Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 3 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Good Morning one and all! The big day has dawned and the mights of the fair cities, Nottingham and Cardiff meet together at the NIC in a double whammy of a game, Both League and Challenge Cup points are up for grabs as these two advisories lock horns (and sticks).

Face off is scheduled for 7pm so be sure to join Russky and OJ for coverage from 6pm for this eagerly waited encounter. If you have any comments or predictions please email them to and we will do our best to post them along with the match text commentary.

There is also a minor sideshow at Twickenham this evening where the Sweet Chariot and Hymns and Arias will be present to greet 30 egg chasers, not to mention the ref and linesmen. we will try ot keep you up to date with this game as well.

So farewell until the hour chimes 6pm and we return, until then we bid you a good day gentlefolk!

Hello there! Welcome to our coverage this evening of the match up at the NIC as previously advertised.

Its going to be a busy evening with the Rugby going on as well, along with four other games of Ice Hockey.

Coventry are at Manchester; Braehead at Belfast, Sheffield at Dundee and Edinburgh visit Fife.

Remember you can join in the fun too, by emailing us your comments and predictions to

No predictions received as yet but the evening is still young!!

Latest RWC score: South Africa 24 Samoa 6. Perhaps the Boks have had their fill of Sushi this week!

I just been informed by one of the MNL texters that the Red Army has arrived safely at the NIC, ignoring the temptations of the Castle pub!

Cornwall Taffy predicts a Devils win and Wales win, but its going to be tough in both games

For what its worth I think the Devils will win in OT and Wales to take the wheels off the Chariot!!!!

Its an early start for Coventry a Manchester, facing off at 6:30 with Fife and Edinburgh on the late shift, clashing sticks from 7:15

Brian Parker predicts the Devils to hit their stride and win by 3

Our game and the 2 remaining games are all due to start at 7pm

Its nice to be home in time for RWC & MNL (OJ)

not sure what shirt to wear, my vintage Wales rugby jersey or a Devils Jersey, what do you think?

I am sure that Russky and Stephen looked after you when i was in North America

Latest RWC: South Africa 29 Samoa 6

Roger predicts a single goal win for the Devils where as Cenwyn and Rach go for a Devils Overtime win after a 4-4 draw at the end of regulation time.

now 34-6 to South Africa with about 5 mins left

now 39-6 to South Africa, I think they have got over their Saki hangover!!

David Clarke & Geoff Waugh scratches for Panthers

RWC Final Score: South Africa 46 Samoa 6. That was the starter, now for the Main Course to kick off at 8pm at Twickenham. COME ON WALES!!!!!!

We have Panthers fans Cheryl, Trv & Viv helping us out tonight along with JohnWildthing of RED ARMY TRAVEL fame

no reported Scratches from the Devils Bench

If you are interested in travelling to an away game pleasae contact RED ARMY TRAVEL Independent away travel for the Cardiff Devils Twitter @Red_Army_Travel - @GerJDav - @WildthingJ74 @bluedevil1927 @tilyyyyx Facebook Red ArmyTravel -Gerald Davies- Johnathan Williams Web Email

no score yet at Altrincham between Blaze and Storm

Devils on the ice

Panthers drift onto the ice slowly

Anthem done

Puck is dropped

Liam Sewell is the referee

Panthers icing @ 1:19

Young and Staniforth are the Linos

An even start to game with both teams playing controlled hockey

I get the feeling its going to be more like chess on ice between these two teams

Devils starting to assert their game plan

Logan MacMillan misses a golden opportunity


nice one Devils

Hotham scores at 5:49

Andrew Hotham unasasisted (his 2nd of the seasom)

@ 5:49

seemingly unassisted

Got over excited I am suppose to cover the Panthers leaving the Devils to Russ

no worries OJ. old habits i guess!

assuming that Hotham goal was unassisted until otherwise notified.

Save Mika Wilkman

Matt Myers takes on Andrew Hotham

Few puches from both of them, Myers falls over with Hotham on top of him

brave but foolish I'd say!

Myers 5 minutes for fighting, Andrew Hotham 5 minutes for fighting + 2 minutes for roughing


Panthers Goal a PPG

5 minutes for fighting for Hotham

Stephen Scultz asssts Dimmen & Lee

Latest score Storm 1 Blaze 0; Dundee 1 Steelers 2

Its getting tasty, Jansen & Haddad tangle behind goal - no penalties called

nothing like a feisty game in my book!

you cant beat them!!!

Devils icing @ 12:28

its all gone quiet!!!

Gone very quiet from NIC

Panthers penalty @ 16:59 2 minutes for tripping the call

Correction it was 2 + 10 for cross-checking from behind for Jeff Dimmen

Robert Farmer sits the minor penalty


Latest scores: Edinburgh 2 Fife 1; Belfast 0 Braehead 1; Storm 2 Blaze 0

lets have a PPG Devils

Devils haven't engaged overdrive with their PP so far

Panthers full strength as we enter final minute

15 secs left in 1st period

End of 1st period Panthers 1 DEVILS 1

Trev & Viv period report ....... A really good period of hockey. Plenty of chances for both teams and some solid hits thrown

SoG Panthers 9 DEVILS 13

Cheryl has now left the NIC to go to the pub to watch the rugby

priorities! honestly LOL

mind you I have the rugby build up now on the tv!

well i am refreshed and ready for the 2nd, how about you OJ?

Thanks to her for her contribution in the 1st period

Ice is ready

Both teams back on ice

2nd Period starts

other minor distraction about to get underway at Twickenham!

Panthers GOAL

RWC England 0 Wales 3

Scored by Swindlefurst assist Moran

@ 24:31

2 good saves by Ben Bowns

I am still here, i havent nodded off! (russky) just not getting many updates due to pattern of play!

Panthers penalty Schultz 2 minutes for delay of game

Ben Bowns saves from a Mosey breakaway

RWC latest England 3 Wales 3

Panthers full strength

7:43 left in 2nd period

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for cross-checking

Devils pen 2 minutes for holding against Hendrickx

Correction penalty was for holding the stick

RWC latest England 3 Wales 6

Devils FS

Kevan Batch predicts a devils win

Devils FS

RWC England 6 Wales 6

EIHL latest Storm 2 Blaze 1 Dundee 2 Sheffield 3

Final minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period Panthers 2 DEVILS 1

well that period went quick! 28 minutes by my reckoning.

RWC latest England 9 Wales 6

SoG Panthers 15 DEVILS 8 making it 24-21 after 2 periods

England try. Poor defensive cover by Wales allowed that!

RWC England 16 Wales 6

EIHL latest Storm 2 Blaze 1; Belfast 0 Braehead 1; Dundee 2 Sheffield 3; Fife 1 Edinburgh 2

Teams back on ice

3rd starts

RWC Half Time England 16 Wales 9

Devils penalty Josh Batch 2 minutes for hooking


Devils pen Batch 2 minutes for hooking @43:10

Penalty shot DEVILS

Andrew Lord takes it - misses

In fact it was a glove save by Wiikman

come on Devils!!!!

Devils Full strength

Devils FS


Come on Devils Step it up some!!!!

A few big hits has woken the crowd at NIC

Gametime 48:22

Gametime 50:14

Panthers GOAL

Bowns rebound forced home by Bohmbach assists for Farmer & Scultz

@ 52:11

RWC England 19 Wales 9

3:53 remaining in 3rd

Final 2minutes

Ben Bowns pulled

RWC England 19 Wales 12

Wiikman glove save

Wiikman covers again

24 secs left

Plenty of chances for Devils but no success

EIHL Latest: Storm 4 Blaze 1; Belfast 1 Braehead 1; Dundee 4 Sheffield 4; Fife 3 Edinburgh 2

Devils time out

Devils time out 20 secs left

22 seconds left in game

Final score panthers 3 DEVILS 1

RWC latest England 22 Wales 12

Big thanks to Trev & Viv for helping us out

Over to Russ

Cheers OJ, not many updates from me due to tech difficulties in receiving texts

Final SoG Panthers 35 DEVILS 34

Devils Mom Joey Martin

seems to me that the scoreline flattered the Panthers in that they got the lucky breaks and the Devils didnt.

RWC latest England 22 Wales 15

RWC England 22 Wales 18

Dundee 4 Sheffield 5

Storm bt Blaze 4-1

still Belfast 1 Braehead 1

Special Thanks go to John Wildthing for his Devils related Texts this evening. Steve B is your host tomorrow night as Fife come to visit the BBT for the first time this season.

RWC Scott Williams stretchered off with 18 minutes remaining. still 22-18 to England

EIHL Dundee 5 Steelers 5; Belfast 2 Braehead 1

Eihl Fife 4 Edinburgh 2

Devils MOM Joey Martin

Panthers MOM Matt Myers

RWC England 25 Wales 18

TRY Wales

England 25 Wales 25

England 25 Walles 28

WALES WIN!!!!!!!

Sheffiield win in overtime at Dundee 6-5

Final score Belfast 4 Braehead 1

Right thats me done for tonight, time crack open a celebratory can of beer. Dont forget to join Steve tomorrow for your MNL coverage of the Cardiff Devils V Fife Flyers.