutes for interference @ 13:18


Jake Morissette goes close SH

Trevor Hendrikx clean hit on Ryan Dingle called!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 minutes for boarding @14:34

Nonsense call

Flyers goal net being examined

We are off again

Flyers Full strength now have PP

Heroic defending Devils back to 4 skaters

Ref whistles down the play as Flyers stop moving puck

Trevor Hendrikx is back Devils Full strength

Ben Bowns great save as PK ends


2 mins left in period

Ben Bowns on fire tonight

Carl Hudson shoots, Brown kicks puck away

Final minute

Zach Hervato shot saved

More penalties @ 19:49

Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for roughing


Had the buzzer gone

GOAL awarded @ 20:00

Brown was given 2 minutes for delay of game @ 19:49

End of 1st period Flyers 0 DEVILS 1

Total confusion in last 20 secs of period

Goal now timed at 19:59

Total bedlam at rink

KettDevils period report - No scorer announced, Fife will feel aggrevied!! Cracking game so far. Goal was scrappy and he is not convinced it was over the line before the buzzer

You know what they say Peter - look at the scoreboard

Flyers "A" Justin Fox having a right go at referee at end of peruiod

Apologies it was David Brown who got 2 minutes for roughing @ 19:49 not Trevor Hendrikx

Hence goal was a PPG

The Devils goal remains a mystery

Mystery solved Brown & Hendrikx were serving co-incidental minors for roughing

Not a PPG after all

Devils fans in Kirkcady convined it was Leigh Salters who scored

We shall see

Unconfirmed SoG Flyers 12 DEVILS 4

Teams back on ice

Sold out of Stovies - Gerald is gutted (He's had FOUR)

2nd period starts

More handbags

Leigh Salters confirmed as scorer - unassisted his 4th of the season

Flyers offside @ 20:30

Ben Bowns saves

More handbags @ 20:50

Brent Walton shoots wide

Trevor Hendrikx is on the ice not in sinbin

I am ""

Devils penalty Brent Walton 2 minutes for holding the stick @ 21:35


Correction not Walton but Guillaume Doucet

Strong PK by Devils

Andrew Lord clears zone

Devils Full strength

Devils icing @ 23:57

Scrappy start to 2nd period, a lot of bad feeling around. Flyers still looking the stronger

good attempt by Joey Haddad @ 25:50

Finally goal is credited to Leigh Salters - a PPG

Brown saves after Devils breakaway @27:02

KettDevils says its the most physical game he has seen for a long time with massive hits

Thomas Muir & Joey Haddad penalised @28:48

Joey Haddad 2 minutes for cross-checking, muir 2 minutes for interference

Justin Fox & Andrew Hotham now penalised

Its 3 on 3

Las penalty was @ 29:28

Guillaume Doucet penalised as well so it is 4 on 3 for Flyers


Doucet sits for Ben Bowns (2 minutes for roughing)

Hotham & Fos each got 2 minutes for slashing

Flyers Offside

Flyers still on PP

Devils Full strength


Guillaume Doucet @ 31:57

Came out of sinbin and taps in at far post

Assists for Zach Hervato & Joey Haddad

Gametime 32:31

Texters finding it difficult to understand the announcer Scottish accent

Goal now given to Haddad assists Hervato & Doucet

rare moment of calm at Kirkcady Rink @ 34:36

Flyers Goal

Michael Dorr the scorer @ 35:19

Devils dropped the pace and Flyers scored

Assists Danny Stewart & Thomas Muir

Handbags again

Guess who is involved

YES Trevor Hendrikx

Trevor Hendrikx gets 2 minutes for delay of game @ 36:47


Gentle push by Trevor Hendrikx penalised a pathetic call by referee

Tyson Marsh checks a Flyer into next week @ 37:51

Devils FS

Devils Offside @ 39:21

End of 2nd period Flyers 1 DEVILS 2

KettDevils 2nd period report reads - Great game, although not necessarily for all the right reasons. Ref has lost it, Devils are hitting Everything and look like a cohesive team for the first time this season. He can;t wait for the final period

SoG for 2nd period Flyers 12 DEVILS 11 making ir 24-16 after 2 periods

Come on U DEVILS big push this period, good nights rest, flight home in the morning, more rest as the STEELERS await you in the BBT tomorrow night

Devils back on ice followed by Flyers

For those of you travelling with RED ARMY TRAVEL to Scotland you are remimded that full payment must be made before END OF OCTOBER

3rd underway

Guillaume Doucet chance @ 42:00

RED ARMY TRAVEL will be pleased to take your money at their desk at BBT on Sunday as next week there is no home game


Good save by Ben Bowns @ 44:23

Devils under pressure

Devils icing @ 45:35

Now Devils exerting pressure @ 46:20

Puck out of play Face off in the Flyers zone

Gametime 46:34

Gametime 47:56

Devils got away with a trip

Andrew Hotham shot saved @ 48:23

Quieter period than the first two

Devils icing


@ 49:02

Leigh Salters with his 2nd of the game

KettDevil says it was Kurka from Salters

Flyers icing

2nd assist for Tyson Marsh

Ben Bowns saves @ 51:54

Flyers seem to have the stuffing knocked out of them

Referee mising a lot especially on fouls commited by Devils

Who is complaining

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone @ 53:07

Mark Richardson breaks up a Flyers attack singlehanded @ 53:44

More handbags

Trevor Hendrikx not involved he is doing his nails

Chris Jones & Luke Piggott getting icetime

Flyers offside @ 54:30


Final 4 minutes

Brent Walton takes puck to cheekbone

He stays down

Great he is back up and heads to bench

Looks like a split lip says Gillian

It might have been a high stick - no call

Play restarts

Flyers pressure @ 57:34

Final 2 minutes

Flyers pull Brown @ 59:05

Ben Bowns covers @ 59:17


@ 59:17

Play resumes

Face off in the Devils zone


Andrew Hotham & Nicholas Rioux

Easy win for Andrew Hotham

Andrew Hotham batters him after Andrew Lord hit in face

Gametime 59:35

Andrew Hotham 5 minutes for fighting as does Nicholas Rioux

Final score Flyers 1 DEVILS 3

KettDevil has Hervato, Bowns & Haddad on his MoM shortlist

What about Leigh Salters?

Very good on the road win for DEVILS


Flyers MoM - Danny Stewart

Our thanks to Gillian, KettDevil and Gerald for a great game commentary

Join me from around 5:30 tomorrow night when those rusty Steelers come to Cardiff Bay

DEVILS go top of the league table

Join me from around 5:30 tomorrow night when those rusty Steelers come to Cardiff Bay