Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 2 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL as Devils return to league action against our celtic cousins the Belfast Giants

Score predictions welcomed to

Join me (OJ) from around 5:30 for full - hopefully uninterrupted coverage

Pat calls it 5-2 to Devils

Russky just says - DEVILS WIN

Warmup in progress at BBT

We haven't got Mike Hicks with us tonight - as he is in Coventry

Warmup finished

Very quiet on the prediction front

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Hazel in Southend calls it 4-2 to Devils

Anne MacShane says Giants will win 4-2, Also wants to say hello to Zara, a big Giants fan who is following tonights game with us here at MNL

David I am waiting to see who the referee is

Giants on the ice

Followed by the DEVILS

Steve says 5-3 Devils

Refs are Dean Smith & Stefan Hogarth

Texters are now in position

Still no Jesse Mychan

Anthem time on Dydd Gwyl Dewi

Its 1-1 at Coventry between Blaze & Steelers

Its a Sell Out or very close at BBT

Face off delayed as repairs to ice needed

Advertising board removed

Puck dropped

Giants icing

Very end to end


Matthew Myers with his 15th of the season

Assist Tyson Marsh @ 1:43

Matthew Myers flattens Adam Keefe in Devils zone and scores up the other end

Chubak glove save from Joey Martin @ 2:36

Giants upping pressure

Mark Richardson attempts hip check a la Trevor Hendrikx

Adam Keefe levels Andrew Hotham

its physical

Doug Clarkson shot flicked away by Chubak

Giants icing @ 4:35

Devils offside

Kevin Westgarth falls over

Darryl Lloyd swipes at Trevor Hendrikx who goes on to hit Westgarth harder

Great save Chubak

Face off in the Giants zone

Tyson Marsh shot blocked

Calvin Elfring moaning at refs already

Evan Cheverie penalty ' 7:19 2 minutes for tripping

Chubak covers after 19 secs of PP

Great save Chuback from Carl Hudson shot

40 secs of PP remains

Face off in the Giants zone

Puck out of play

Face off in the Giants zone

@ 9:14

Giants Full strength

Devils getting the better of the play so far

Joey Martin unlucky with deke effort

Ben Bowns covers

Giants trying to land lots of hits

Devils penalty called

Markku Tahtinen 2 minutes for holding @ 10:57


Devils clear zone

Ben Bowns kicks puck away then covers

Giants Goal

A PPG for Giants @ 11:55

Evan Cheverie assist Colin Shields

Good save Ben Bowns

gametime 13:06

Giants icing

Teams are cancelling each other - no clear chances

Big hit by Joey Haddad

Adam Keefe chirps at Joey Haddad

Giants David Phillips 2 minutes for boarding @ 15:11

Bad hit on Doug Clarkson by Phillips

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Giants penalty Robby Sandrock 2 minutes for hooking @ 16:13

DEVILS 5 on 3


A PPG whilst on 5 on 3

Brent Walton (26th)

Devils now have a 1:24 PP

Assists Carl Hudson & Joey Haddad

Chubak covers

Cuback saves from Joey Martin

Giants FS

Ben Bowns saves @ 18:38

Final minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Giants 1

Devils 2nd goal given to Joey Haddad (25th) assists Brent Walton & Carl Hudson

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Cardiff will be rocking that as Wales take on Ireland.

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 12 Giants 7

2nd period underway

Massive scrable in front of Ben Bowns

BBT is rather quiet tonight - game needs a spark

Chubak covers @ 22:50

Trevor Hendrikx clears bouncing puck from Devils zone

Sawada hit on Andrew Lord

Tony T says this game could go either way

Come on U DEVILS dominate

Giants offside @ 23:32

Adam Keefe looses an edge and spins to the ice

at that moment he was attempting a hit on Tyson Marsh

Ben Bowns covers, shoving contest between Tyson Marsh & Darryl Lloyd


Giants have upped their game

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone @ 25:27

Adam says little to report

Ben Bowns glove save from Jeff Mason

Trevor Hendrikx levelled by Darryl Lloyd

Still end to end, a lot of D zone turnovers

Ben Bowns covers @ 28:46

Andrew Hotham fails to latch on to Andrew Lord pass

Devils D squad having a solid game

Tyson Marsh hits pipe

Chubak denies Devils after a great sequence of passes @ 31:08

Devils having a lot of time in Giants end

Devils penalty Markku Tahtinen 2 minutes for holding


@ 32:33

A rubbish call says Tony T

Devils called for too meny men

1:26 of 5 on 3 for Giants

@ 33:07

Joey Haddad sits

Tony says there were at least 7

Devils bacvk to 4 skaters

Devils clear zone

Mike Kompon shoots wide

Devils Full strength

Amazing PK by Devils

Mark Richardson & Andrew Hotham gave their all

Lets have a goal U Devils that will hit them hard

Giants icing


A monster goal from Joey Martin (21st)

@ 37:32

Assists Carl Hudson & Tyson Marsh

Deke, deke - Chubak on his backside, Joey buries the biscuit

Gametime 38:10

Texts are coming in out of order

Giants goal @ 38:10

Sawada the scorer, assists Cheverie & Kompon

Final minute

Carl Hudson 2 minutes for boarding

A stupid call Keefe lost his edge Hudson never touched him


Hogarth is totally incompetent

Players from both teams look at him in dismay

Dean Smith over calls no penalty

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Giants 2

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 5 Giants 9 making it 17-16 after 2 periods

Zamboni leaving ice before completing re-surface

She is back on ice - probably had to dump some snow

We don't miss a thing on MNL coverage

Teams back and 3rd period starts

Opening minute all Giants

Puck hits roof of BBT

@ 41:33

Crowd given as 2,041

Ben Bowns covers

Steelers lose 5-3 at Coventry


Tony T has birthday cake - Happy Birthday to Tony Temme


Gametime 46:03

The Temme brothers have been eating cake

Craig Peacock & Joey Martin both get 2 minutes for roughing @ 46:39

Handbags between Andrew Hotham & Ray Sawada

Game has finally developed a bit of an edge

Matthew Myers looking in great form

Both teams FS

South wales Samurai ball hockey club have a tournament in Sheffield next weekend

Haven't the Devils got something in Sheffield that weekend

Tyson Marsh shoots right

Very end to end still

Gametime 50:30

Chubak falls over his own net

Giants penalty David Phillips 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 31:14

Morisette, Lord, Martin, Culligan & Hudson on PP

Puck out of play

1 minute of PP gone

Giants clear zone

30 secs of pp left

Brent Walton shot deflected away from net

Giants Full strength

Trevor Hendrikx just misses on Robinson hit

Josh Batch almost mucks it up in front of Bowns

Ben Bowns covers @ 54:10

Carl Hudson blocks Sawada shot

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

Batch & Westgarth could go any minute

Ben Bowns covers after Mark Richardson mistake

Gametime 56:15

Chris Culligan saves a Devils icing

3 minutes left

Andrew Lord with a 1 on 1 doesn't get his shot away

Tony - Its tight

Chubak cover @ 57:54

Devils cannot get hold of the puck

Chubak lifted

Giants too many men not called

Giants time out @ 58:58

face off outside Devils zone

Game restarts

Chubak gone again

Ben Bowns covers @ 59:41


Devils clear zone

Final Score DEVILS 3 Giants 2

A hard earned 2 points

Tony says Devils MoM should be Myers or Culligan

Giants MoM - Evan Cheverie

Our thanks to texters Adamn & tony Temme, Sharlene and Gerald


Thats all from me, join me next Saturday when the Dundee Stars visit Cardiff Bay