Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 2 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for the crucial game at Sheffield where the Steelers & DEVILS battle it out for the League title

With a busy day of sport in front of us culminating in the game at the House of Rust an early call for predictions/comments was deemed appropriate

SEnd them to me (OJ) at

Lets hope the Devils have had a lie in this morning followed by a gentle skate

Tension is building less that 60mins to face off

Russky predicts a 4 point weekend

Brian Parker predicts a Devils win by 2 goals

warmup completed

Robert T calls it 5-3 to devils

Christine & Neil Piggott (Luke's parents) wish the Devils well to a well deserved league title

Phil R says it will bne a 4 pont weekend starting wit a 4-2 win tonight

Texters are in position and as nervous as the rest of us

Lights are dimmed

Devils come onto the ice

DEVILS are in WHITE just like the Cup Final

Darnell & Dan Boardman are refs

Good crowd in the Rusty Shed

Steelers intros

On texting duty tonight are Colin & Gerald from Cardiff, Maria from Doncaster and KettDevil (Peter) from Bedford

Two home based Devils fans and two away Devils fans

1 minute applause for Amy Usher who died this week

In fact a 1 minute silence followed by applause


200+ RED ARMY members have made the trip

Its Michael Hicks wearing Boardman's number

Puck dropped

Ben Bowns covers

Steelers icing

gametime 1:10

Ben Bowns tips Eddy shot wide

Puck out of play Face off in the Steelers zone

Gametime 2:09

Unice save from Joey Martin

Chris Culligan shoots just wide

Matthew Myers offide @ 3:50

A bit of pressure from Devils

Fretter shoots high

Jason Hewitt & Doug Clarkson having words

Gametime 6:44

Cagey opening by both teams

Devils icing

Ben Bowns covers

No change in devils lineup tonight

Steelers icing

8 minutes gone

Come on U DEVILS lets get that 1st goal

Steelers offside

Unice knocks his net off as Devils have a 2 on 1

Steelers icing @ 10:30

Rodney Sarich trip not called


Carl Hudson with 13th of the season

@ 10:39

Assists Jake Morissette & Andrew Lord

Gametime 11:22

Unice saves from Andrew Lord

Unice saves from Andrew Hotham

Brent Walton shoots high

Ben Bowns glove save

Face off in the Devils zone

great back checking by Markku Tahtinen

Brent Walton shot wide ' 13:25

Puck out of play

Ben Bowns glove save

Ben Bowns covers

Great glove save by Ben Bowns

@ 15:57

Steelers pressure

Devils breakout Haddad shoots wide

Gametime 17:44

Referees letting this game flow

It was 16:44 not 17:44

Now 16:49

Big hit by Hay on Andrew Lord

Final minute

Face off in the Steelers zone

End of 1st period Steelers 0 DEVILS 1

KettDevil says - definitely not one for the purists but will take a 1-0 period

Devils back

2nd period starts

Ben Bowns saves from Hill @ 21:40

Two big saves by Ben Bowns

Steelers all fired up early in 2nd


Come on U DEVILS get into this period

Gametime 24:15

Legue shoots Bowns saves

Steelers now doing a more aggressive forechecking game

Steelers offside


Steelers goal

It was intense pressure from Steelers

Teddy Toss

Scored by Robert Dowd @ 27:19

assist Mosienko

Pressure from Steelrs was equivalent to a Steelers PP

Game restarts

additional assist for Phillips

Puck out of play @ 27:34

Andrew Hotham just wide

Come on U DEVILS

Jake Morissette shot @ 28:59 saved

Unice saves from Carl Hudson

Joey Martin hits post

Devils pressure

Unice having to make big saves

Gametime 30:33

Joey Haddad shoots wide @ 31:26

Doug Clarkson shot deflected

Unice covers @ 32:01

Devils pumping up the pressure

Andrew Hotham has possession in Steelers zone but cannot get a shot away

Moseinko shoots wide

KettDevil thinks next goal will win this

Gametime 34:29

Steelers icing

@ 34:57

Doug Clarkson gets away with a hook

Matthew Myers shot saved

Hill shoots wide

Face off in the Devils zone

Big save Unice from Jake Morissette

Gametime 38:18

Steelers offsideFace off in the Steelers zone

Steelers penalty @ 38:58

Colton Fretter 2 minutes for holding

Final minute

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG now - please

20 secs left

End of 2nd period Steelers 1 DEVILS 1

Maria says - its been very tense and close anf she is dreading the 3rd period. She has no idea which way it's gonna go

ridiculously tense says KettDevil

Russky says Devils have to step up on the physicality and intensity if they want to win this game

If we get more physically I cannot foretell what the refs will do

SoG Steelers 9+11: DEVILS 6+12

Devils will start 3rd period with 58 secs PP

Come on U DEVILS you can do it

Devils back on ice


Steelers back as well

3rd period starts with DEVILS PP

Steelers Full strength

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone @ 41:25

Ben Bowns saves

Chris Jones hurt

After brave block @ 42:44

Helped to bench

Ben Bowns glove save


Steelers goal

Jeff Legue scores Steelers 2nd

@ 43:44

Assist Phil Hill

Come on U DEVILS

Joey Haddad shoots wide

Chris Culligan tripped no call

Big save Unice

another Unice save

Gametime 47:30

Jake Morissette clears zone

Steelers pressure

Matthew Myers tips over @ 49:12

Chris Culligan hit by puck

He is OK

9 minutes left

Matthew Myers has two quick shots

Devils offside

Gametime 52:03

gametime 53:30

Carl Hudson shoots over @ 54:14

5 minutes to go

4 minutes left

gametime 56:15

Gametime 56:30

Gametime 56:36

Matthew Myers shot @ 57:42

Face off in the Steelers zone

Final 2 minutes

Gametime 58:40

Final minute

Ben Bowns lifted

Devils TIME OUT @ 59:05

Face off in the Steelers zone

Game restarts

Final score Steelers 2 DEVILS 1

Steelers win the League

By my reckoning DEVILS will be seeded 4th in play off and will face Belfast Giants

Maria is devastated as arethe rest of us

Our thanks to texters Maria, KettDevil, Gerald & Colin

Devils MoM - BEN BOWNS

Steelers MoM - Robert Dowd

Join us on MNL tomorrow night when a full house at the BBT will I am sure show their appreciation for the effort put in by the team this season.

Just think about what we were like 12 months ago