Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 0 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL on this Bank Holiday weekend

Hopefully we will be able to bring coverage of the game but as yet we have NO texters with many away for the holiday period.

If you can help us out or know someone going to the game who can please get in touch by emailing or text MNL on 07527 625206

Despite being the aforementioned Holiday Weekend a large crowd is predicted for this pre season warmup game

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30

Well the Good News is I am here to host, the BAD NEWS is that no texters have reported in yet

Pat in Bridgend predicts a 4-2 win for Devils

Many of my regular texters are giving this game a miss for various reasons.

Nigel I know is going to the game so hopefully we will be OK

Any followers of MNL at the game text us at 07527625206

We would also welcomed input from anyone watching the webcast

Nigel & Jon J have reporting in.

Cornwall Taffy in France goes for a 5-2 Devils win

Hazel in Southend gives it 5-3 Devils

Russky says Devils will win by 2 goals

Teams appear at BBT

Carl Hudson playing tonight

Danny L hopes Devils will win 4-1

LisaJohn paid for Webcast but has not received password any advice for her text

Anthem done

Puck dropped


After 8 secs

Awaiting details of the EXPRESS GOAL

Scored by Zach Hervato assist Leigh Salters

A total messup by Blaze D and Devils capitalised

Blaze penalty Ashley Tait 2 minutes for delay of game @ 1:15

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Very high tempo game so far

Blaze Full strength

Blaze struggling to set anything up

Save Brian Stewart

Devils penalty called

@ 6:02 Leigh Salters 2 minutes for hooking


Blaze go close twice - Jim Jorgensen was one of them

Pad save by Ben Bowns

Gametime 7:40

Devils Full strength

WOOPS apologies pressed wrong button

Andrew Hotham floors Ross Venus

10 minutes gone

Bowns foils Blaze breakaway by Ned Lukacevic

Another Ben Bowns save this time from Chris Lawrence

Blaze penalty Brett Robinson

Poor PP by Devils so far

Brian Stewart saves froim Tyson Marsh

Blaze penalty Kevin Noble check from behind on Guillaume Doucet

Devils 5 on 3

It was cross-checking

@ 12:31

Brian Stewart knocks his net off denying Devils a 2nd goal

Ref Dean Smith gives Brian Stewart the benefit of the doubt

Devils pp is messy

Glove save Brian Stewart from Joey Martin

Blaze Full strength

Brian Stewart saves from Tyson Marsh after great Devils breakaway

Gametime 15:08

Brian Stewart save from Guillaume Doucet

Brian Stewart covers after Josh Batch hits post

Stewart knock off net yet again

No extra players for Devils tonight

Ben Bowns saves from Carl Lauzon

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Blaze 0

Blaze replace Stewart with Mart

2nd period starts

Apologies its Renny Marr in net for Blaze

Blaze icing @ 21:48

Devils penalty Tomas Kurka 2 minutes for hooking @ 22:05


Every face off is like a Blaze timeout

Linos should just drop the puck

Ben Bowns saves from Carl Lauzon

Gametime 4:10

Devils Full strength

Devils missed a great opportunity to make it 2-0

Kevin Noble performs a spectacular dive - NO CALL

great save by Renny Marr from Leigh Salters

Devils out muscling Blaze with ease

Neutral ice face off after gets embedded in Blaze net

Kevin Noble messes with Trevor Hendrikx and gets slaughtered - silly boy says Jon J

Noble 2 minutes for roughing 5 minutes for fighting, Chris Jones 2 minutes for roughing, Trevor Hendrikx 5 minutes for fighting


Noble tangled with CJ then took on Hendo

Guillaume Doucet scores Devils 2nd goal


Leigh Salters I believe

3rd goal was @ 28:59

Assist Andrew Hotham on 3rd

Whether there were assists on 2nd we do not know

Blaze makes a save then goes looking for puck

Whats the odds that Tomas Kurka scores next - making it a clean sweep for the new guys

Devils penalty called @ 32:12

high sticks the call

Jake Morrisette the culprit

Steven Chalmers foils a Devils SH attempt


Blaze James Griffin 2 minutes for slashing @ 34:34

Devils now on PP


A PPG for Andrew Hotham

@ 35:19

Assists Joey Martin & Mark Richardson

Jon J says Blaze are really struggling with Devils pace & skills

Tomas Kurka has his helmet taken off by a Blaze D man - thats ok says referee Smith

Devils penalty Jake Morissette 2 minutes for tripping

Must be a first for Jake to get 2 penalties in a game


Blaze Jim Jorgensen 2 minutes for holding

Guillaume Doucet was away on a breakaway but pulled back

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Blaze 0

At every face off Blaze seem to have a group discussion- maybe players have to be told - you stand there, you over there - NN NO I want to be by my friend

As i said just drop the puck

I wonder how big a crowd there tonight?

More than last weekends (1,500) I am told

Not bad for a pre season friendly

3rd period begins

Blaze icing @ 40:25

Renny Marr continues in net

I wonder if those nasty Devils fans standing at ice level taunted Stewart to give up the netminder duties

Kevin Noble & Andrew Lord exchange punches

Late check by Noble provoked that skirmish

Both sent to bin

Andrew Lord looks as if he was unhappy about Kevin Noble hit on Joey Martin

Blaze Brett Robinson now sits 2 minutes for interference


It would appear that Kevin Noble got 2+5

Guillaume Doucet with his 2nd of the game assists Brent Walton & Leigh Salters

A PPG of course

Lets clear up those Noble/Lord penalties

Kevin Noble got 2 minutes for roughing + 5 minutes for fighting

Andrew Lord 5 minutes for fighting & 2 + 10 for instigating

well the coach can now assess the teams performance from the comfort of the sinbin

Chris Lawrence sits 2 minutes for tripping

Correction it was cross-checking

Lets have another one U DEVILS

Ben Bowns saves after a rare Blaze trip into Devils country

Lets have another one U DEVILS


Assists for Joey Martin & Zach Hervato

Jake Morissette scored that PPG @ 46:24

Devils are basically having shooting practice before the Fair comes to town

Chris Lawrence trips Andrew Hotham and sits 2 minutes for tripping


Carl Hudson scores

Yet another PPG unassisted

Devils Mark Richardson 2 minutes for tripping @ 53:38


Ben Bowns save

Gametime 55:35 as Devils Full strength

Chris Lawrence & Carl Hudson now penalised both get 2 minutes for roughing @56:03

Correction - call was unsportsmanlike conduct

FIGHT between Carl Hudson & Chris Lawrence

Hudson cut

All this at 58:15

Chris Lawrence throws punches whilst Carl Hudson was down on ice

Lawrence jumps Hudson as they leave sinbin - a fighter taking on a non-fighter - how brave can you get

Devils queuing up for pay back

Chris Lawrence 2 minutes for unsportmanslike & 5 minutes for fighting

Carl Hudson 5 minutes for fighting

Final minute

Great atmosphere in tent

Final score DEVILS 7 Blaze 0

Final score DEVILS 7 Blaze 0

Blaze were poor, very poor, Devils played within themselves and buried them

Blaze MoM Cale Tanaka

Our thanks to Jon J and Nigel for stepping into the breach yet again hopefully relief will be available for them next weekend

Devils MoM - Guillaume Doucet

Thats all from me, join me from 4:30 on Sunday (5:15 FO) when the Devils take on the Blaze at the Ice Dome