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Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Newcastle Vipers

Welcome to MNL for the visit of the Vipers on the eve of St David's Day - OJ here in the MNL nerve centre

Michael Hicks is the man in charge of tonights game

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I think I have just watched the most boring and tedious half of International rugby ever. I don't think the game that Ireland and England play can be the same as the one played last night in Paris

Its down to the Devils to restore some Welsh priode tonight after the loss in Paris last night and the Bluebirds going down at Southampton this afternoon.

Ledgend777 calls it a 4-2 win for the Devils

Decent crowd at the Tent

Vipers take to the ice

Where are the predictions tonight, none so far

Ireland v England game improved slightly but like the Devils England can't stay out of the sin bin

Devils out on the ice

Aubry back in net foir the Devils

Vipers appear to have only 10 skaters + 2 netminders

Correction - Vipers have 11 skaters

Hill, Latulippe & Voth start for Devils

We are off


MacIver and Mcallister

Fight @ 0:01 win for McAllister

Penalties Maciver (D), McAllister (V0 5 minutes for fighting @ 0:01

Adams hit on leg and limps off @ 2:02

Devils offside @ 3:12

Verner save

Handbags between Elich & Campbell

Vipers creating chances but Devils defence sdtand firm

Adams back on the ice

Verner saves from Towe @ 4:55

Prpich flattens Payette @ 7:07

MacIver & Mcallister return

Verner save @ 7:11

Towe hits pipes

Late prediction from Sue in Aberystwyth - 4-2 Devils

Vipers goal @ 9:02

Vipers goal scored by Campbell assist Lundin

Aubry should have saved the shot from the blueline

Prpich hits pipes

Puck out of play @ 10:48

Towe shot saved @ 11:27

Payette skates off injured

Vipers icing @ 12:26

Devils penalty @ 12:31 Latulippe - hooking

Prpich goes close on sh breakaway

Verner giving up lots of rebounds

Devils kill penalty

Vipers offside @ 14:37

Game flowing a lot more with Payette off the ice

Aubry save @ 15:59

Maciver floors Campbell

Final 2 minutes of 1st period

Verner scrambling save @ 18:55

Devils just cant seem to find the back of the net according to texter Sharlene

Final minute

Vipers penalty @ 19:55 Campbell - hooking

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Vipers 1

Devils (Aubry) gifted the Vipers their goal but there are 40 minutes of hockey left

Devils will start 2nd period with 1:55 of powerplay

Wilson, Rankin & Tinsley not icing for the Vipers

Both teams back on the ice

Towe & Davies played well in 1st period

Verner save @ 20:26

No sign of Payette

Voth shoots high @ 20:52

SoG in 1st Devils 12 Vipers 5

Vipers kill penalty easy

Elich goes close @ 22:34 then Vipers ice the puck

Gareth feels that we can get past Verner if we take that unexpected shot

Vipers go offside @ 23:54

Too many errors from the Devils

Verner makes a brilliant save from Ben Davies

Another Vipers icing @ 24:35

Verner save @ 24:59 followed by handbags, penalties called

Voth (D) x-checking: Hutchins (V) elbows @ 24:59

Maciver shot goes high @ 25:36

Voth & Hutchins stillarguing in sin-bin

Both teams return to full strength

An uneventful 2 minutes of 4 on 4

Maciver seems to be struggling, very slow tonight

Vipers offside @ 28:09

Devils as usual creating chances but not finishing

Gareth thinks we need to plant someone in Verners face

30 minutes gone and Vipers putting pressure on Devils


Devils 1st goal @ 30:43 scored by Hill, assists Latulippe & Teplitsky

Lets make it the first of many

Vipers penalty @ 32:31 Verner - delay of game, Holland serving penalty

Puck out of play @ 32:49

Payette sat on Vipers bench looking glum

Devils get this pp into gear

Verner save @ 34:24

Vipers kill penalty, Devils pp is pants

Verner has equipment problems @ 34:34

Vipers offside @ 34:56

Devils ice puck @ 35:25

According to Andrew that was Phil Hill 20th goal of the season

Correction no goal just a late arriving text

Verner save @ 36:50 , Maciver shot from Blueline

Devils have five shots before Verner manages to cover the puck @57:58

Aubry easy save @ 39:13

Dodgy Devils passing leads to icing @ 39:27

Verner deflects away a good shot from Teplitsky @ 39:38

Verner save @ 39:59

End of 2nd period DEVILSD 1 Vipers 1

Payette had a short practice skate after the end of 2nd period, we will see if he re-appears

Bluebirds goalie Peter Enkelman sat in Block 6

There are problems with the Zambonio at the Tent, that sounds like the old days to me

SoG 2nd period Devils 12 Vipers 4

Zamboni broken down

Zamboni has recovered and is now preparing ice

3rd period delayed

Great news for me maybe Casualty will have now finish before game ends

Apologies for my ramblings but I am trying to do three things at the sametime with 3 computers on the go at the sametime having conversations with family in Ottawa and friends enjoying Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz,

Why am I in Cardiff and not Tenerife is a question I have been asking myself for days, Carnival finishes today in Puerto

There is no truth in the rumour that my texters are pushing the Zamboni around the ice

Zambonied ice ready for 3rd period

Both teams back on the ice

Here we go

Devils offside @ 40:10

I hope I get the texts in correct order this period

Elich shot deflected high by Verner @ 41:23

Vipers hit pipes and Aubry saves @ 42:15

Vipers whistled down for hand pass @ 42:34

We are under presure from Vipers

Vipers offside @ 42:58

Vipers shot goes out of play @ 43:28

Vipers icing @ 44:24

45 minutes gone - too much dump & chase from the Devils

Devils you have skillful players use them

Aubry save @ 46:13

Devils look tired, thats a worry

Devils are not playing well for some reason, Vipers are playing much better and its only the efforts of Aubry keeping Devils in the game

Vipers offside @ 48:10


Devils 2nd goal @ ???? scored by Prpich unassisted

Vipers penalty

2nd Devils goal @ 48:38

Devils Goal

Vipers penalty was Holland - delay of game

Vipers penalty changed to Gouett

3rd Devils goal ppg scored by Pprich @ 50:01 assists Latulippe & Elich

Devils penalty Adams @ 50:38 - tripping

Devils goal came when Verner went in the corner and coughed up the puck to Prpich. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Devils also had a goal dissallowed after Verner dislodged the net

Vipers icing @ 52:20

Devils kill penalty

Vipers penalty @52:42 Andersson - tripping

Vipers penalty @ 52:59 Gouett - boarding

1:43 of 5 on 3

Andersson penalty was slashing - apologies

DEvils Goal

Devils 4th goal scored @ 54:12 by Teplitsky assist Elich & Latulippe ppg

Back to 5 on 5

55 minutes gone Devils finally shooting on sight

Devils hit pipes

A little bit to the left or was it right

Verner save from Davies @ 57:46

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Puck out of play @ 59:31

Final score DEVILS 4 Vipers 1

Vipers MoM - Verner

Devils MoM ELICH

Well deserved MoM for Elich according to my texters

Thanks to Sharlene and Chris my texters this evening

I hope that you enjoyed tonights coverage on MNL join us the next time OJ