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Sheffield Steelers 11 - 0 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL join me (OJ) from around 6:45 as we bring you coverage of the Devils game against the Steelers

After to tiumph in the Cup Final on Sunday the two teams lock horns once again seeking those vital league points.

Score predictions to

Warmup in progress

Brian Parker back in Calgary says Devils will win by 3 goals, totally focused and well prepared for the task

Highlights of Steelers v Giants being shown at the Rusty House

No mention of CC Final - I wonder why

The Ingram family of Aberdare predict a 3-1 Devils win

Aberdare is dominating this edition of MNL as AberdareDevil is on texting duty at Sheffield along with Maria who is currently making her way from Doncaster.

The small but elite detachment of the RED ARMY who have traveled to Sheffield are armed with a "Challenge Cup Champions" banner

Warmup finished

Shane in Porthcawl calls it 4-2 Devils

Roger predicts a bad tempered game and a narrow win for Devils

If you are intending to go to Sundays game against the Steelers you better get your ticket quick, there are only about 50 seats left plus standing tickets

If you are intending to go to Sundays game against the Steelers you better get your ticket quick, there are only about 50 seats left plus standing tickets

Tomas Petruska is a scratch for the Steelers, Devils unchanged from Sunday

Matthew M thinks Devils will win 2-1 with some fisticuffs in game

James H goes for 5-4 in favour of Devils and tells us to keep an eye out for Andrew Hotham & Cullen Eddy

Ice is ready

Megan & Pat call it a repeat of Sunday 2-1

A Steelers fan Jack has come to our aid and will give a home view of events

Flag bearers on the ice. Black out

Devils take to the ice

RED ARMY estimated to be 15 strong

Enough to hold up the banner

RED ARMY bolstered by a Blaze fan

Few few more RED ARMY member now arrived, just because JohnWildthing says in the bar until the last minute - hes taught them well

Few few more RED ARMY member now arrived, just because JohnWildthing says in the bar until the last minute - hes taught them well

I wonder how well they can sing the Welsh Anthem

Refs are Hicks & Darnell

Anthem time

Devils fans sing Anthem, whilst "We are gonna win" is played

Puck dropped

Plenty of Steelers pressure

Good save by Ben Bowns

All Steelers at the moment

1:30 played

Steelers icing @ 2:05

Matthew Myers is icing

Steelers goal

@ 3:26

Scored by Cullen Eddy

Assisted by Phillips & Mosienko

Steelers penalty Dustin Kohn 2 minutes for slashing @ 4:50

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Big save by Unice

Cullen Eddy throwing his weight around

cross-checking was the cal on Kohn not slashing

Steelers Full strength

Devils not in this game so far, Steelers hit post at 8 minute mark

Aberdare Devils says Devils PP was not up to their usual standard

Face off in the Steelers zone

Devils seem to be tired as they are slow

Lord/Morisette/Martin line seem to have a lot of ice time

Steelers offside @ 9;59

Words being exchanged between benches

Doug Clarkson & Phillipa Hill have words

Hill seems to want a piece of Clarkson

Another Steelers icing @ 12:15


Ben Bowns denies Steelers as Colton Fretter drives the net

Devils are starting to get into game

Steelers penalty Legue 2 minutes for slashing

@ 13:28

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG - please

devils cannot set it up in Steelers zone

18 secs of PP left

Steelers Full strength

Sheffield goal

Mathieu Roy on a breakaway

Poor line change by Devils

assists Forney & Hay

Steelers 2nd goal was @ 15:42

Big pad save by Unice

Devils icing @ 18:03

Ben Bowns save @ 18:15

Ben Bowns glove save @ 18:32

Final minute

Steelers icing @ 19:25

End of 1st period Steelers 2 DEVILS 0

Jack's period report - Score reflects the game. Very dominant and comfortable period for Steelers. Much like the Devils on Sunday. Steelers are better physically, their forecheck has been great and they seem to be up for it. They look like a team that has had the biggest bollocking of their life. Still 40 minutes to go so anything can happen. It was great to watch but Devils seem very average at present. Too many beers maybe

SoG Steelers 7 DEVILS 9

A view of the game confirmed by Ian Edwards

The SoG was the other way round Steelers 9 DEVILS 7

Officials back on ice

Steelers back on ice

So are Devils

2nd period starts

Come on U DEVILS lets get into this game before its too late

Steelers icing @ 21:22

Big glove save by Unice @ 21:36

A much better start by Devils says Maria

Steelers goal

Fretter @ 23:52

Jack says Devils don't seem interested!!!!

Goal given to Roy assists Fretter & Forney

Steelers goal

Robert Dowd skated from his own zone and beat Ben Bowns over his shoulder

Ben Bowns lifted and replaced by Mike Will

Dowd's goal was unassisted @ 25:33

Devils look shellshocked

RED ARMY chanting "We are going to win 5-4"

Maria says as soon as we get near Steelers blue line we lose possession

Steelers rampant says Jack, devils don't look bothered


Steelers total domination without too much effort

Gametime 30;03

Devils having more possession

Couple of saves by Unice

Steelers penalty Robert Dowd 2 minutes for boarding @ 31:09

1:29 left in Devils PP

Handbags between Matthew Myers & Rodney Sarich

Steelers FS

Gametime 36:04 as Unice covers

Aderdare Devils says Devils need a goal or FIVE

Devils having their best period of the games says Jack

Hewitt breakaway denied

Steelers icing @ 36:37


Unice pad save

Good save Mike Will @ 38:05

Steelers penalty - Fretter @ 38:50 2 minutes for slashing

Lets get a PPG u DEVILS

Final minute

End of 2nd period Steelers 4 DEVILS 0

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 7 Devils 12 making it 16-19 after 2 periods

Looks odd but I am only reporting what I have been told

Teams back on ice

Another chorus of "We are going to win 5-4"

3rd period underway

Devils start with 50 secs of PP

Steelers 3rd goal now credited to Fretter

Steelers Full strength

Great save by Mike Will

save Unice @ 43:10

Come on U DEVILS

Devils hit post

Steelers offside

Gametime 43:35

Steelers Goal

Robert Dowd assists Cullen Eddy & Tyler Mosienko

@ 43;52

Steelers goal

scored by Forney assists Roy & Fretter

@ 45:42

Steelers goal

@ 46:31

That time Out is long overdue

Finally Devils TIME OUT

Steelers 7th goal scored by Hewitt assists Legue & Hill

Mike Will save @ 47:18

7th goal was @ 46:31

We want 1 goal is the new Chant

Gametime 49:04


Tyson Marsh v Rodney Sarich

easy win for the captain

Penalties Sarich 5 minutes for fighting

Marsh 5 minutes for fighting & 2 + 10 for instigating

Mike Will save @ 50:45

Luke Piggott sitting Marsh's 5+2

Clarkson & Thomas fight

Not really Thomas turtled

Doug Clarkson ejected with Game penalty

@ 52:25

Tyson Marsh leaves game as well - probably because of his 10+5+2 being longer than remaining time

Matthew Myers 2 minutes for roughing; Doug Clarkson 2 minutes for slashing + 5 minutes for fighting + GAME

Steelers goal @ 52:52

That was a PPG

Devils back to 4 skaters

Steelers 8th goal scored by Roy assist Dowd

@ 53;31

Andrew Hotham now ejected

Steelers score

Andrew Hotham got 5 + GAME for slashing

at the sametime Trevor Hendrikx got 2 + 2 for roughing

steelers 9th goal scored by Forney assists Roy & Mosienko

Cullen Eddy now penalised 2 minutes for roughing

Glove save Mike Will @ 54:29

It would appear that not much thought has gone in to how to play this game when it was obvious that Steelers would be up for it

Steelers goal

I am embarrassed reporting this game

Scored by Legue assists by Hay & Hewitt @ 55:32

A PPG if you are interested

Steelers offside @ 56:44

Steelers goal

@ 57:47

that goal gives Robert Dowd a hattrick

Assist Jonathan Phillips

Devils FS

Final minute


Final score Steelers 11 DEVILS 0

Carl Hudson given GAME at end

Handshakes uneventful

What a load of rubbish - no other words can describe what has been served up by DEVILS tonight

Devils MoM - yes there was one awarded goes to BRENT WALTON

Devils booed by Steelers fans off the ice

Maria points out that after the last Cup win we conceded 12 goals to the Capitals

Steelers MoM - Robert Dowd

Why we didn't play a totally negative defensive game I will never know. The Devils can do that as they have shown in games where they have defended slender leads as if their lives depended on it.

Our thanks go to Maria and Aberdare Devil and Jack (our Steelers reporter)

Join me on Saturday when the Devils travel to Hull, join me from around 5:30

Steve will be hosting Sunday when the Devils will seek revenge on the Steelers at the BBT