Match Night Live
Manchester Storm 6 - 8 Cardiff Devils

Hello. Russky here, Please join me from 4pm for the build up and match text commentary as our own beloved Cardiff Devils travel to Altrincham Arena to face the Manchester Storm.

If you have any comments or predictions please email them to Also if you want a 'shout out' on the coverage use the aforementioned email addy too. I will be posting the latest scores from the other three games taking place today.

Right, i am off to sort out my sunday lunch and watch the rugby, catch you all later.

Welcome Back!!!!

Well the F1 has finished, the Tennis is still going on despite the fact GB have already won the match and Wales' havent really had to get out of second gear at the Rugby!

There are 3 other games today: Blaze host the Panthers, Capitals entertain Fife and finally Braehead travel to Dundee.

My erstwhile texters have been located and primed. My thanks today go to Jon Wildthing and Colin, who are travelling with the mass ranks of the mighty Devils' Red Army.

Blaze Panthers game faces off fifteen minutes after the Devils/Storm game

Edinburgh/Fife start at 5:30 and Braehead/ Dundee are on the late shift, starting at 6:30, so we wont be able to bring you the result of that before we finish here.

No predictions yet, but feel free to send yours to and I will post here it before the end of the first period.

Again, once our game starts, I will only post the latest scores from the other games during the period breaks unless its a very quiet and uneventful game at the Altrincham Arena. But I doubt that!!!!

Wales are winning 47-9 with 5 minutes remaining in the game, followed by the All Blacks v Pumas (New Zealand v Argentina for the uninitiated! )

just time for a cuppa now before it all kicks off!!!

Final Score Wales 54 Uruguay 9

we have our first two predictions! Both Anthony Lewis Kevin Batch go for a 5-3 Devils win

5-3 is proving to be a popular scoreline! Gareth Brookes also predicts this scoreline.

I wont give out the F1 result yet as the highlights start on BBC1 shortly! Email me if you are desparate to know the result!

No I havent nodded off! I am still here!

No doubt the Red Army have settled into their seats at the Altrincham Arena. It must seem like a home from home as it is a virtual replica of the BBT in structure and interior appearance.

Anthem underway

No doubt the Red Army are singing Loud and Proud!

John Wildthing says the PA is awful so catching the game announcements are going to be fun!!

we should be underway by now, wondering is there is a delay for some reason!

Matthew Moore goes for a 6-3 scoreline in favour of the Devils.

timed at 1:39 Toumain from Paton and Caria

apparrently my texters are having an enormous problem understanding the game announcer

I am currently working from text updates and official EIHL match sheet in the absence of regular texts

game ref is Liam Sewell

no pens yet


Doucet from Kurka and Marsh at 6:35

Linos are Wells and Staniforth

Kurka 2 minutes for slashing at 9:41

Time for the Devils PK to step up!

Pen Storm Davies 2 minutes for roughing @ 10:01

Milke Will in Net! great save apparrently!

no news of any injury to Bowns so giving Will some valuable ice time

Penalty shot to Storm

Penalty shot scored by Scarsella @12:11

Devils Pen Hotham 2 minutes for roughing + 2 minutes for charging

awaiting details on Storm goal

goal chalked off!

repeat : no goal for Storm

Storm Pen Salazar 2 minutes for roughing @ 12:11

Devils Pen Hendrickx 2 minutes for roughing 15:51

texts coming through to me out of sequence at moment! Sorry!

Storm Pen Bobcek 2 minutes for interference plus 2 minutes for roughing at 15:51

Profuse apologies getting texts out of sequence, not fault of texters!

Devils goal: 17:49 Doucet assist Salters

Storm 3rd goal scored by Caria

assisted by Toulmin

The Storm nettie is kicking the net off continuously

and thats the end of the Period! 3-2

latest scores elsewhere: No score at Skydome between Blaze and Panthers. Edinburgh 1 Fife 0

Storm pen called right at end of 1st period Patrik Valcak2 minutes for hooking @ 20:00

So Devils start 2nd on PP

RWC latest All Blacks 12 Argentina 16

participants back out for the second period

SOG Devils 12 Storm 14

Storm back to FS

all gone quiet in Altrincham

Assist added to Storm third goal credited to Bobcek

14:37 remaining in second no real action for all the effort!

Doucet proving to be a handful for the Storm Defence

storm have goal disallowed! Phewwwwwwww

Storm legit goal @ 29:22 Toulmin from Caria and Phillips


Morrisette from Lord and Martin at 30:42

Thanx to IanSam who is emailing me updates too! Many Thanks greatly appreciated


@ 35:17

assists to Hervato and Salters

Pen Devils Haddad 2 minutes for cross-checking 35:27

Devils FS

Devils Pen Haddad 2 +10 Check to the head. poor call according to texters!

according to gamesheet its marked as 2+2+10

Devils PK working ok

Devils Pen Marsh 2 minutes for boarding

Storm 5 on 3


End of 2nd period! Storm will have PP for 90 seconds into the 3rd!

Latest scores: Blaze 1 Panthers 0 Edinburgh 1 Fife 1 Dundee/Braehead just started no score yet

RWC Final Score All Blacks 26 Pumas 16

RWC Final Score All Blacks 26 Pumas 16

I must admint I had this game marked as a comfortable win for the Devils but fair play Storm are making them work for it!

A belated prediction, Devils to win 7-4 a big period coming up for Devils!

that was Megan courtersy of IANSAM

Dundee 1 Braehead 0 end of 1st there!

Edinburgh 1 Fife 2

and we are underway in the 3rd 90 secons of PK for the Devils

Devils pen Hotham 2 minutes for hooking 41:05

storm 5 on 3 for 25 seconds

storm goal scored by Phillips

Storm goal was a PPG

Assists on storm goal to Davies and Valcak at 41:47

scored by Salazar @ 43:08

assist Scarsella

Storm Pen Pacha 2 mins tripping

Storm FS


Assists Lord and Morrisette

Storm take a time out

Devils really pressing!

Haddad is off the naughty boys bench

and available to play

Storm breakaway but Will covers

GGGGGOOOOAAAAALLLLL on powerplay Morrisette 54:02

correction at 54:10 assists Lord and Hotham

great last 5 mins in store!! what a barn burner!!!!

the guilty Storm player in bin was chillcott

Devils pen Batch 2 minutes


Joey Martin! what a star!

@ 58:23



Empty net goal


Awaiting MOMs

Devils MOM Morrisette

Storm MOM Caira

Well what a game!!!! A M A Z I N G!

Many Thanks to my texters tonight John Wildthing, Colin Knight and IANSAM with the email updates too. Wishing all the Red Army a safe Journey home.

I think Steve B is on hosting duty next saturday when the Devils visit the Nottingham NIC for their League and Cup game against the Panthers

Before I go, the latest scores are as follows and all still in play:

Coventry 1 Panthers 0 (FINAL) ; Dundee 2 Braehead 0 and Edinburgh 2 Fife 2

Now I bid you all farewell and Good week ahead!!!!