Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Fife Flyers

join me (steve) this evening for usual biased views, I'll be here from 5ish so get your predictions in at and I will give you a mention

Russky with the first prediction of the night says he's having a relaxing evening and Devils will win

Roger from lovely Penarth says Devils will win by one goal maybe in overtime, he has to be up at stupid o'clock so cant make game

Big shout out to Nicola Edwards who's birthday it is today, Nicola is official time keeper at BBT on match nights. Happy birthday Nicola from all your friends at the Devils and everyone at MNL no idea on age as its rude to ask a lady !!

come on get some predictions in guys

warm up has finished, hearing a rumour Hicks is Ref

Hazel in sunny southend very confident of a win tonight 6-4

Fife enter the arena

Devils on the ice to rousing reception

Anthem time

sorry if updates are slow we are short on texters this evening

nothing from texters as yet

just had 2 and a half minutes of solid devils chants no chances as of yet Andrew Lord looks pumped right up

Doucet fires in shot, padded away

quick break from Devils forces goalie to shift net off moorings


Hotham skates in from blue line and rips it high glove side assists to Lord and Martin

Salters fluffs his lines at wrong time

Devils penalty Haddad 2 minutes for charging

penalty was on line change good old hicksy

Hendrikx and Stewart have words and both get 2 minutes for cross-checking

Fife offside

Kurka gets 2 minutes for cross-checking

must be Hicks favourite pose giving the penalty

Hendrikx and stewart both got 5 not 2 minutes

hang on texter thinks they may be wrong on pen call !!

Fife penalty 2 minutes for holding awaiting who it was



time is 14:42 not 16:42

Hendrikx gets 2 minutes for tripping

penalty was called after defensive error by devils

16:30 gone

Flyers offside

Fife not showing much so far

showing their frustration by swearing at officials very mature

Walton misses a good chance after the puck bobbles

Jeff Lee was using the gutter language

Kurka goes close but Brown keeps him out

Brown makes another save from Martin

Mike in Cwmbran is predicting a 6-2 VICTORY for devils

2 minute penalty to dorr of flyers who rode hothams back down the ice called as holding

end of first period devils 2 fife 0

Fife looking disorganised break may help them but I hope not

at the end of the period stewart had word with Hicks and questioned his parentage

Both teams back on the ice

a couple more unanswered goals would be nice

the puck is dropped

Devils on powerplay for 1:45

Fife break and clear trip by hotham 4 on 4

penalty shot fife

Latest scores from the other games Panthers 4 Clan 1; Steelers 2 Storm 0; Blaze 0 Giants 2; Edinburgh 3 Dundee 1


i think i put the fife player off! what a shame!

fife player lost control of puck it happens I suppose

incorrect call anyway it was a pen but not penalty shot

Brown covers loose puck

Hotham lets fly but brown gloves it

Piggott and CJ getting some good ice time

2:39 gone

gone quiet

just had a number of icings after each other

Walton goes close

Fife score

shot from blueline Bowns unsighted

scorer Nicolas Rioux

puck deflects out of play

Neil Fords late prediction was 7-0 to devils

Paquet and Haddad have words Haddad gets2 minutes for kneeing

Morrissette with good shot saved by Brown

Salters having another quiet game

Gunn grabs Kurka and gets2 minutes for hooking


Latest scores Steelers 2 Storm 1 Edinburgh; 3 Dundee 1


Doucet on the powerplay @30.01

assists to salters and Kurka

Brown just manages to hold loose puck

Walton showing team mates how to check

Devils 2nd assist on 3rd goal was Walton not kurka

Batch draws hooking penalty Dorr sits for 2

33:16 time of penalty

Doucet and Cullen tangle but Salters steps in and scares off Cullen

Doucet gets 2 minutes for 2 minutes for slashing and Cullen gets 2 minutes for cross-checking

Hervato breaks but it just goes over

Hervato shot deflected out of play 16:12 gone

Both teams back to full strength

Martin goes as close as possible without scoring

Batch intercepts and Hudson goes close

latest scores Panthers 4 Clan 1; Blaze 0 Giants 2; Steelers 3 Storm 1; Edinburgh 3 Dundee 2

Devils offside

40 seconds left in period

Hendrikx has been more of his bullish self tonight

end of 2nd period Devils 3 Fife 1

Latest: Blaze 1 Giants 2; Edinburgh 3 Dundee 3

Lets get the game put to bed Devils

Both teams back on the ice

and we are underway

quiet start to period

No Pattern to the period so far

Handbags between Batch and Lee

comes to nothing

Hendrikx loses stick and fife go close

Big Bowns save

another stunning point blank glove save 5:48 gone

crowd urging devils to take it up a gear and get game safe

Fife icing

7:13 gone


Made By Hotham

Morissette the scorer assists Hotham and Martin

Jones and Piggott combine to disrupt Fife

Hendrikx gets 2 minutes for roughing

Bowns with stunning glove save @9:33 in the period

Hotham and Cullen now sit

both get get 2 minutes for slashing

Bowns with big save

Haines slashes Joey Martin everyone sees it apart from officials


Here are the Final scores from the other games: Panthers 4 Clan 1; Steelers 3 Storm 1; Blaze 1 Giants 2 and Finally an OT win for Edinburgh over Dundee 4-3.

Andrew Lord assisted by Marsh 50:36

Walton blocks shot with his leg, limps off

If I'm honest I can't see this going to overtime

Hendrikx seems to have been thrown out for 3rd man in

marsh and Fox both get 2 for roughing

Hendrikx gets 2 minutes for roughing and a ten minute misconduct for misdconduct

Calls made up by Hicks

Fife goal Stockton

Maybe it will go to overtime !!!

assisted by Dorr and Rioux

that was powerplay goal

far be it for me to contradict Steve but the official game sheet shows Hendrickx as being 2 mins for roughing +10 misconduct no mention of game penalty for 3rd man in

BrillIance by Kurka, brown sticks out and stops it

3:20 left

Brown saves from Haddad

Great save Bowns

1:45 left

Brown forces net off moorings

Final minute

Hotham with big hit on Stewart

Final score Devils 5-2 Flyers

Fight after the buzzer

Walton was getting pushed around Hotham steps in and destroys the fife player with big uppercuts

Fife mom Nicolas Rioux

Devils man of match Andrew Hotham

Hotham had a Geordie How hat trick tonight, an assist a goal and a fight

good night all join the main man next week OJ is back off his holiday and raring to go