Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 0 Edinburgh Capitals

Welcome to MNL as the Devils seek to make it a 4pont weekend by defeating the Capitals in the BBT

Score predictions as usual welcomed to

Join me (OJ) from around 5:30 when we will do our best to convey all the happenings in Cardiff Bay

Texters have reported in so we are good to go

Warmup drawing to a close at BBT I am told

Russky predicts a tight game with Devils to win by 2 goals

No news on referee yet, it will not be Michael Hicks as he is in Coventry and Dean Smith is in Sheffield

My money is on Matt Thompson or Tom Darnell

Please not Stefan Hogarth again he is crap

When the fans chant "We want Hicks" it shows how bad Hogarth is

Very quiet on prediction front

Ireland struggling to put Italy away

Teams take to the ice at BBT

Little Cloe age 7 says Devils will win 5-3

Matthew M goes for a 6-2 win for Devils

No its Stefan Hogarth again


Robert T goes for a 6-3 win for us

WE are set to go

Capitals are a very big team

Flemington & Bigos on D are HUGE

Puck dropped are we are away

Emmerson tries to p[ut a hit on Brent Walton and falls over

Gametime 1:33

Chubak saves from Andrew Hotham

Referee blow thinking puck is covered but it is not

Obviously Hogarth hasn't been to SpecSavers recently

Another save by Chubak

Joey Haddad knocks over Bigos

Andrew Lord goes close

Devils forechecking keep Capitals pinned in their zone

Ben Bowns saves from Hayes

Devils Offside

Gametime 6:40

Andrew Lord unlucky not to score as he crashes net

Joey Martin & Jake Morissette too quick for Capitals big D

Gerling goes close for Capitals, Ben Bowns covers

Chubak save

Capitals penalty Boy 2 minutes for

tripping the call

DEVILS PP making inroads, unlucky not to score

Ben Bowns save

Capitals Full strength

Capitals hit the post for a second time in a minute

Decent hit by Luke Piggott

Capitals Offside @ 12:49

Chubak saves from Joey Martin

Capitals are competitive this season

Trevor Hendrikx unlucky not to open his account for the season

Capitals penalty Wallace 2 minutes for illegal equipment @15:23

Jake Morissette takes a big hit

Hayes & Andrew Hotham have words

Both penalised for roughing

Ref hit in the face

Gametime 16:07

Jon says Devils have 5 forwards on the ice

Whether there were any D I don't know

No call anyway

Referee being patched up on Devils bench

Referee back in game

Devils looking disjointed says Jon J

Hogarth as ref is better than two linos

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Capitalsa 0

At buzzer Brent Walton took two suspect hits - a kneeing and an elbow - NO CALL

Period report from Tony: Poor first. Very disjointed. Hendrikx out of position a lot, our smaller forwards being hit a lot. Salters & Kurka are not combining well. Positive is Jake Morissette & Joey Martin who cannot be contained by Capitals D


SoG for 1st period DEVILS 9 Capitals 10

Ice is ready

Teams are back

2nd period starts

Chubak saves

Josh Batch misses a hit and Ben Bowns saves

Trevor Hendrikx rushes and goes close

Now Chubak saves from Guillaume Doucet

Gametime 21:27

Devils have started this period with a higher tempo

Andrew Hotham hits post

Minor adjustment to sights needed

Chris Jones & Luke Piggott getting icetime


Joey Haddad scores (his 2nd of the season)

@ 23:13

Assist for Carl Hudson

Trevor Hendrikx goes down after hit

Gets up fine

Tyson Marsh goes close after good work by Brent Walton

Joey Martin shoots wide

Chubak save @ 24:59

Capitals offside

Devils in command at the moment, shot after shot directed at Chubak

JohnWildthing says its a good game

Gametime 27:07

Joey Haddad goes close yet again

Chubak saves from captain Marsh

Joey Haddad impressing Tony T

Luke Piggott breakaway foiled

Capitals penalty Jay King 2 minutes for hooking @ 30:22

Chubak saves from Carl Hudson

Should have been a penalty shot as Luke was clear on Chubak

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Puck out of play

Chubak saves from Guillaume Doucet

Capitals Full strength

Capitals bench penalty 2 minutes for too many men @ 32:36


Leigh Salters (3rd of the season) scores

A PPG no less

Assists Tomas Kurka & Brent Walton @ 34:08

Devils have goal dissallowed

Trevor Hendrikx lays a centre ice hit on Bigos

Gametime 36:40

Devils icing

Leigh Salters has come alight tonight

Leigh Salters attempted wraparound saved

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Ben Bowns with a stunning save from a Hayes breakaway

Gametime 38:04

Chubak saves from Guillaume Doucet yet again

And again

Good Devils pressure to end period

End of 2nd DEVILS 2 Capitals 0

Great period with Tomas Kurka standing out

Anyone going to next Saturdays game at Fife who can help us out please get in touch - or text MNL line 07527 625206

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 15 Capitals 9 making it 24-19 after 2 periods

Teams are back

3rd period underway

A quick goal please Devils then you can run the clock down

Chubak deflects Puck out of play

Chubak slow to get up

****Devils u18s losing 3-4 after 2 periods

Chubak recovers and continues


Zach Hervato the scorer

Assists Tomas Kurka & Josh Batch @ 43:25

Dave & Emma following MNL in Washington before going to see Capitals v Islanders

Big hit by Andrew Hotham

Tomas Kurka unstoppable says Tony

Gametime 43:07

That was Zach 2nd of the season

Its end to end at the BBT

Devils 3rd goal time @ 43:25

Joey Haddad is also proving a handful for the Capitals

Ben Bowns @ 49:02

Linos turn to be hit

Big hit by Leigh Salters

Guillaume Doucet feeds Josh Batch - who has his shot blocked

Great save Chubak from Jake Morissette

Hit from behind on Jake Morissette

Brent Walton & Bigos argue

Leigh Salters steps in

Flemington 2 minutes for cross-checking

Devils penalty Guillaume Doucet also 2 minutes for cross-checking

Devils icing

Leigh Salters invitation declined

Crowd given as 1,651 not bad for a game that in the past was lucky to draw 1,000

Gametime 53:01

Capitals go close through Hayes

Ben Bowns covers loose puck

Gametime 54;49

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for delay of game

Hayes hits post

KettDevil has offered his services for the Flyers game - thanks

Its great to have Devils fans who live far away but support the Devils on the road and help us out at MNL

Gametime 57:19

Final 2 minutes


Joey Haddad scores again his 3rd of the season 2nd of the night

Assists Brent Walton & Tyson Marsh

@ 59:45

Final score DEVILS 4 Edinburgh 0

Our thanks to Olivia, Jon J, JohnWildthing and Tony for a great piece of reporting

Capitals MoM - Carsen CHUBAK

Awaiting Devils MoM - my money on Joey Haddad

Devils MoM goes to BEN BOWNS

Thats all from me, join me next Saturday night when we bring you MNL coverage from Kirkcady thanks to KettDevils and a couple of Flyers fans who regularly help us out