Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 1 Nottingham Panthers

Hi Russky here, just filling in Until Steve gets here. Please send any comments and/or predictions you may have to

Pat from sunny Bridgend predicts a 4-2 scoreline for the Devils

I'm here after watching the Bluebirds beat Huddersfield

It will be interesting to see how the Nottingham Panthers will play with a few new players on their roster.

Well done the Bluebirds! All yours Steve. Have fun.

cheers Russ who says devils will win in overtime

I think we will win by 2 clear goals

get your predictions in at the usual place

Hazel from Southend thinks it will be a Devils win 5-2 tonight,

OJ says he will be giving us his prediction from north America today

forgot to say a big thank you to Russ for setting up for me this evening

Big shout out to Paul in Nottingham thinks its a bit early in the season to make predictions and hopes Jansson ices for them this evening

Cider on ice for end of period break !!!

quiet on the old prediction front prob watching Mancs

who just scored :-(

greg in sunny Fuerteventura says devils will win 4-1 and hendrikx to slap Jannsen if he ices

quiet aint it

Intros taking place Todd forgets to say fabulous when mentioning Cardiff bay

mancs now 2 up diving again

Bill is in Buenos Aires tuning in to MNL we truly are a world wide brand !!

The puck is dropped come on Devils

Oanthers net minder covers

Panthers not oanthers

end to end stuff 1:15 gone

Evan Mosey 2 mins for high shot on martin

penalty at 1:47 it was 2 + 2 for hi sticks

Devils playing a patient powerplay

not really firing

Panthers doing well on PK

Devils offside and Jannsen is icing

41 secs left on PP

Hotham with great shot saved by netminders mask!!

Panthers full strength

Marsh just misses on bouncing feed from Salters

Handbags started by Farmer

6:40 gone

myers gets 2for tripping


Jon says Panthers hard to judge as they haven't done much

Salters forces save from Wilkman

Bowns makes fantastic save on Panthers sh breakaway

Myers back

Haddad and Schmidt sit

haddad grabbed around the neck on breakaway

2 minutes for roughing for both

panthers misses back post tap in phew

Kurka having a stormer so far

11:12 gone

icing Panthers

Myers just avoids being hendrikxed

Swindlehurst whacks Hervato chasing puck no call

Haddad 2 minutes for high sticks

come on Devils pick it up

Panthers icing

Schoolboy error on PP


why in uppercase I asked myself ?

Hervato breaks up Panthers attack

Devils back to full strength

Devils go close

gone a bit quiet

17:43 gone Panthers icing

Panthers being allowed what seems like a time out at every face off says Nigel

Big Shout out for Bailey

Bowns catches a knuckle puck shot

45 secs left of entertaining period Bowns with another excellent glove catch

End of first still goalless

Devils had better of period but Panthers working hard

an early Devils goal would be nice

Panthers back on the ice

Devils out too

Bowns with glove save after 33 secs

Devils forechecking working hard

Kurka stick handles his way out of very tight corner more room in a phone box (remember them!)

Batch penalty 2 minutes for hooking @23.43

keep it tight Devils

Bowns with another great glove save

7 seconds left on Panthers powerplay as farmer gives a comedy routine and breaks up attack

Doucet goes close

Jannsen made to look average by Richardson

Thompson misses blatent check from behind on devil

Panthers with sustained pressure but Bowns keeps them out

9:12 gone

Batch putting in solid display

Kurka breaks up Panthers Panthers attack gets huge roar

Salters effort padded away

correction it was chested away !

Devils fans turn up the volume

Myers sits for 2

2 minutes for roughing (cheap shot) knock it off matthew!!!

Martin and morissette work some magic on pp

Lordo misses near post chance

Hudson shot blocked Panthers throwing everything in the way

14:59 gone

its all devils at the moment

Panthers take another time out at face off ridiculous

ooh quiet I hate that

Walton forces save

Walton forces save

1:06 left in period

remember to tune in tomorrow as we visit the squeelers, face off at 5

end of second 0-0 early goal in next please Devils

right on buzzer incredible work by Kurka creates chance for lord

Devils yet to find the right opening but entertaining nil nil says Jon

Come on Devils, I need cheering up after the football earlier! Russky

teams back on the ice interesting views down the BBT as to who is on top but all to play for in the 3rd

Game on COME ON Devils

Panthers icing 18 secs gone

Panthers 3rd icing in 32 secs

Panthers called for too many men @40.45

Doucet misses golden chance

Kurka shot just over

I've never been to a nil nil game

Panthers FS

Doucet not having any luck ......yet

Hudson has words with myers,,, myers has chat with ref

4:20 gone

last ditch poke check stops Lord

Doucet shot saved

Panthers hit the pipework

Clarke not happy with officials

6:49 gone

Bowns covers bouncing puck

very tight this period as were the first 2

shall i give some latest scores from the other games?

Panthers with another good chance, Devils break

Panthers have another time out (face off)

Devils foil panthers 2 on 1

at the odyssey Belfast 4 Manchester 2

somehow panthers net becomes dislodged !!!

at the Skydome: Coventry 0 Sheffield 2

Hendrikx shot from blue line, pad save

Devils foiled by terrible bounce

at Dundee: Dundee 2 Edinburgh 1

Panthers score

Devils score

Doucet straight back up the other end go on boys

at Fife: Fife 0 Braehead 4

Schultz with Panthers goal

Panthers go close again

assists on Devils goal Kurka and Haddad

The BBT is rocking now

Bowns with great save

Big push now Devils

Panthers icing

12:35 gone

a Devils shot goes high

noise just reached 100 decibels

Devils go close yet again

can we get a win ?

the Devils goal has been given to Kurka assisted by Hendo and haddad

dunno where Doucet came from lol

17:48 gone

very fast end to end now

Devils icing

47 secs left

Tense now

lets go Devils lets go (from OJ)

a Panthers player bounces off salters and wipes out the net

17 secs left

game ends 1-1


Jon would fancy us in shoot out but lets do in overtime eh

Blaze nil Squeelers 3


Doucet this time 2-1 38 secs in to overtime BBT goes bonkers

assist to Hotham and Richardson

wow that was close

woo hoo i got a prediction right!!! lol

Panthers man of the match Shultz

that was Russ who got it right

Devils mom Richardson, should have been Kurka or bownsey texters say

latest scores Belfast 6 Manchester 2

final score Dundee 2 Edinburgh 4

thank you to Jon and Nigel for match coverage who without there would be no MNL

latest score Fife 1 Braehead 5

enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and don't forget tomorrow face off at 5