Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 4 Braehead Clan

Good Evening, Welcome to MNL match coverage of this evenings Elite League match up at the BBT between your very own Cardiff Devils and the visiting Braehead Clan

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Russky here until Steve B arrives! I understand we have some visitors to the BBT, from Canada namely Brian Parker Steve King and a few others.

I predict a Devils overtime win, I hope I am right tonight!

I understand Steve B will be with us shortly.

No other predictions flooded in yet!

c'mon Japan (Steve)

At the moment I feel abit overdosed on Rugby World Cup at the moment. Currently on my third game of the day with one still to go!

All yours Steve, I will leave you to it! Although I might chip in occasionally if thats ok!

get your predictions in people very big game this evening which I think we will win by at least 2 goals

Latest RWC score South Africa 29 Japan 29

cheers Russ course you can any help appreciated

Japan camped on SA try line. SA a man down (yellow Card) 2 mins left SA 32 Japan 29

A prediction from Harry Cooper who says after last weeks farce it has to be a win but by one goal only

Japan score a try!!!!!!

Japan have beaten south Africa brilliant!!!

just time for the conversion attempt!! what a shock win! The Boks dont look happy at all ! Japan win!

meanwhile in Ice hockey world: There are four other games tonight. Belfast host Edinburgh at the newly renamed SSE Arena!

Sheffield host Coventry, Manchester travel Nottingham and finally Fife clash sticks with Dundee.

Hazel says Devils we beat Clan 4-2 tonight

Matthew Moore says Devils 5 Clan 2

Linos are Sam Motton and Lee Young

Braehead are on the ice

I thought Lee Young retired from being a Lino at the end of last season.(Russky)

The tent is bouncing and Braehead minder is huge keep it low Devils

I think i'll open a can to get in mood

Ref is Hogarth

Players being introduced

Anthem is done

The puck has been dropped Come On Devils

Dave Bowns is cheering on the Devils: 'Come on the Devils'

Haddad Breaks but saved 50 secs gone

face off Clan zone

Salters with big hit on Davies Salters get 2 minutes for boarding @ 1:36

Martin breaks up Clan attack

Haddad goes close with backhand on the break and ref misses hooking call

Devils FS

Clan offside 3:42 gone

gone quiet I hate that

Anybody going tomorrow ?

Haddad goes close again

no scores in any of the games yet! Belfast and Edinburgh played last night and drew 3-3! It was a Challenge cup game. (Russky)

Hendrikx and Meyer exchange numbers 5:56 gone

Very fast paced game so far

Holt falls over but Devils fail to capitalise

Clan score on the breakaway

Knife through butter springs to mind says Nigel

Brooks the scorer with assists from bruton and morrison

Devils got caught for pace

Clan Offside

Clan looking very organised

latest score: Steelers 2 Blaze 0 two quick goals from Vestberg and Nelson (Russky)

Pitt sits for 2

holding the call but could have been any of 6 offences !!!

8:09 gone


Get in there DEVILS!

Scored by number 71 BETTER known as the great coach Andrew lord

assists Jake Morissette andAndrew Hotham

face off clan zone

Clans Keith getting kicked out of every face off what a loon

Hudson intercepts after Devils mistake

Hendrikx and McIver have a bit of a scuffle Hendrikx lands big right hand

Fight never really got going as McIver bottled it when right landed both sit for 5

Mc Iver should have got instigator

McIver the Turtle!

13:18 gone

and no, its not Doug McIver!!!

Pathetic dive from Davies pen coming

Hervato 2 mins Clipping

Ben's learning some bad habits!!!! (Russky)

Davies hacks a stick out of devils hand and then does a tom daley impression and hervato gets 2

40 secs left on pen

Josh Batch now sits for 2

Devils penalty box is full

15:54 gone in 1st

Batch get 2 + 10 for checking from behind 5 on 3 Clan

Hervato is back that's something

back to full strength

18:06 gone

Walton goes close

Latest scores: Panthers 2 Storm 1

Latest score: Giants 1 Capitals 0

Latest score Steelers 2 Blaze 0

Period ends 1-1

Cider time

Hogarth making Darnell look quite good

latest score Fife 0 Dundee 0

thats an achievement for Hogarth!

both teams back on the ice

Game on lets have them

Holt covers loose puck

1:12 gone

No pattern to period yet

face off Devils zone

Holt covers after some good work by Devils

like watching paint dry this innit !!

3:06 gone

Or England trying to play rugby!

Ben Davies has been studying the dark acts of Finnerty Skullduggery

teams seem to be taking a time out everytime there is a face off



Hudson high over the glove assist by Haddad 3:40 into period

icing called against Clan

Steelers thumping Blaze 5-0

Panthers 3 Storm 2

Fife 2 Dundee 1

Devils offside after great work by Hudson

Bowns saves after some work from Clan

7:48 gone

Batch waiting to come back

Morrissette shot saved by Holt

Josh is back

Clan offside

Face off clan zone

Bowns with huge point blank save from backhand shot

Braehead goal

hold that

late prediction from Cenwyn and Rach Devils to win 4-2

it was a goal :-( scored by Meyer

started with Doucet shot that went wide and straight down other end and goal

assist by Leavitt

Sharon and Roger following game from Dalyan in Turkey jammy swines

Clan offside almost missed

still no pattern to game

Face off in the Clan zone

every game is always tight between these 2 teams

Clan offside again

Belfast 2 Capitals 0 ; Fife 3 Dundee 1 ; Panthers 4 Storm 2


Brent Walton

incredible weave beats goalie short side high assists hervato and salters

13:35 gone

Braehead goal

Davies the scorer

texters didn't see it go in but Hogarth says he did

came from Bowns rebound

Aarson almost puts in his own net

15:59 gone, bowns just stops a deflected shot off batch

Holt saves from Kurka

RWC update: France 9 Italy 0

Hogarth having a mare

big bullet from blu line from hendrikx................misses

another very slow face off zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Richardson shot deflected

eihl latest score Fife 4 Dundee 2

no other latest scores at the moment!

message from Keith Jones following in Reims where he is carp fishing and getting a hard time from daughters Neve and Carys for not taking them to BBT tonight he is missing you big time time girls

10 secs left

Salters having quiet game

hang on news coming through

scrap that it was a ppi text !!

End of 2nd 3-3 we can win this, send a final period prediction i'll give you a shout out

Belfast 3 Edinburgh 1

at the end of the period marsh went straight to changing room following a blocked shot

Cenwyn and Rach following having their lunch after kayaking on Griffin Lake WOW

RWC HT score France 15 Italy 3

Braehead back on the ice

period about to start

Jackman with cynical take down on Haddad as devils broke free

he sits for 2 minutes for holding

Holt with good save

and another from walton

Devils Offside

1:23 left on power play

penalty Aarsen 2 minutes for hooking we have 5 on 3

Holt saves again

2 more Holt saves

Holt saves again!!!! all Devils but Holt is a wall

Bowns covers

4:02 gone in 3rd

Jackman and Haddad have chat

Holt saves again I should copy and paste this

Clan icing

Oooh quiet again

Devils are camped in Clan zone

Clan break and are called offside

Holt saves again

Devils icing

6:35 gone

Holt saves from Hervato he's got to miss one soon

Latest scores: Belfast 4 Edinburgh 2; Panthers 4 Storm 2; Fife 5 Dundee 2; Steelers 5 Blaze 0

Holt saves from Hervato

Bowns makes a save

RWC latest France 25 Italy 10

another save from Bowns as Clan make a rare foray into Devils territory

Holt saves from Richardson

John wildthing (one of our texters) has got a charger thank god

Hogarth misses a blatant holding pen before clan break away

Walton shot is deflected over

Davies and Hervato have a cuddle

10:25 to go

Holt just about keeps a Richardson shot out

he surely got to miss one shot for god sake

Hendrikx deflects puck out of play as Clan attack

hang on


Salters with stunning back hand over glove (told you he would miss one )

Assist Hudson goal timed at 51.18

sorry 52.06 excited see

Tood's fault for mis announcing

13:30 gone

14:56 gone

Holot saves fromn Kurka

Devils offside

Braehead goal looks like it came off a leg

annoying innit

scored by Bruton the baker

4 mins left

Kurka goes close after great set up by Doucet

A fan has been hit by the puck they're ok though and got a free puck

Bowns covers

Devils go close again

Its overtime

you watch us win this on Holt mistake I don't wish that on anyone but thats what I think. well I would wish it on Stewart lol

O/T starts


Doucet five hole................keeper error ?????

assists martin and Richardson

Clan MOM Meyer why not Holt ???

Devils MOM Hudson

Thank you everyone who tuned in don't forget away game at Storm tomorrow 5 p.m. face off and big shout out to texters, Jon, John, Olivia and Gerald night all