Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 3 Sheffield Steelers

Join me (Steve) from 5:20ish for usual biased comment and banter and to gain sweet revenge over the sore losers and childish Steelers

and of course don't forget to get your predictions in to me

Russ who thought he was going to be on steward duty has had a change of plan and is tuning into MNL instead, predicts a fired up Devils to gain revenge for the humiliation in the week

Jesse not icing all suited and booted on the bench

thanks to ellis for that info

Dave who is currently laid up in Llandough waiting for spinal surgery in the morning doesn't care what score is as long as we win, good luck for tomorrow Dave

warm up done

quiet on predictions

the BBT is starting to rock, remember its our City, its Our Rink and its our Ice, get out there and grind them into the ground you Devils

Devils are on the Ice

Squealers come out late to jeers from packed crowd

Teams intros taking place

Anthem time

Soph Griffiths thinks it will be a very close game but doesnt say who will win!!

Cornwall Taffy says a 4-2 win in a feisty encounter

Off we go

Steelers offside 1.12

Unice moving net off before any pressure hes scared

Batch with casual bck hand from behind net rescued by Bowns

puck out of play Devils end

Steelers Goal Roy

goal @2.44

defensive mistake by Devils Roy from Fretter and Forney


Jake Morissette @3.32 get in great finish

assist from Richardson excellent break and Jake at back door, that is Morrissettes 100th point as a Devil

add assist to Hotham too

Batch sits for 2 but looked a clean hit

dopey Darnell calls the 2 for boarding


short handed Joey Martin @5.14

assisted by Morrissette

Eddy shoots but Bownsey saves

Unice appeared to knock in Devils second after making initial save

All Devils at the mo

Lord takes a shot to the unmentionables

8:31 Marku shot Unice save 8.31

8:31 Hudson shot unice saves at 5 hole

Bowns covers a board bounce @9:16



why was i using caps ??

Assist by Hudson

Clarkson shot Unice manages to hold on without knocking net off !!

Myers lands big hip check on Eddy

Haddad shoots Unice just gets his toe to it

Outstanding save Bowns

13:45 gone

Mosienko penalty who takes a dive

Darnell calls the pen Mosienko throws a strop and Fights Batch

pens coming

Mosienko gets 2 for charging,2 for slashing somehow Hendrikx gets 2 for roughing

eyelash repair kit called for by steelers bench

one minute killed

Steelers full strength

Hendrikx and mosienko return 18:12

Roy now trying to be tough guy he only wishes he could after reading comics when he was a kid

Sarich gets 2 for cross-checking @19:16

trying to establish if it was cross-checking or cross-dressing !!

first period over Cardiff Devils 3 girly steelers 1

Devils playing with controlled aggression Steelers struggling to contain us

Just had a friendly message from a disgruntled Steelers fan, fairplay I never realised my head looked like one lol

here we go for the 2nd period

23 seconds gone in the second period and GGGOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL

Brent Walton Assisted by Haddad and Hotham

That was a powerplay goal


Hewitt checks Hendrikx to head Hendrikx "explains the rules" !!

Ref ignores reason for fight

Hendrikx gets 2 + 2 for roughing must have been a one man fight !!

24:14 Bowns covers

Steelers struggling to get 2 passes together on powerplay

Devils fs really well played on penalty kill

Unice glove save

C.J. gets shift

Myers watlzes through Steelers defence and GGOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLL

goal shows Myers from Haddad and Clarkson 26:47

I think Unice is shot needs replacing

Roy offside 28:50

Hill shot Bowns save 30:41

Unice net off !!

Mosienko with half break mishandles as he goes for pass

Unice net off again

Steelers time out

Game restarts

Steelers miss golden opportunity

according to steelers fans time out message was dump and chase

not my words Steve (steeler fan)

Unice kicks out at Morrissette and like everything else tonight he missed!!

Steelers offside 36:57

Awesome save by Bownsd followed up by Devils chance final minute

End of second Devils 5 Steelers 1

right tight disciplined final period required

network problems from rink

2 mins of break left steelers are back on ice, either G has given up or ran out of ways to say dump and chase

Game restarts

into 3rd at braehead caps one up

Steelers Goal

Roy from Forney and Hay @40.51 short handed

Steelers pen was Phillips 2 minutes for holding

Steelers full strength

43.01 Unice covers

Edinburgh 2 up

nothing happening


46:11 your player coach Andrew Lord from Morrissette and Richardson

BBT chant is Championes

bit premature but eh oh

Devils icing 49:29

gametime 51:00

Clan pp with 2:19 to go sorry for having one eye on that game

Braehead score


Roy dives after skating alongside clarkson, Darnell buys dougie in the bin, then Dougie gets thrown out, Roy now escorted to box

Lord annihilates Phillips they went down together Phillips got up and punched Lord whilst he was face down

right heres the pens--- Roy 2 minutes for roughing roughing Dougie 5 +game for butt ending, Lord 5+game for fighting and Phillips 5 + game for fighting

steelers score on powerplay, Forney gets it

still 2:33 on powerplay

5 Minutes left

Morrissette breakaway saved by Unice

55:37 Forney nasty hit on Hotham

Forney thrown out

Five plus game high sticks it was

if anybody finds halo give it to steelers as theirs has slipped

Hill sits the pen

Steelers offside 55:52

56:14 Devils icing

apparantly Braehead have lost

Devils fs

Final 2 mins

Steelers net kicked off as Devils score

goal washed out

final minute bryan adams rings out

Chants of RED ARMY

Devils WIN 6-3

Awaiting MOM'S

Steelers MOM Roy

Colby Walton entertaining the crowd at the Mo

Devils MOM Joey Martin

and well deserved too

thank you all for tuning in tonight even Stephen Rickwood up in Sheffield don't forget the huge weekend next week and join OJ, Good Night God bless