Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 1 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome, Croeso to MNL for the e2nd leg of the Battle of the Champions

After last nights heavy loss I am sure the Blaze will be all out for a better result in front of their fans at the ICE DOME

Join me (OJ) from around 4:45 for MNL usually unbiased reporting of what could be an explosive game.

Score predictions welcomed to

We are looking to expand our team of texters in order to lessen the load on the small group that ha brought you MNL coverage over the years. If you can help PM me, email us at or text MNL line 07527 625206

I am away in Canada for most of September so Stephen will again be hosting and we will welcome Russky and Ook to our hosting team shortly.

Thank you OJ, Russky here, hope you are all well this sunday afternoon and looking forward to some high class hockey action.

I will leave you with my prediction now of a Devils win, and leave you in the very capable hands of OJ for the remainder of this match. All yours OJ!

Olivia, JohnWildthing & Colin our texters are at the Sky Dome

Warmup still going on so there might be a slight delay to FO

Pat in Bridgend is never satisfied he wants double figures from Devils tonight

Gaz334 thinks it will be a much tougher game but predicts Devils by 3 goals and a pasting for Chris Lawrence from Leigh Salters

Russky's visit didn't last long

Russky will be making his debut as host next Sunday night when the Steelers are at the BBT

I can come back if you want but i thought i'd let OJ get on with it without further interruptions from me!

Colin says FO in 10 minutes

Red Army in blocks 7 & 8

Close on 150 of the RED ARMY have marched on Coventry

No news on referee yet, probably someone other than Dean Smith whose been in charge for all three previous warmup games

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Hazel thinks its going to be tough, Devils to squeeze it 5-4

Blaze now out

Thompson is the referee

Anthem time

There is no truth in the rumour that Cornwall Taff has joined up with the migrants trying to get to Cardiff for a Devils game

Waiting for the biscuit drop

Game starts

Noble & Salter in a scrap: Batch & Boris Valabik also

Not sure if its fights or handbags

gametime 0:35 early punches by Batch Valabik takes him down

Only punches to land were those thrown by Josh

Devils offside as game resumes

Penalties not heard, and there is NO CLOCK

Planet Ice strike again

My understanding is that only one or maybe two faces has game time on

Devils penalty Chris Jones 2 minutes for slashing


Josh Batch returns

Brian Stewart covers

Face off in the Devils zone

now its Ben Bowns turn to cover the puck

Gametime 6:20

No clock reminds me of Durham

What a farce that was, wasps penalties never took more than 2 minutes irrespective of any whistles

Jim Jorgensen breaks his stick taking a SOG

blaze #2 gets 2 + 2 for high sticks @ 8:10

Brian Stewart saves from Tomas Kurka

Noble & Salters pushing each other

Salters fighting Blaze bench I am told

Noble was on the bench

Leigh Salters penalised

Kevin Noble punched Leigh Salters from bench

Leigh Salters leaves the ice

I would welcome any comments from those watching the webcast - or 07527 625 206

its gone quiet from Coventry no updates

Leigh Salters given a Match Penalty

Brett Robinson shoots wide

I don't think we have seen the last of the fistycuffs in this game by a long way

Blaze Ross Venus penalised

Mark Richardson shot saved

Blaze offside @ 13:24

One eyed commentator on webcast

Blaze Full strength

Mark G is still confident that Devils will win by 3 goals

Devils penalty Mark Richardson 2 minutes for holding


Blaze penalty # 43 2 minutes for interference

Not #43 but Brian Stewart

Brian Stewart glove save

Devils Full strength

Devils on PP

Blaze Full strength

Gametime 17:59

Zach Hervato shoots wide


@ 18:40

Jake Morissette & Zach Hervato with assists

Blaze score

shocker from Ben Bowns

Josh Godfrey assists Steven Chalmers

Trying to find out who scored for Devils

Last 30 secs

Swansea beat Man Utd yet again 2-1

End of 1st period Blaze 1 DEVILS 1

Brian Parker in Calgary says Devils by three

Devils goal credited to Jake Morissette

Assist Zach Hervato

Apologies for quality of coverage but with no clock and a dodgy PA our texters are having great problems

Ice ready for 2nd period

Both teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Cale Tanaka has shot blocked by Ben Bowns

Blaze offside @ 21:42

Plexi Glass has fallen inwards onto the ice

Planet Ice going round to Poundland for replacement

Charge Josh Batch as it was his big hit that caused it

Whole panel is out

Sill waiting for AA man to repair damage

Game suspended at the moment

Plexi glass being put back in place

And we thought it was the BBT that was falling apart

Must be a Planet Ice thing

Game restarts

I don't mind the game being delayed - stupid Casualty is on at 8. Why do nurses watch it?

Correction - the game has not restarted - they went to start and something was amiss with the repair

Players skating around - taking a stroill for you posh people in Coventry

One thing for sure they are not taking the air

Mike Will is on the ice - maybe he can repair it

Get Leigh Salters to stand in the gap, the Blaze will not go near him

I have ordered my tea for the 2nd interval, maybe her indoors will keep it warm for me

Getting silly says JohnWildthing, panel was put in place 10 minutes ago and no resumption

Game has been stopped for 17 minutes by my reckoning

Plexi glass is now out again

My tea has arrived, no wine though

Can they mend the clock whilst we are waiting?

I know what it is - TIME EQUALISATION - to a 6pm FO

Game about to restart @ 23:03

Off we go

Jon says Off Again - does he mean the game or plexi glass

Yes Rhys we know the clock is in France so was the replacement plexi glass

Mike Will now in net for Devils

Pad save by Mike Will

Trevor Hendrikx shot blocked @ 31:02

Guillaume Doucet 2 minutes for hooking

Mike Will save

Corrected gametime 28:03

Looks like non contact at the moment

Zach Hervato 2 minutes for high sticks

Blaze have 5 on 3


Chris Lawrence shot blocked by Mike Will

Mike Will saves from Josh Godfrey

Devils back to 4 skaters

Another Mike Will save

Devils Full strength

GOOD PK by Devils

Blaze icing @ 31:57

Brian Stewart save from Trevor Hendrikx

Mike Will covers puck Boris Valabik jumps him Josh Batch steps in for another fight

A couple of punches thrown by each of them

Gametime 34:56

Both Batch & Boris Valabik ejected

Well they have gone to dressingroom awaiting actual penalties

Josh Batch 2 minutes for holding & 5 minutes for fighting; Boris Valabik 5 minutes for fighting

Boris Valabik actually got Game for fighting

Both got game for fighting hence ejection

Lucky there is no school tomorrow this game will be late finishing at this rate

Been playing for over 2 hours and still in 2nd period

Andrew Hotham shot blocked

Its 5 on 5 @ 37:31

Kevin Noble 2 minutes for holding @ 38:53

Blaze bench penalty - Too Many Men

Devils have 5 on 3

Final minute

End of 2nd period Blaze 1 DEVILS 1

Just to clear up those penalties 38:22 Too Many Men: 38:53 - Noble - 2 minutes for holding

So Devils will start 3rd period with 22 secs of 5 on 3; followed by a 31 sec pp

Lets get a couple of quick goals then onto the bus and out of Chav town

Both teams return to the ice

Off we go

Blaze Full strength

Come on U DEVILS

Give us a goal NOW

Tomas Kurka shot covered by Brian Stewart

Blaze Offside

Chris Lawrence shot saved by Mike Will

Pad save by Mike Will on shot by Josh Godfrey

Brian Stewart saves from Guillaume Doucet

Devils icing

Gametime 46:07

Very boring says JohnWildthing

Scrappy 3rd period says Colin

Olivia says Chris Lawrence shot blocked by Mike Will on his chest

Tremendous save by Mike Will says Colin

Devils Offside

Blaze shot rebounds off Mike Will's pads

Puck out of play @ 48:59


Guillaume Doucet shoved into Blaze net


Devils go ahead goal scored by Tomas Kurka

Correction goal given to Brent Walton

Blaze Offside

Devils Offside

Gametime 52:16

No news on any assists I am sorry

Lets have another one U DEVILS

Joey Martin shoots high

Chris Lawrence starting to play up again

Brian Stewart glove save from Andrew Hotham

Mike Will covers

Gametime 55:25

That was a great save by Mike Will

Brian Stewart saves from Brent Walton

Final 2 minutes

Brian Stewart pulled

@ 58:23

Blaze shot blocked by Devils D

Save Mike Will

And another save by Mike

Timeout Blaze

@ 58:57

Another Mike Will save

In the last minute

Devils icing Face off in the Devils zone

Tomas Kurka misses empty net

24 secs to go

Final score Blaze 1 DEVILS 2

RED ARMY were in full voice for those final minutes

Our thanks to JohnWildthing & Colin K and a special thanks to Olivia D doing her very first full game

Devils MoM - MIKE WILL

Rachael won the 50/50 so we walk away with all the spoils

Blaze MoM - Jim Jorgensen

That completes a 100% pre season record for the Devils

Join us at MNL next Saturday when EIHL newcomers Manchester Storm visit BBT for a Challenge Cup group game

Better still get down to Cardiff Bay to shout for the lads