Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 1 - 7 Cardiff Devils

Hey hey! We're almost at starting time, don't forget to give me an email at!

trying to get in touch with our texter at the game, but he seems to have gone awol!

Wahay, TheStub is alive and well, apparently the car park is closed and it's taken him a long time to hobble to the rink with his broken leg!

Unfortunately TheStub missed warmup so we're still not sure whether Silverthorn or Aubry is icing

And the lights are out, it's intro time!

Hello to Neil in Bridgend! He's going for a 2-4 Devils victory!

Looks like Aubry is in nets for tonights game, that's a relief!

Not that Myers was a bad netminder! Infact I thought he played pretty damn well the last 2 games. But it's nice to know our #1 is back and well :)

Nope, it's Myers in net! I guess Aubry isn't back and feeling better!

But Silverthorn is icing! Wahay!

And the puck has dropped, come on Devils!


Devils goal at 0:24. Goal Latulippe with assist from Voth!

Texter says no atmosphere at the rink, but after the opposition scores after 24seconds, i'd be disappointed!

Myers makes his first save of the night!

Texters saying the goal judge(s) are a bit twitchy and the light has just gone on!

Hull penalty at 2:00! Matt Reynolds 2mins slashing

Apparently the twitchy goal judge indicated another Devils goal, but it didn't cross the line!

Devils penalty at 2:17. Teplitsky 2mins slashing!

Reynolds penalty was actually timed at 1:52.

This is Reynolds first game back for the Stingrays after injury. It's the game of returnees!

Stingrays kill penalty.

Ooooooh. Elich comes close to wraparound goal, rebounds but Prpich not ready for rebound!

Teplitsky back! Come on Devils!

Ooooooh. Cruickshank makes a cracking save at 4:39 to deny the Devils a 2nd.

Another Cruickshank save from a cracking Silverthorn shot!

Wahay! Myers denies Hull a wraparound goal with an ace save!

Hill sets Davies up a treat, but Hull player flattens Davies. No penalty called.

Our texter thinks Hull only have 12 players, possibly including netminders! Not enough for 3 lines either way!

Stingrays are reduced to shooting from the blueline, Myers having no problems with saving them :)

The ref for tonights game is #9. Anyone know who that is? Email me!

Elich and Davies playing extremely well together again. Some of the plays these 2 have been setting up are incredible!

Ref for tonights game is a certain Darnell!


Deils 2nd of the night, and another from Latulippe at 9:23!

Goal Latulippe from Hartwick and Hill.

Devils penalty at 10:25. Stone 2mins holding

Any takers for a bet on another Latulippe hat trick? :)

Stone penalty killed!

Seems the 2nd goal was a short handed goal then! Texter has just said Devils look incredibly dangerous going forward!

Towe hits the pipes! Our texter is sat next to Towes parents who sound rather happy :)

Ooooooh. Davies slams his shot wide after a cracking pass from Elich. Surely cannot be long before these 2 players form a great(er) partnership!

Stingrays penalty at 13:46. Wilson 2mins holding


Devils 3rd goal of the evening timed at 14:18 and another shorthanded effort!

Devils 3rd goal being reports as Prpich from Latulippe and Elich.

Oooooh. Elich has breakaway opportunity but Cruickshank makes an awesome save to deny the Devils a 4th goal!


Devils 4th goal at 16:37.

Goal Latulippe from Teplitsky!

And that folks, is what you call a...... HAT TRICK!

Play stops at 16:37 with holes in the ice or similar!

And we're back! Clearly there's a delay on these texts i'm getting :)

Myers makes another good save! COME ON DEVILS!

Hull goal :(

Hull goal timed at 18:08

Goal Kalmikov from Gomenyuk and Koulikov

Myers made a real good first save, but we couldn't control the rebound and Hull scored. Bah!

Puck deflected out of play at 19:35!

And at the end of the 1st period it's Stingrays 1-4 Devils.

Texters reports that Prpich and Davies could easily have scored some more, but the Hull players are putting their bodies on the line to stop all shots.

Texter also says that players are getting infront the net to receive Elich passes across the front, sounds like a team with a plan :)

Shots on goal for the 1st period. Devils had 17, Stingrays had 14.

Word is MacIver not seeing much ice time at all in the 1st. Hopefully he's not picked up too serious an injury!

8 Devils fans have made the journey to Hull, including 4 from the Towe family!

The officials are back on the ice!

And here we go with the 2nd period!

Devils must be under pressure, 2 icing calls in the 1st minute!

Good Myers save. Hull are still taking most shots from the blueline!

Silver shoots and Cruickshank has to make a scrambling save!

Cruickshank makes another save on a Silverthorn wraparound attempt!

Surely it can't be long before Silverthorn gets some points can it?

It's gone awfully quiet out there, anyone alive? Email me!!


Devils 5th goal at 25:01.

Goal Davies from Elich and Prpich!

Davies scored from his 2nd shot in his shift.

Elich must surely be averaging 1.5pts per game at least after this game?

Voth does a ballet dancer impression and then follows up with a shot. No goal though :(

Loads of pressure from the Devils, Elich and Davies are working extremely well together!


Myers makes a cracking save and Hull #5, who I think is Stuart Kerr tries to dig the puck out. Luckily no penalties for us!

Booooo! Hull get a breakaway and scream towards the Devils net only to be stopped by Myers. WAHAY!

Hull penalty at 29:05. Esders 2mins crosschecking

Esders crosschecked Davies after losing the puck to him in both corners. Davies = Genius :)


Devils 6th goal at 29:42.

Goal Hill from Towe and MacIver!

Another powerplay goal from the Devils!

Texters say Hull are getting rattled and are resorting to behind the play dirty tactics!

Nooooo! Stone goes down injured!

Stone was checked by unnamed Hull player badly and Stone landed awkwardly :(

Stone down, physio out, crowd booing!

Phew. Stone is back up and retreats to the bench!

Hull crowd were/are booing Voth who they think should have abuse of official penalty called against him.

Texter reports that the booing is the loudest noise he's ever heard in the rink!

Stone had to be helped off the ice, hopefully it's only a dead leg or something minor...

Play resumes, Devils immediately on the offensive and the home crowd fall silent again.

Silverthorn is back on the ice, shooting, hitting and then some more icing :)


Devils 7th goal at 34:02.

Goal Davies from MacIver!

Hull change their netminder after the Devils 7th goal. Unfortunately I can't remember the backups name.

Andy Jaszczyk is the Stingrays backup who replaced Cruickshank.

Hull penalty called at 36:58. Turunen 2mins tripping

Just a reminder, Davies only needs 1 more goal for a hat trick!

Hull kill the penalty without conceding a goal!

Hull get a penalty, Jarvis defends well but ends up with a randomly generated penalty.

Devils penalty at 39:49. Jarvis 2mins roughing.

Turns out Hull ran Myers after they lost the puck, Jarvis gave them a slap for it :)

And that's the end of the 2nd period, Devils lead 1-7 in Hull :)

Texter reports that Davies looks like he should be an import, but he's not :)

The Devils will start the 3rd period with a penalty kill lasting 1:49.

And the officials are back for the 3rd period!

Stone hasn't reappeared for the 3rd period. Adams taking his shifts.

And here we go with the 3rd period!

Myers making more good saves. Hull are really hammering the net now. Every save is leading to handbags!

Jarvis penalty killed.

Jarvis exited the penalty box just in time for a long pass, but unfortunately it was missed and Devils were called for icing :(

Devils are called for offside despite beig about a foot before it. Random.

44mins gone, Devils are threatening for more goals...

Now Hull are called for icing at 44:39!

Devils haven't eased up at all. Hull are practically playing with 5 defense.

Seems it's gone end to end now!

Hull are still struggling to clear their zone, but the game is more end to end.

Devils penalty. Jarvis 2mins hooking at 46:32

Hull powerplay goal, but it's been washed out for some reason.

Goal disallowed, score remains at 1-7.

Devils penalty at 48:00. Silverthorn 2mins delay of game

Devils are 3on5 for 32seconds :(

Jarvis penalty killed!

Hull penalty at 49:31. Kostadine 2mins delay of game.

Devils penalty at 49:31. MacIver 2mins delay of game.

How on earth can 2 players get delay of game penalties at the same time!?

29 seconds of 3on4 against the Devils now.

Silverthorn penalty killed.

Devils penalty at 51:07. Teplitsky 2mins crosschecking.

My texts are arriving out of order now, so apologies for any errors.

Myers makes an ace save at 51:32.

Hull player goes down after taking a shot from his own team mate!

All penalties killed. *I think*

Ooooooh. Davies glances the pipes. Come on Davies, 1 more for a hat trick!

Confirmed, all penalties killed for both teams. It's amazingly back to 5on5


Voth hits #27 with a rather fetching pink number but Hull look like they're under orders not to fight.

Devils penalty at 55:29. Voth 2+2 roughing + 10min misconduct.

Crowd were going nuts with Voth.

Elich playing the 'dump and don't chase' to kill the penalty. Come on Devils!

And we enter the final 2mins of play!

Unfortunately i've no idea who Hull #27 is, the Stingrays site doesn't give roster numbers...

3mins of penalty gone, Devils have had more shots shorthanded than Stingrays have had with 5players

#27 for the Stingrays is Kostadine.

And we're into the final minute of play! Come on Devils!


MacIver drops the gloves with Thompson!

Texter reports not much of a fight :(

Devils penalty at 59:15. MacIver 5mins fighting.

MacIver receives 5mins fighting + game penalty at 59:15.

MacIver had 2+5 for fighting + game for instigating

And that's it, the DEvils win 1-7 in Hull. Standby for man of match announcements.

Well at least MacIver only had game, rather than match penalty :)

Texter confused by man of match prize. "It looks like bondage gear"

Latulippe is the Devils man of the match.

Esders man of the match for the Stingrays!

And that's it from myself, don't forget to join us for next weekends home fixture!