Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 3 Edinburgh Capitals

Welcome to MNL as the Devils seek those all important 2 points when the Capitals visit the BBT

Join me from around 7pm for full uninterrupted coverage

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Warmup in progress

It looks like no Jesse Mychan

Kimberley L 4-3 to Devils

Roger in Penarth predicts a 5-2 win for Devils

13 skaters for Capitals

Stingrays v Blaze delayed

Confirmed that Jesse Mychan is not icing

Warmup completed

Sparse crowd tonight compared to previous weeks but still much larger than what we would have had for a mid week game against the Capitals in previous years

Everyone will have to shout louder

Cornwall taffy predicts a 7-2 scoreline in favour of the DEVILS

Richard P B has got carried away with a 10-0 victory for Devils, 6-0 after 1 period

Why there is a delay to the 7pm face off at Hull I do not know.

A pity because if Stringrays win then Capitals are cooked no matter the score in cardiff

Officials on the ice

No Jordan Steel for Capitals

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Game at Hull now underway 30 minutes late

Anthem time

Puck dropped

No Kyle Flemington for Capitals

1:30 gone uneventful so far

Glove save Tomas Hiadlovsky

gametime 2:03

Jake Morissette shoots high from an Andrew Lord feed

Ref is Stefan Hogarth

Tomas Hiadlovsky beats away good shot by Chris Culligan @ 4:08

Puck out of play @ 4:32

After good Devils pressure

Andrew Hotham tries wraparound @ 4:56

Two good saves by Tomas Hiadlovsky

All Devils at the moment

Gametime 5:12


Markku Tahtinen with his 3rd of the season

Assits for Joey Haddad

Devils opening goal was @ 5:26


Matthew Myers I think

Apologies big guy goal scored by Doug Clarkson his 19th @ 6:41

Assist for Brent Walton

Chris Culligan shot saved by Tomas Hiadlovsky

All Devils at the moment, in fasct its been like that from the start

Devils have started this game in overdrive, they mean business

Devils icing @ 9:00

Tomas Hiadlovsky saves frpm Doug Clarkson @ 9:08

Capitals goal

@ 9;16

Breakaway goal after defensive cockup

Greg Collins unassisted


@ 10;02

Andrew Lord shot tipped in by Capitals D

That will be Andrew Lord's 24th of the season

Apologies goal given to Joey Martin (25th) assist Lord

Capitals GOAL

@ 10:53

scored by Jade Portwood assist Dennis Rix

Wake up Devils take a leaf from the Welsh rugby team - DEFENCE, DEFENCE

2nd assist on Capitals 2nd goal for Greg Collins

Tomas Hiadlovsky covers @ 12:34


Matthew Myers (17th) assist Brent Walton

Gametime 16:30

Devils 4th goal was @ 15:29 2nd assist for Doug Clarkson

Capitals icing @ 17:49

No assist for Brent Walton on Devils 4th goal

Texters think there should be!!

Tomas Hiadlovsky covers @ 18:54

Final minute

Gametime 19:31

0-0 at Hull at first interval

End of 1st period DEVILS 4 Capitals 2

Devils started well, took their foot of the gas allowing Capitals back into game

Sundays final league game against the Panthers might sell out tonight - only 45 standing tickets left

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 20 Capitals 5

We should have invited Shaun Edwards into the Devils dressing room for a Defence Master Class

Shaun in the dressingroom would be more frightening than PAUL HEAVEY

When Heaves lost it Taffy and I would go out of the room

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Teams back on ice

Doesn't like the Pound symbol does it

"nd period starts

Devils icing


Tomas Hiadlovsky covers @ 20:37

Tomas Hiadlovsky hit in the mask by a Tyson Marsh wrist shot

Finally covers the puck

I though the referee should whistle when that happens

Andrew Hotham tries to lob the Capitals goalie from Devils end Tomas Hiadlovsky dislodges net as he scrambles to catch puck

Mark Richardson shoots directly at Tomas Hiadlovsky

Andrew Lord shot deflected high @ 22:00

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for hooking @ 23:23


Good double save by Ben Bowns

26 sec left of devils PK

Devils Full strength

Chris Jones goes close after good work by Brent Walton


Joey Martin with his 25th of the season

@ 26:25

Assists Andrew Hotham & Andrew Lord

Gametime 31:20

Lots of DEVILS pressure

Chris Culligan attempts wraparound but Capitals net dislodged

Mark Richardson full length dive foils Capitals

Carl Hudson stops a Jarolin breakaway

Capitals with some decent pressure

Gametime 16:00

Joey Haddad shot saved by Tomas Hiadlovsky @ 36:34

Devils now camped in Capitals zone with less than 3 minutes left in period

Capitals offside @ 37:40

Still 0-0 at Hull after 2 periods

Penalties for Andrew Hotham & Greg Collins

Collins 2 minutes for holding the stick, Hotham 2 minutes for roughing @ 38:34

Final minute

End of 2nd period DEVILS 5 Capitals 2

If you haven't bought your ticket for Sunday you better book them very very quick only a few standing tickets left

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 12 Capitals 5 making it 32-10 after 2 periods

Tonights crowd a very decent 1,822

Devils v Panthers on Sunday has become the hottest ticket in town

If you are ticketless you will have to join us here at MNL

Remember to get hold of RED ARMY TRAVEL if you want to go to Sheffield on Saturday

The team needs as much support as possible in the House of Rust

take your water wings with you I would hate you to drown in the tears shed that night by the Steelers

Capitals return to the ice

Lets hope that the shedding of tears will have taken place at Nottingham on Friday night

Devils return to the ice

Game restarts

Dennis Rix hits post

Both teams return to FS

Tomas Hiadlovsky glove save from Andrew Hotham


I want a goal U DEVILS

Now its the DEVILS turn to hit the pipework

Ben Bowns glove save

Gametime 43:46

Tension at Hull must be imense as Stingrays need a single point to qualify for play-offs - still 9-0 after 45 minutes

Gametime 46:44

Lets have a goal U DEVILS to settle our stomachs

Joey Martin lets have a goal from you as Brent Walton has scored one more than you

Capitals penalty @ 48:36 Riley Emmerson 2 minutes for hooking

Devils go close

Jon says - to be fair Capitals are putting in a spirited display

Tomas Hiadlovsky with yet another save

And another save by Tomas H

Gametime 48:36

Apologies 49:36

Capitals Full strength

Another Capitals penalty called Tomas Hiadlovsky 2 minutes for tripping @ 50:56

Thats uncalled for Tomas is tired he couldn't move his leg out of the way

Rene Jarolin sits

Capitals score

A SHG after Carl Hudson giveaway leads to a breakaway @ 51:23

Scored by Greg Collins assist Dennis Rix

Come on U DEVILS get a goal now

Capitals penalty @ 51:44 Daniel Naslund 2 minutes for elbowing

Devils have a 5 on 3 for 1:12

Tomas Hiadlovsky save from Andrew Hotham

23 secs of 5 on 3 remains

Capitals back to 4 skaters

Tomas Hiadlovsky saves from Matthew Myers

Gametime 53;22

Capitals FS

Markku Tahtinen hits post

Capitals battling hard

Trevor Hendrikx shot covered by Tomas Hiadlovsky

Gametime 56:54

Capitals making Devils work hard for the 2 points

Gametime 57:55

Tomas Hiadlovsky stops a Tyson Marsh bullet

Face off in the Capitals zone @ 58:26

Hull secure point as game goes into O/T

Capitals icing @ 58:52

Capitals cannot qualify for Playoffs if they lose

Final minute

TIME OUT - Capitals

Tomas Hiadlovsky pulled

RED ARMY chants ring out


Jake Morissette with 26th of the season

Final score DEVILS 6 Capitals 3

Jake Morrisette unassisted @ 59:35

Correction assist now given to Joey Martin


Our thanks to Rachael, Jon J and Nigel who did their usual brilliant job

Join me on Saturday night as we cover the crucial game in Sheffield