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Cardiff Devils 9 - 4 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL for coverage of the Challenge Cup Semi-Final 2nd leg against the Coventry Blaze

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 for full coverage as the Devils seek their place in the CC Final to take on the Steelers on Sunday 8th March.

Score predictions plus comments to

Tonight our scoreline will show the aggregate score from the 2 legs of the semi-final

Russky says Devils to win

Pat says 4-2 Devils

Robert T says Devils by 2 goals

Laura Mychan calls it 3-2 to Devils ie 7-4 on aggregate

Laura also says Jesse will be back soon, maybe as early as next Sunday

Having a bit of a problem arranging my texters, people i

Now we are OK with Rachael, Jon J and Nigel stepping into the breach

I had intended using Gerald & JohnWildthing but I had overlooked how busy they are going to be with RED ARMY TRAVEL tonight

Warmup in progress

Just another reminder - the above scoreline will show the AGGREGATE SCORE

Warmup completed

OPeration "Goale Windup" has already started

Brian Stewart's goal net being checked and double checked - super glue it I say

William Hill being asked to give odds on the gametime when Brian Stewart dislodges his net for the 1st time

BBT is a riot of noise says Jon j

Lights dimmed

Blaze on the ice

Clappers doing the business as BBT erupts in a crescendo of noise at DEVILS come onto the ice


Plexigirl says Devils by 3 and good work by Taz to ensure Blaze net is secure


No Steven Goertzen for Blaze - concussion

Anthem done

Darnell & Hicks are the referees

Puck dropped

Devils penalty Josh Batch @ 0:19


2 minutes for cross-checking the call

Blaze score

@ 0:59

Jakub Sinder - assist O'Marra

Blaze icing @ 1:05

gametime 2;02

Brian Stewart covers @ 2:18

Come on U DEVILS

Poor offside call by lino

RED ARMY vents its anger at stupid call

Devils penalty Joey Haddad + Blaze penalty Craig Ceson

@ 3:20 both called for roughing

One minute of penalty gone

Good save by Ben Bowns

Both teams Full strength

Gametime 6:30

same lino makes another bad offside call against Devils

Good shot from Joey Martin hits Brian Stewart's helmet

Devils penalty Doug Clarkson 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 7:57


Joey Martin clears zone

Blaze penalty called @ 8:28 - Jorgenson 2 minutes for tripping

Brian Stewart knocks his net off @ 9:18

What took him so long - good job by Taz

1 minute of Blaze penalty killed

Devils Full strength - 30 secs pp

Blaze Full strength

Brian Stewart covers @ 12:13 from Matthew Myers

After the 1st period last week all Devils had to do was not lose a period - so LETS GO DEVILS LETS GO

Blaze penalty Ashlee Tait @ 13:43


Slashing the call

Blaze clear

Andrew Lord gets in the way of a Carl Hudson slap shot

Apologies for loss of coverage MNL has exceeded its bandwidth

Devils goals Martin (15:11), Culligan (16:17) and Myers (17:53)

end of 1st period DEVILS 3 Blaze 1 making it 7-2 on aggregate

Devils will start 2nd period with a 1:58 PP

full details of goals 15:11 Martin (Morissette, Hudson); 16:17 Culligan (Lord, Richarson); 17:53 Myers (Haddad, walton). 1st & 3rd goals were PPG

I can but apologise MNL has exceeded its memory on the server hence the massive delay in uploading messages

We are trying to overcome the problem MNL is too popular for its own good

Ice is ready for 2nd period

Jorgenson got 2 minutes for delay of game @ 19:58

The missing penalty was @ 17:09 Mike Egener 2 minutes for slashing

Blaze FS

Brian Stewart knocked his net off 3 times in that Devils pp

Devils offside

Fingers crossed - the techies might have solved our problem

Blaze goal

Loose puck in front of Ben Bowns buried @ 22;49

O'Marra the scorer assists Jorgensen & Sindel

Blaze penalty @ 23:38 Mike Egener

2 minutes for slashing

Lets get that goal back U DEVILS

Gametime 24:35

1 minute of Devils PP gone

Brian Stewart covers @ 25:29

Pinball passing by Devils but not shooting

Blaze Full strength

Stewart covers @ 26:03

Blaze icing @ 26:08

Jereme Tendler shoots wide

Devils outworking the Blaze at the moment

Do not lose a period U DEVILS

Scramble in front of Brian Stewart

Darnell whistled down the play when the puck was loose

Blaze icing @ 28:40

Blaze score making it 3-3 on night @ 30:30

Blaze 3rd scored by Jereme Tendler assist James Jorgenson

Game is pretty even says Jon J

Blaze icing @ 32;33

Good save Brian Stewart from Carl Hudson

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone @ 34:16

Brian Stewart takes a puck to face mask

He looks hurt

Now he's up and skating about

Gametime 34:25

Blaze penalty @ 35:07 Jereme Tendler 2 minutes for tripping

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Carl Hudson & Mike Egener sit

Devils have 1:49 PP @ 35:18

Hotham 2 minutes for roughing: Egner 2 minutes for slashing + a ten minute misconduct

Ben Bowns save

Blaze Full strength as Tendler returns

Ben Bowns great save from Jereme Tendler

Final minute

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Blaze 3 hence 7-4 on aggregate

2nd assist on Blaze 3rd goal for Ryan O'Marra

Lets have the next goal U DEVILS

Teams back on ice

Come U DEVILS lets put this game to bed

3rd period starts

Gametime 41:14

Blaze offside @ 42:16

Brian Stewart save @ 42;36


Joey Martin with his 20th of the season

Brian Stewart save @ 44:07

Assists Andrew Lord & Jake Morissette @ 43:52

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone @ 44:26

Game score is DEVILS 4 Blaze 3

Devils icing


Brent Walton (25th)

Brent Walton then called for a penalty

It is so noisy at BBT texters cannot hear anything

Walton goal was @ 46:38 assists for Doug Clarkson & Matthew Myers

I am confused Brent Walton & called for roughing rt the sametime 46:38

Devils FS

mostly Devils now at BBT

Backhand shot from Joey Haddad saved by Brian Stewart @ 50:19

Gametime 51:04

Ben Bowns saves from Sindel

Glove save Brian Stewart

Run the clock down you have earned a rest until Sunday

Ben Bowns saves

Gametime 54:25

SoG DEVILS 15+10 Blaze 7+8 making it 25-15 after 2 periods

Markku Tahtinen sits for 2 minutes for delay of game @ 55:48


Rachael says Blaze early shift are leaving the BBT

Devils Full strength

Final 2 minutes

Devils icing

Bring on the Steelers is the RED ARMY chant

Brian Stewart knocks his net off

Red Army Travel travel sales now open send deposits/full payment to 23 adults 14 kids

Luke Piggott penalised 2 minutes for interference

Jake Morissette goes close

Final score DEVILS 5 Blaze 3 DEVILS win 9-4 on aggregate

We are on our way to Sheffield la la la

Blaze MoM - Ryan O'Marra

Our thanks to texters - Rachael, Jon J, Nigel and Gerald - they are almost as good as the team

RED ARMY CHANTS keeping people in Somerset awake


Apologies for the technical problems that ground us to a halt late in the 1st period, thanks to the techies for getting us back on line

Join me next Sunday - Dydd Gwyl Dewi - St Davids Day - when the Belfast Giants dare to make an appearance at the BBT.