Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 8 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL for the final home game of the season.

Tonight the DEVILS need to turnover a one goal deficit to qualify for the Play Offs in Nottingham next weekend

As normal in these 2 leg affairs we will show the running score on the scoreline above

Score predictions plus comments and best wishes to the DEVILS are welcomed to

Join me from around 5:15 for team news etc

Warmup underway

Jesse Mychan is playing Chris Culligan appears to be the scratch

Ann McShane hoping its a good game and Giants win


Steelers extend their lead over Flyers 1-0 (4-2 on aggregate)

Mike Kompon has been on the ice for 10 minutes and he hasn't started whinging yet

No predictions so far - either everyone is too nervous or at BBT or watching on Premier

Another sell out at BBT - its has become the hottest ticket in town - just like the old days at the WNIR

Hope the RED ARMY are in full voice the team needs them tonight

Blaze have a dream start against Panthers leading 2-0 (5-3) after 6 minutes

warmup completed

Steelers lead 2-0 at first interval (5-2)

Remember the scoreline above will show the aggregate score

Mike Hicks & Matt Thompson are at Coventry

Where is Darnell I ask?

Brian Parker says Devils by 3 goals with the RED ARMY helping the boys win

We believe that we have Darnell & Smith in charge tonight

Sharlene has confirmed Refs

RED ARMY loud already

On texting duty tonight are Jon J, Nigel & Sharlene with inputs from Gerald, Adam & Tony T when other duties permit

Waiting for teams to enter

Teams come onto the ice

Harry C predicts a win for Devils by at least 2 goals


Hazel has Devils by 2 with the RED ARMY raising the roof at BBT

Anthem sung by Paul Sullivan

Adam says a nervous chill about the place

Atmosphere is electric says Jon

Waiting for Premier to give the nod

Clarkson, myers, Haddad, Hudson & Marsh start

Slight delay - damaged ice by Ben Bowns goal

Game starts

Myers & Kompon have words already

Devils goal washed out for high sticks

Clarkson it was who high sticked the puck

Very physical start from Devils

icing waved off

Giants offside

Gametime 2:25

Westgarth offside for Giants

Devils offside @ 3:11

Andrew Bradbury in downtown Toronto predicts a 4-2 win for the Devils

Westgarth runs Ben Bowns @ 4:03

Ben Bowns save

Devils go close, Chubak covers

Gametime 5:28

Chubak covers again

Devils penalty @ 5:53 Joey Haddad 2 minutes for boarding


Giants offside

1:32 of PK remains

Giants goal

PPG by Craig Peacock @ 7:10

Assists Evan Cheverie & Say Sawada

Gametime 8:52

Adam says its very physical and likely to boil over with Darnell as referee

Giants icing @ 9:56

Giants playing a negative game dumping the puck

Giants icing Face off in the Giants zone

another Giants icing

Chubak save @ 11:06

Andrew Hotham gets wrestled to ice - NO CALL

Come on U DEVILS give us a GOAL now - please

Gametime 12:52

Hectic pace to this game

Giants Goal

@ 13:13

Cody Brookwell the scorer

assist Nathan Robinson

This game not going to plan says Jon


Giants penalty Adam Keefe @ 14:12 2 minutes for boarding

Come on U DEVILS

Devils PP not up to scratch

Giants Full strength

Lets have a goal U DEVILS before the interval

Giants penalty Westgarth 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 16:57

Chubak holds


Joey Martin his 27th of the season @ 17:36

Assist Andrew Lord

Lets have another one U DEVILS

Glove save Chubak @ 18:08

Final minute

Ben Bowns glove save @ 19:55

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Giants 2 making it 1-3 after 4 periods

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 9 Giants 12

Robert T predicts 2 uns=answered goals for Devils in 2nd and 3rd periods

Devils return to the ice

Followed by Giants

2nd period starts


Giants Goal @ 22:47 Adam Keefe

Defensive error led to that goal

Assist Craig Peacock

Bad giveaway by Josh Batch

Giants goal @ 24:42 - Nathan Robinson

Another mess in D

Assist Colin Shields

Westgarth 2 minutes for boarding

@ 23:50

Giants 4th goal was at 23:42 not 24:42

Ben Bowns is having a nightmare game


PPG from Brent Walton (29th)

Devils offside

Assist for Matthew Myers on Devils 2nd goal

Devils go close

Giants goal @ 28:34

Loose puck stabbed home

Ben Bowns had opportunity to clear puck but didn't

Mark Garside assists Craig Peacock & Jeff Mason

It looks like the off season will start a week early

Giants icing

SoG for this period will be interesting

Devils not hitting obviously scared that Darnell will penalise them

Adam says a few Devils have gone missing tonight

As it stands at the momemt it will be Steelers v Blaze: Clan v Giants

Mark Richardson goes close

Steelers hanging on as Flyers toe game at 3-3 (^-5 on aggregate)

Devils giving up a few odd man rushes as they push forward

Gone very quiet from BBT

Final minute

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Giants 5 (2-6 on aggregate)

Jon says - Devils at 6's & 7's for too much of this game so far

I doubt whether one of those traditional rousing 3rd period from Devils of yesteryear will be enough to save our skins

The sell out crowd must be very disappointed with this performance

Steelers make Finals weekend with a narrow 6-5 aggregate win over Flyers

Blaze win 5-4 on aggregate PANTHERS are out

Meltdown at Nottingham

Stinrays losing 2-3 with one period to go at Hull

Come on U DEVILS 2 quick goals and there's life in this game

Teams back on ice

3rd period underway

Giants pressure at the moment

Come on U DEVILS get us a goal - NOW, YES NOW

Clan score at Hull now leading 4-2 on aggregate

3:30 into 3rd period and Devils have hardly touched the puck

Giants penalty @ 46:29

Chubak 2 minutes for delay of game Robinson sits

Come on U DEVILS

Devils PP not firing tonight

Giants Full strength

Chubak covers @ 48:44

Chubak 2 minutes for delay of game @ 50:26 - Craig Peacock sits this time

Chubak dislodges net time & time again - Why no PS

great save by Ben Bowns

Gametime 52:10

Giants Full strength

Chubak dislodges net again Darnell does nothing

Stingrays equalise 1-1 4-3 to Clan on aggregate

Chubak covers @ 53:09

Stingrays now winning 2-1 game tied 4-4 on aggregate


@ 54:02

his 28th of the season

Goal given to Andrew Hotham (21st)

Assist for Joey Martin

Giants ENG @ 55:28

Robby Sandrock with ENG

Maybe it was Mike Kompon some doubt

Giants icing

It was Kompon

Assists for Joey Haddad & Andrew Lord on Devils 3rd goal

Giants score a 2nd ENG @ 56:16

Mark Garside the scorer

Devils icing @ 56:34

BBT emptying fast

O/T at Hull

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Final score DEVILS 3 Giants 7 = Giants win 8-3 on aggregate

Our thanks to tonights texters Rachael Adam , Tony, Jon j, Gerald & Nigel

Who did a much better job of it than the players

Can I (OJ) thank all the texters who have helped us out this season especially those from opposing EIHL teams

Stingrays knock out Clan

So it will be Steelers v Stingrays & Giants v Blaze I think

Giants MoM - Craig Peacock

One one of the top 4 clubs have made it to DFinals


Thats all from me, hope you enjoyed MNL this season, have a great off season and hope you join us at MNL next season