Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 2 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL for the final league game of the 2014/5 season.

A "dead rubber" in most senses since the secured the Erhardt Conference title. Devils with a win, could move up to 2nd is Braehead Clan lose their last game at Fife.

Devils v Giants, Panthers v Blaze are confirmed as Play Off 1/4 Finals

The results of the Flyers game against Clan and Blaze against Stingrays will determine who takes on the Steelers and Clan.

Any predictions for tonights game or general comments please contact us at

Harry C says Devils by 2 goals + lots of penalties

Apologies for the reduced service but I am tied up with judicial matters for the next 20 minutes

Half way through warmup

I'm back

Hazel in Southend predicts a 4-2 for Devils

Megan calls it 5-3 to Devils

David thinks it will be very close and goes for a 4-3 win for Devils

Donna predicts a few goal tonight with the Devils coming out on top with a 6-4 victory to round off the league season

MNL viewers for the season has reached 79,000 after last nights game.

With 3 hopefully 5 games left we might beat last seasons record total of 84,092

Panthers on the ice

Heartening to know that MNL is just as popular despite the arrival of the Webcast

Here come the DEVILS

A sell out crowd at the BBT tonight in fact is was sold out as early as last Wednesday

Team intros

Panthers start with Mattias Modig in net

Devils seem to be unchanged


Benedict falls over whilst in Panthers huddle

Ice is wet - slight delay

Puck dropped

Ben Bowns covers after 8 secs

Josh Batch starts as a forward


Batch/Lawrence, Hendrikx/Farmer

Ben Bowns save from Landry 0:31

Doug Clarkson buries Evan Mosey

Then Andrew Hotham levels Maxime Langelier-Parent

Hicks & Darnell are the referees

Now Chris Lawrence levels Trevor Hendrikx

End to end @ 3:20

Modig covers from Trevor Hendrikx

Ben Bowns save

This is not going to be a "dead rubber" limited contact game

Joey Martin goes close

Gametime 5:01


Awaiting details, they was a delayed penalty against Chris Lawrence

Maybe he did something else as Lawrence in in the sinbin

Lawrence was given 2 minutes for boarding + 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 5:29

Devils goal scored by Matthew Myers (18th) assists Josh Batch & Doug Clarkson

Modig covers from Andrew Hotham @ 6:54

Panthers clear zone

Panthers Full strength

Chris Jones having a shift

Doug Clarkson tripped - NO CALL

Trevor Hendrikx hits cross bar

A lot of Devils pressure

Good save Modig after Jake Morissette feeds Joey Martin in slort


A rocket from Carl Hudson (14th) assist Chris Culligan @ 9:19

Its all Devils so far

Gametime 10:30

Trevor Hendrikx levels a panther

Puck out of play @ 11:41

Modig saves from Andrew Hotham @ 11:44

Devils are getting shots away directly from face offs

Chris Lawrence called 2 minutes for elbowing

@ 12:41

Lawrence elbowed Joey Martin and nobody took revenge

Decent PP from Devils so far

tony says Chris Lawrence must be made to pay for that dirty hit

Panthers Full

Chris Lawrence levels Doug Clarkson


@ 15:33 Trevor Hendrikx v Chris Lawrence

Farmer chirping at Doug Clarkson - refs separate them

Trevor Hendrikx demolished Chris Lawrence

Farmer & Doug Clarkson sent to sinbin as well


Doug Clarkson 2 minutes for roughing

Farmer 2 minutes for roughing

Panthers have a 4 minute PP - why beats me


Face off in the Panthers zone

Trevor Hendrikx 2 + 2 for roughing

Chris Lawrence - ZILCH

2:51 of PK left for Devils

1st penalty served

Doug Clarkson & Robert Farmer return

Josh Batch buries Chris Lawrence

but gets 2 minutes for charging

Devils clear zone

Goal Panthers a PPG

There was 5 secs left on Trevor Hendrikx penalty so Panthers still on PP

Final minute

end of 1st period DEVILS 2 Panthers 1

Panthers goal scored by Doucet assists Wild & Higgins @ 19:29

Poor call on Batch it was a good clean hit

Clan lead 1-0 against Flyers

Nigel's period report - Good period by Devils, but usual story with Darnell & Hicks - inconsistent calls, the call on Batch is a good example as Panthers not called for similar hits

The call on Batch is an example of what would have happened last night if the Devils had been more physical as some fans were demanding. The HICKS/DARNELL show rolls on

If Farmer wants to go beat the hell out of him as he is 50+ and 0 in fights won

if you cannot FIGHT do not antagonize

Send him a copy ob "Boy on Ice" the tragic story of Derek Boogaard

Its hard to believe that the freak accident suffered by Sabres netminder ClintMalarchuk was 26 years ago today.

Has his throat cut by a skate and is the backup in a game 10 days later

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Puck out of play

Devils Full strength


@ 21:44

MODIG has a big wobble fit

Modig kicked off net, goal given

He goes nuts

Scored by Joey Haddad (27th) assists Joey Martin & Tyson Marsh

Decent hit by Doug Clarkson

It was Chris Culligan not Joey Martin with the assist

Puck out of play Face off in the Panthers zone

Tyson Marsh breaks up a 2 on 1


Brent Walton (28th)

Assist Doug Clarkson

Mark Richardson with a great block

Panthers have now upped their game

Ben Bowns big save

Chris Lawrence gets smoked by Trevor Hendrikx then bitches to refs

Modig save @ 29:05

Chris Lawrence now chirping at Devils bench

Adam says Matthew Myers seems to be everywhere tonight

gametime 29:39

Devils 4th goal timed @ 26:13

Greg Jacina having a poor game says Adam

Now 1-1 between Clan & Flyers


Doug Clarkson (20th) assist Carl Hudson

Modig pulled - Dan Green now in net

Chris Lawrence takes a run at Tyson Marsh who offers him out coward Lawrence declines

Ben Bowns save @ 33:24

Devils 5th goal scored @ 32:06


Andrew Hotham (20th) 5 hole

Unassisted @ 34:49

Panthers Goal - Chris Lawrence

Panthers score after a wicked bounce

assists Jonathan Boxill & Robert Lachowicz

gametime 36:33

Nasty hit by Maxime Langelier-Parent

FIGHT - Josh Batch v Maxime Langelier-Parent

JOSH destroys him

Maxime Langelier-Parent gets 5 + Game for hit on Trevor Hendrikx

Boarding the offence

Maxime Langelier-Parent also gets 5 minutes for fighting as does Josh Batch

Final minute

Gametime 39:44

Puck out of play - hits rafters

9 secs left

End of 2nd period DEVILS 6 Panthers 2

Devils have 2:24 powerplay to start 3rd period

The Batch v Parent fight was at 37:23

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 11 Panthers 9

Stingrays losing 1-0 at Coventry with less than 6 minutes to go

If Stingrays lose they plat Steelers and Flyers take on Clan

Still 1-1 in Kirkcady between Flyers & CLan

Panthers have the Conference Trophy with them, it looks like shiney plastic

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 7 Panthers 11 making it 18-20 after 2 periods

Teams back on ice

Mike Will replaces Ben Bowns in Devils net

Now 2-2 in Kirkcady

Poor PP by Devils

Double save by Mike Will

Stingrays equalise


Waiting for details

Jake Morissette (26th) assists Carl Hudson & Andrew Lord

Devils icing @ 42:57

Josh Batch returns

decent hit by Luke Piggott

Brenda Bowers wants to know why Josh Batch didn't get 3rd man in

Luke Piggott2 minutes for charging


Batch wasn't third man hit because the coward Parent skated away after his bad hit and Batch went after him and he accepted challenge

Devils FS

Doucet & Hotham handbags

They tussle and Doucet hits ice

Why Piggott joins Hotham in sinbin I don't know unless 2 + 2 for roughing called and 2 minutes for roughing for Doucet

Yes excet one of Hotham minors was for cross-checking

No sign of Hendrikx

Parent will be in DOPS trouble Benda

Mike Will covers @ 47:32

Piggott returns

Chris Jones shot saved by Green

Gametime 50:04

Devils shooting on sight its like the Goose Fair - a Panther every shot

Have you noticed how quiet Chris Lawrence has become

Not throwing his weight around anymore

Joey Haddad & Evan Mosey chirping

Mike Will sprawling save

Gametime 52:19

Happy days are here again

Adam says little to report

Happy days are here again

I am happy

Devils icing

Brent Walton shot saved by Green @ 53:40

Stingrays win 2-1

If Flyers fancy Clan more than Steelers they must win tonight

Luke Piggott getting plenty of icetime

Panthers offside

Gametime 56:15

Tyson Marsh turned over - Mike Will covers

Panthers penalty called

Brandon Benedict 2 minutes for holding @ 57:17

Final 2 minutes

Devils sitting back on their PP

RED ARMY chant starts as we enter final minute

Doug Clarkson hits post

Puck out of play

Final score DEVILS 7 Panthers 2

Our thanks go to the Temme brothers Adam & Tony, Rachael and JohnWildthing who gave us great coverage as usua

No Trevor Hendrikx for handsakes, that hit should be reviewed

Panthers MoM - Chris Lawrence

Fair enough he tried for 30 minutes


Thats all from me, join us at MNL next Saturday night when the Devils travel to Belfast for the 1st leg of the Play Offs 1/4 Final