Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 8 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Hi, Russky here. Please join me at 4pm ahead of the 5pm Face OFF at the House of Foil for the build up, latest scores predictions and actual match commentary once the puck drops.

Please feel free to send any comments and predictions you may have to The texters have been primed and no doubt starting their journey up to Sheffield as I write this. Many thanks to Jon, Maria, Gerald and Olivia for their Updates in anticipation of the match ahead. See you all at 4pm for the fun to begin.

Hello, welcome to todays game. Its a match up that will provide the Cardiff Devils' sternest test so far this season: an away game at the House of Foil in Sheffield.

Dont forget to email your comments and/or predictions to

There are three other games today. Nottingham and Belfast are about to face off at the NIC, while Dundee and Manchester start their game at the Altrincham Arena at 5pm and Braehead and Edinburgh clash sticks at Murrayfield Ice Pad from 5:30pm

All quiet on the predictions front so far, starting to feel like Billy No mates!

Belfast's Chris higgins picks up a 2 minutes for hooking penalty at the Nic at 1:02

Dean Smith is reffing there. which makes me fearful as to who will be the ref at our game! Please Not Darnell!!!

David Clarke of the Panthers now sits out 2 minutes for hooking @ 5:23

one of my texter's has reported in from the pub near the arena. I hope all my texters remain sober enough to send me understandable text updates!!!

only joking folks!!

If you are interested, the Manchester Storm v Dundee game is on Live on Premier Sports at 4:30 if u want to watch that. But why would you?

2 minutes slashing penalty for Panthers Evan Mosey at 10:52

one prediction has flooded in! Steve B predicts a Devils win of 5-3!!!

looks they are copycat pens at the NIC. Mike Wilson Now sits 2 minutes for slashing @17:47.

It seems that Sheffield are doing a little gloating this evening as they will be 'raising' their league winners banner from last season.

First period at NIC finishes scoreless! SOG Panthers 8 Belfast 6

Just a reminder that once our game starts I will be giving latest scores from the other games during the Period break.

Cant believe i have only had 1 prediction so far!!!

Lights dimmed for Intro

Hazel reckons on a close 3-2 win Devils tonight

Devils on the Ice

Awaiting pre game formalities to finish

Sheila Jagger doesnt mind what the score is as long as the Devils win! Hear Hear!!!

Steelrs raising the Banner to David Bowies' 'Heroes' how cheesy is that?????

Anthem Done. and dusted

puck drops and we are underway!

Pen shot to Devils

pen shot saved.

Liam Sewell is the ref!

Delayed penalty goal

Roy from Legue


Haddad denied 1 on 1 saved by Plante

late prediction from rich jo and Kori in weston who say 4-2 Devils

Devils have 5 hole shot saved

Hervato shoots wide

Steelers offside 4:49

Plante glove save@ 5:08

Devils starting to get into the game now!

Steelers icing 6:24

Cornwall taffy predicts a comeback and eventual win by 1 goal for Devils

Fitzgerald 2 minutes for 2 minutes for hooking


Jason Manly predicts Fitzgerald to spit out his dummy and throw a tantrum

haddad shoots but to no avail.

Steelers FS

Devils Powerplay is reported to be looking better

oh Dear!!!! Steelers goal at 12:50 unassisted to Coyle

oh no!!!!

at 13:12 Legue scored

from Fitzgerald and Roy

Steelers shot kicked away by Martin. all hands to the pumps in the Devils D by the sound of it

Come on Devils give us a goal!!!

becoming a more physical game now

Coyle2 minutes for slashing Salters 2 minutes for tripping at 17:41

last minute of the first period. I bet Franny and Lordo cant wait for the period to end!


Nelson From Eddy , I thought that was an old singer?

Devils have been poor according to texters. Time to read the the riot act methinks. End of period . Thank Goodness.

Latest scores: Panthers 0 Belfast 1 Manchester 2 Dundee 0

Just having a breather for 5 mins.

Steelers 2nd goal was NOT unassisted as origninally reported. Mosienko has now been credited with an assist.

we are off in the 2nd!!

Save from Bowns who could do nothing to diminish the onlaught of the first half


Lordo scored from Hotham and Martin


Dowd from Roy and Legue

Sheffield net dislodged again!!!!

Devils D is 'loose' and disjointed infront of Bownsy

8 mins gone in 2nd

Devis Pen Marsh 2 minutes for hooking

PK had better be working!!!!!

Its gone quiet at the house of foil

Devils back to FS

Game reported to be a fast paced end to end

Steelers Pen Phillips 2 minutes for tripping @30:57

we want a PPG

Steelers back to FS

pen Steelers Sarich 2 minutes for cross-checking


Devils poor powerplay then called for icing at 35:13

Welcome Back Sheila, glad you came back to us!

Jon reports game is going quickly

Haddad 2 minutes for elbows

@ 35:30

Steelers pen Nelson 2 minutes for boarding 35:43

4 on 4 hockey

Devils FS

Steelers FS

Fight Fight Fight Fight!

Haddad gets sucker punched by Fitzgerald

Lord 2 minutes for roughing Fitzgerald 2 minutes for roughing

2:17 left in period

Bownsy covers at 38:45

final min of 2nd period got some latest scores for u in period break

Both teams now FS

End of Period 1-1 in that period counts as a moral victory for the Devils, after the first!!!!

Loving Gerald's optimism as he predicts we're gonna win 5-6! I hope you are right Gerald!

Latest scores Panthers 1 Giants 1 currently in OT

Manchester 2 Dundee 4 in big turnaround at Altrincham.

Braehead @ Edinburgh Still goal less at end of first!

just out of interest the Linos are Staniforth and Palmer for our game with Liam Sewell reffing

Total Shots on goal Bowns 18 Plante 15

According to EIHL scoresheet the attendance in the house of foil is allegedly 0 but I know there must be at least a coach load of the Red Army present!!!

Along with those who have made it there under their own steam!

Gareth Jenkins has a theory as to why we didnt perform in the first period: he Devils aren't used to playing at 5pm - its called 5pm syndrome. The second period end 1-1 - played AFTER 6pm - all sorted - btw DEVILS to storm back 7 win 5.

I hope he is right!

Belfast win in OT at the NIC making it a Pointless weekend for the Panthers. Awwwwww what a shame!

correction: the Panthers do get a point for taking it to OT!

Both teams back out for the 3rd!

and we are underway in the third.

Thanx Phil Thomas for reminding me that the Panthers picked up a point at the BBT last night

Save by Plante from Hervato

Devils Pen Hendrixks at 44:17 2 minutes for tripping


Matthieu Roy from Fretter

and Dowd

Lordo reported as playing on third line


Mosienko scored a delayed pen goal

Assists to Phillips and Duco

Mike Will replaces Bowns

Damage Limitation is the name of the game now for the Devils

Come on Devils make a fight of it!!!! Plante covers at 49:26

Will Saves well

Phil Thomas is blaming the Steelers Ice, that it must be too smooth for our players.

Jon reports that Hewitt is not endearing himself to the Devils faithful!

Hotham and Hewitt Both 2 minutes for roughing

Hewitt was showing off his handbag again!

7:45 remaining in the Period! Steve B is left wondering what is going on with the Devils.

Plante Swings at Doucet as he tries to collect a rebound

My texter reported as Devils fans not overly inpressed with Sewell's reffing capabilities

Both teams back to FS

Steelers Pen Hewitt 2 minutes for boarding @ 55:15

Steelers back to FS

3 mins left in game

awaiting details

Roy gets his hat-trick goal! Moyer and sarich with assists at 57:46

Hope this will be a lesson to be learned from tonight.

I Feel sorry for Gerald that the comeback didnt happen.

Thank goodness its all over now!! End of game!

Devils MOM Mark Richardson 2nd in consecutive nights

I guess Steelers MOM went to Roy

Thank you to all my texters Jon, Maria Gerald and Olivia for providing great text updates. I only wish the result could have been alot better. Please Join Steve B next saturday for coverage of Braehead's visit to the BBT. Until then I bid you all a good week!

Wishing all members of the Red Army a safe journey home!!!