Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 1 - 2 Cardiff Devils

The big day has arrived - Sheffield presently under siege of RED ARMY

Join me (OJ) from around 3:15 for full uninterrupted coverage of the Challenge Cup Final

Score predictions as always to

Comments also welcomed especially from those of you following MNL abroad or even at Sheffield

Quick roundup of my texters and we are ready to go

Nathan M watching the webcast goes for a 5-3 win for the Devils

Waiting for warmup to start

Warmup starts with Steelers on the ice

Devils now make an entrance to "Don't Stop Me Now"

There are at least 50 Steelers fans in Devils section

Probably al;lowed to buy their season ticket seat - so much for neutral venue

Webcast is now live

Slow on the prediction front which is not surprising considering the size of the RED ARMY at Sheffield

Megan & Bailey in Bridgend are going for a 3-2 Devils win

Sussky's prediction is basically DEVILS to lift the Cup

That will do me

Apologies watching tennis GB beaten USA

Flags on ice

No changes to DEVILS squad

Andy G in Exeter thinks Devils will win in O/T

Theresa has everything crossed for a Devils win

Hazel says Devils 6-4, like a few of us wishing she was there

DEVILS take to the ice

Motopoint Arena must be close to a sell out

Nice to have Theresa following MNL as she was one of the originators of the service

Intros underway

Michelle M in Birch River, Manitoba just want the Devils to score 1 goal more than the Steelers

Devils came out en-block, steelers being introduced individually

Steelers in BLACK, DEVILS in WHITE

Ethan Lock (Devils u10) is our mascot

Paul Sullivan sings Welsh National Anthem

Can someone listening to the game on BBS Sheffield send me the link to

jfw surfdesign in Frisco Colorado predicts a Devils victory 4-2

Anthems done

Darnell & Hicks are refs

Puck dropped

Steelers handpass @ 0:30

Brent Walton shoots Unice saves then handbags

Jason Hewitt gets away with high stick

Cagey opening to game

Doug Clarkson dumps puck for a line change

darnell in Devils zone, Hicks up the other end

Andrew Lord & Rodney Sarich exchange @ 2:03

Very choppy, Steelers filling neutral zone - Adams style

3 minutes gone

Carl Hudson goes coast to coast to no avail

Steelers icing @ 4:01

So much for a neutral venue - Steelers songs being played

Mark Richardson shoots high

Unice glove save from Andrew Lord

DEVILS exerting pressure

Robert Dowd offside @ 4:55

Gametime 5:42

Steeler hurt @ 6:14

Medics on ice

Tomas Petruska is the player injured

Steelers 3 on 1 foiled

Andrew Lord goes close

Gametime 7:31

No clear chances to either team

Good save by Ben Bowns

Fprney shot saved @ 8:11

I cannot bear listen to the radio commentary as it seems there is only one team on the ice

Ben Bowns saves from Robert Dowd @ 8:51

Gametime 11;03

Josh Batch pokes checks a Legue breakaway

Andrew Hotham shoots, rebound but cleared by Steelers

Steelers penalty @ 13:20 Jonathan Phillips 2 minutes for slashing

Come on U DEVILS a PPG please

Tripping the call not slashing

Goal Judge put his light no but puck never crossed the line

Devils go very close again

Hewitt clears

Steelers Full strength

Devils penalty @ 15:42 Trevor Hendrikx



Tyson Marsh clears zone

Puck out of play

Andrew Hotham clears

Mark Richardson clears zone


36 secs of PK left

Jake Morissette forces a save from Unice

Devils Full strength

icing @ 17;47 Face off in the Devils zone

Petruska has not reappeared

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone @ 18:01


Final minute

gametime 19:15

Apparently Steelers were penalised at Buzzer

End of 1st period Steelers 0 DEVILS 0

Jeff legue got 2 minutes for interference @ 20:00

Seeking confirmation

I have given up on the radio commentary it is awful

Slashing not interference was the call on Jeff Legue

SoG Steelers 7 DEVILS 9

KettDevils period report reads - great first period., it's war out there, as it should be. DEVILS marginally on top but with refs calling nothing this could be fun.

Devils will have a 2 minute PP at start of 2nd period

Russky the Simms commentary is dire, hardly any mention of the Devils - well it is BBC Sheffield

Come on U DEVILS you had 4 PPG last night so lets be having one

Ice ready awaiting teams

Steelers back on ice

Devils return

2nd period starts



Andrew Lord PPG his 21st of the season

assists Joey Martin & Carl Hudson @ 21:07

Concentrate now U DEVILS keep the Steelers out

Mosienko shoots high


Fantastic goal by Chris Culligan

@ 22:56 assists Trevor Hendrikx & Josh Batch

Time out says by Devils probably by Steelers

That was Chris Culligan 13th goal of the season

Matthew Myers has hurt his wrist

looks bad

Great save by Ben Bowns

Myers hurt in a check from Eddy @ 24:33

Robert Dowd goes close @ 26:10

Lots of pressure from Steelers

Big hit by Andrew Hotham on Hewitt

Steelers offside not called

Gametime 27:30

Matthew Myers might have hurt his shoulder not wrist

Matthew Myers now left the bench and gone to dressing room

Come on U DEVILS

Puck out of play

Gametime 29:01

Ben Bowns glove save

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Steelers camped in Devils zone

Joey Haddad backhand goes inches wide

Good glove save Unice

@ 30:32

Jonathan Phillips shot saved by Ben Bowns @ 31:15

Birbraer's Clan wishes the Devils luck

Luke Piggott taking shifts in Matthew Myers absence

And Chris Jones also icing

CJ & Luke sharing the shifts

Puck out of play @ 34:17

Face off in the Steelers zone


Markku Tahtinen offside @ 35:05

great poke checking by Devils stopping Steelers breakaway

Unice glove save @ 36:49

Ben Bowns glove savbe @ 37:18

Gametime 38:35

unice coughs up a rebound Joey Martin misses puck

Unice saves from Joey Haddad

12 secs remain in period

End of 2nd period Steelers 0 DEVILS 2

End of 2nd period Steelers 0 DEVILS 2

KettDevils period report - Steelers look one dimensional, Devils dangerous, If Steelers don't go to Plan B, they will lose

What Plan B they are coached by Gerad Adams the single plan coach.

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 7 DEVILS 8 making it 14-17 after 2 periods

Steelers back on ice

Liam says Devils playing really well, , If they get the next goal game is ours

Devils back as well

3rd period starts


Joey Martin shot deflected wide

Matthew Myers is back

And icing

Joey Haddad goes very close

Unice saves @ 41:52

Dump and chase, get frustrated when it doesnt work Steelers (& Adams) in a nutshell

Ben Bowns save


Another Ben Bowns save

Gametime 42:47

Devils icing

Lets have that next goal U DEVILS

Steelers offside @ 44:23

Great save Ben Bowns

Lots of Steelers pressure

Gametime 45:16

Matthew Myers has left the ice again

Gametime 45:55

Matthew Myers gone to dressing room

Robert Dowd shoots wide @ 46:56

Gametime 47:30

Unice kicks off net

Jeff legue falls over @ 47:48

Steelers go close

Joey Martin gets shot away after great work by Chris Jones

Unice save @ 48:43

Devils penalty @ 50:35 Tyson Marsh 2 minutes for delay of game


1:20 left in Devils PK

Big Steelers pressure

Fantastic glove save Ben Bowns

52 sec left in PK

Michael Forney shot saved

Ben Bowns saves again

2 secs left

Devils Full strength

Steelers Goal

Cullen Eddy the scorer

Devils challenge goal

@ 52:38

Bowns unsighted on shot from blueline

Evenhanded goal

Come on U DEVILS

Gametime 53:55

Ben Bowns saves again

Gametime 54:08

Unice glove save

Steelers offside

Ben Bowns @ 55:06

Face off in the Steelers zone

Steelers offside

gametime 55:52

Doug Clarkson double block

Jason Hewitt going after Brent Walton

Gametime 56:11

Gametime 57:30

Final 2 minutes

Gametime 58:10

Unice pulled

30 secs left

Steelers offside

27 secs left

RED ARMY bringing the roof down

Steelers TIME OUT

@ 59:33

Game restarts


Now told 4 secs left

Cullen Eddy going nuts


Brilliant stuff says KettDevils the good days are back

We win the Cup - who would have believed it 12 months ago

Steelers have left the ice without their runnersup medals

Awaiting news on MoM

SoG for 3rd period Steelers 12 DEVILS 5 making a game total of 26-22

No MoM awarded so far, DEVILS getting their medals and Cup

Thats one trophy in the bag just six more league win to land the League title

Join me on Wednesday night as the DEVILS travel to Sheffield again, this time in league action

Thansks go to texters Jon J, Colin, KettDevil, Gerald and newbie Liam