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Cardiff Devils 4 - 2 Brest Albatros

Welcome to MNL as we bring the second episode of the Devils battle with the Albatros at the BBT

Get down there and support your DEVILS as they prepare for the forthcoming EIHL season.

If you cannot get there join me (OJ) from around 5:30 for MNLs unique coverage

Trying to get rid of last nights score

Trying to get rid of last nights score

Now gone, the wonders of technology in a Luddites hands

Good evening I am still trying to locate texters as a few of my regulars are not available.

What do you expect - ice hockey in August

With a bit of luck tonights game will be Fog/Mist tree as its cooler today although still humid

If there is anyone at the game following us on MNL text me on 07527 625 206

A couple of my regular texters have announced their retirement - I will not identify them yet as I as sure they will suffer withdrawal symptoms fefore too long

Warm up drawing to a close at BBT

Panic stations - no news from texters

Not as big a crowd as lasst night I am told

Mike Will in net for Devils

Dean Smith is in charge

Anthem time

Panic no more - Temme brothers to the rescue, JohnWildthing & Jon J

No Carl Hudson again tonight

Callum Buglass partnering Tyson Marsh on starting lineup

Salters, Hervato & Walton up front

Puck dropped

Brent Walton goes close

Puck out of play @ 0.33

Puck out of play again

All Devils so far

Tomas Kurka impressing Tony

Leigh Salters fires a bullet that rebounds the length of the rink

No questioning his intent

Albatros penalty coming

@ 3:43 2 minutes for hooking

Tyson Marsh cannon just wide

Guillaume Doucet goes close

it was #88 for Brest

Albatros have a different netminder in net tonight

very quiet in BBT

Mark Richardson shot deflected wide

Devils looking deadly on PP

Good glove save Mike Will

Albatros return to full strength

Albatros netminder makes 2 quick saves from Mark Richardson & Jake Morissette

Zach Hervato goes after a Brest player Dean Smith jumps in

Devils penalty 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct for Hervato

gametime 7:30

Albatros shoot high @ 8:00

The game is heating up

icing Albatros

13 secs left on Albatros pp

Devils FS

Brent Walton loses stick

Zach Hervato looking to hit everything

Bit scrappy but end to end

Trevor Hendrikx misses a hit on Jonathan Avenel

Hendo 0 and 3 with hip checks so far


Brent Walton the scorer

@ 11:59

decent hit by Hervato

Assist for Zach Hervato on Devils openner

Devils icing @ 13:12

Devils in control but Albatros much better than last night

Andrew Lord hits pipes

Albatros penalty 2 minutes for holding @ 14:59

Lets go DEVILS lets go

Jonathan Avenel throwing his weight around for Albatros

Albatros FS

gametime 16:58

Puck out of play

Tony says Hervato looks phenomenonal - his words

Joey Martin & Jake Morissette both go close

Andrew Lord unlucky on breakaway

Andrew Hotham sits for 2 @19:07 - high sticks

20 secs left in period

end of 1st period DEVILS 1 Albatros 0

Jon J says Albatros doing better but Devils well in charge

general view is that the Devils havn't got out of 2nd gear yet in this game

Albatros #10 Jonathan Avenel (a big lad) is throwing his weight around

Ice ready for 2nd period

Apologies for not giving Albatros players names - I have a player list but it is not complete eg i have no #88

The little squiggles over the letters doesn't help

Teams having extended break?

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Good PK by Devils

Forgot my rousing "KILL DEVILS KILL"

Devils FS

Trevor Hendrikx nails an Albatros

Gametime 21:20

Andrew Lord forces a save from Albatros nettie

It was yet another Lord breakaway

Some good interpassing from Devils

Leigh Salters goes close off a Brent Walton feed

Gametime 23:30

Adam Harding forces a save

Mike Will covers @ 24:13

Albatros SCORE

Dean Smith gets in way of Tyson Marsh forcing a turnover - they score

Goal was @ 24:25 scored by Christian assists Berthon & #23

I think the scorer was Christian Quellet

Great save by Albatros netminder

Good Devils pressure leads to a Trevor Hendrikx shot - good save

Gametime 26:15

Leigh Salters screening the netminder (a la Ian Cooper) gives us an inkling of what we will see this year

Leigh Salters unlucky not to score

Josh Batch hits Albatros Jonathan Avenel and cleans him out plus Trevor Hendrikx who was aside him

JohnWildthing very impressed with Lewis Turner

Great save Mike Will

Albatros penalty called

2 minutes for hooking was the call


We want a PP goal

Albatros clear zone

Albatros kill 1 minute

15 secs left

Devils exerting pressure on the PP - nothing to show for it

Albatros Full strength

icing by Devils Chris Jones for no reason

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Gametime 33:34

Trevor Hendrikx misses with another hip check

Both teams cancelling each other out at the moment

Gametime 35:04

Tomas Kurka down - no call

Gets up -looks injured

It was a stick to the face - blood - no call

Cardiff icing

Big hit by Trevor Hendrikx

Great work by Zach Hervato in Albatros zone

Brent Walton buries an Albatros

Albatros D corps doing a good job tonight


@ 37:25

Tony stays signs were there as Devils are too relaxed

Scored by #24 assists Jonathan Avenel ^& Jrmie Romand

Brest penalty Nicolas Motreff 2 minutes for tripping @ 37:40

Brest penalty #29 - 2 minutes for illegal equipment @ 38:33

Devils have 5 on 3


Brent Walton scores @ 38:59

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Albatros 2

By my reckoning Devils will start 3rd period with a 33 secs PP

Devils moved the puck around quickly and Brent Walton buries it top left

No news on assists

Assists on Devils 2nd goal for Andrew Hotham & Joey Martin

Number 28 for Albatros - Jaramie Romand going mad on their bench

3rd period underway

Albatros Full strength

Brent Walton goes close

Jake Morissette backhander saved

Then Leigh Salters goes close

Devils have certainly upped their gears - not quite overdrive

Albatros have become more physical lately

Josh Batch shot from point turned away

Devils unlucky not to score on a 2 on 1 breakaway

Albatros penalty called

Quentin Berthon 2 minutes for high sticks

Devils go close on PP

Andrew Hotham hits pipes

Guillaume Doucet goes close

Mike Will covers

Devils do everything other than score

Brent Walton blocks a bullet


Tomas Kurka scores

@46:06 it was an EH goal

Assists for Brent Walton & Zach Hervato

Josh Batch clears crease

Big stop by Mike Will

Josh Batch rushes up ice and shoves Albatros D into his own net - Josh laughs

Another great save by Mike Will

Its even hotter out there now as Leigh Salters & an Albatros come together

Leigh Salters is a one man wrecking ball around Albatros net

Gametime 48:21

Josh Batch shoots inches wide

Tomas Kurka workrate is immense

Gametime 50:20

Devils in charge now says Jon J


Martin & Morissette combine for a brilliant goal

Joey Martin the scorer

@ 50:51

Big save from Andrew Lord

Albatros netminder save @ 52:18 from Guillaume Doucet

Leigh Salters again causing havoc around Albatros net

Goal disallowed - Leigh Salters in the crease

Gametime 53:04

Andrew Hotham goes "You shall not enter" on Devils blueline

Lewis Turner misses with a massive hit attempt

Leigh Salters goes close

Now Zack Hervato goes close

Josh Batch sits 2 minutes for holding

Decent pp by Albatros

Devils FS

Mike Will covers

Final 2 minutes

a big hit by Leigh Salters

Save some for the regular season I say

Final minute

Final score DEVILS 4 Albatros 2

Our thanks to regular texyers Jon J, JohnWildthing, Gerald and Tony T

Nigel W has been following us in Crete

Albatros MoM goes to netminder - Lo Bertein


Join me next Saturday when traditional pre-season opponents the Coventry Blaze visit the BBT