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Cardiff Devils 3 - 1 Fife Flyers

Welcome to MNL when the Devils return to the BBT after a string of stirring performances on the road

Tonight we welcome the Fife Flyers to Cardiff Bay

Score predictions to

There are some tickers left and plenty of time for you to get to the BBT. (If you live in SE Wales that is).

If you cannot make tonights game then the 2nd leg of the Challenge Cup semi-final on Wednesday could do with your presence

Join me from around 5:15 for MNL unique hockey coverage

Texters reported in so we are all systems to go as the Devils go for another 2 crucial points

Russky has Devils to win by 2

At least we don't have Darnell & Hicks tonight as they are in Belfast where the Steelers are winning 4-2 at 33:59

If you want to make any comment before face off then email

You can also comment during games but I might be pushed to read/reply

Devils (u16) lost 4-1 at Chelmsford this afternoon. a better performance than what the scoreline suggests. Didn't have much luck I am told

Warmup well under way - in fact only 6 minutes left

Hazel predicts a 6-3 win for Devils

Mychan clan predict a Devils win by 5,

Everyone's asking when Jesse will be back

Pete in Southend thinks Flyers are a bunch of amateurs and Devils will win 6-1

Almost ready at the BBT

best results for us tonight will be home wins for Belfast, Coventry and Dundee and of course the DEVILS

Adam impressed with Nickersons beard

BBT is jumping, Flyers on the ice and Todd on the mike

Welcome home to the BBT for your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Matt Thompson is the referee

Jesse Mychan the only scratch for Devils

Anthem time

Anthems done

Puck dropped

Josh Batch levels a Flyer

Flyers penalty Matt Nickerson 2 minutes for roughing

He stepped up after a perfect hit by Josh Batch

@ 0:48

Kevin Regan save from Andrew Lord

Good PP so far from Devils

Flyers Full strength

Gametime 3:03

Flyers under pressure, its all Devils

Kevin Regan saves from Mark Richardson

Devils playing 4 lines

Doug Clarkson offside

Puck out of play

Face off in the Devils zone @ 4:02

Kevin Regan dislodges net under intense pressure

Gametime 4:36


Joey Haddad scores his 24th of the season @ 5;50

Assist Markku Tahtinen

now 4-4 in Belfast

Its all Cardiff at BBT

5 minutes left at Belfast

another save by Kevin Regan @ 7:02

Flyers struggling to get out of their zone

gametime 9;10

Puck is getting a few silly bounces in Flyers zone

Bobby Chaumont working hard for Flyers

Devils icing @ 11:10

good block by Jake Morissette

Regan saves @ 12:33

Flyers living dangerously says Jon J

Josh Batch has a moustache

Looks like someone in an old porn film

13:24 gone

Flyers are struggling to establish any foothold in this game

Devils penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for holding @ 13;41


O/T at Belfast

Blaze beating Panthers 2-0

Come on U DEVILS

Flyers PP is no threat

Markku Tahtinen breakaway denied

Devils Full strength

Steelers win 5-4 in O/T

Regan saves after great work by Matthew Myers & Doug Clarkson

Mark Richardson denies Ned Lukacevic

Kevin Regan glove save from Brent Walton

gametime 17:45

Chris Culligan goes end to end Regan saves

Gametime 18:03

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

BBT is strangely quiet

17 secs of period left

Face off in the Devils zone

end of 1st period DEVILS 1 Flyers 0

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 14 Flyers 7

Ice is ready, 3 minutes on period break clockCardiff

Come on U DEVILS get into overdrive, score a few goals and then run the clock down - only 72hrs until Wednesdays game

teams back on ice

2nd underway

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for tripping @ 20:19


apologies 20:39Cardiff

Jordan Fulton hits post

Gametime 22:01

great defensive work by Joey Haddad

Up a gear U DEVILS

Devils Full strength

Kevin Regan saves from Andrew Hotham

Puck out of play @ 23:41

Flyers cannot get out of their zone

Could also say DEVILS cannot score

Flyers score

Maybe the Devils will wake up now

Poor pass by Devils led to the goal

Jordan Fulton scored assist Matt Reber @ 24:28

Finally the BBT wakes up

Fife offside

Flyers have found their game

Kevin Regan saves from Andrew Hotham

Chris Culligan having a great game

Gametime 29:44

Flyers penalty Ned Lukacevic

2 minutes for delay of game @ 29:44

Kevin Regan saves

Carl Hudson shoots Regan saves

Puck out of play

Gametime 31:22

Flyers penalty Matt Nickerson 2 minutes for slashing

Joey Haddad also sits

Haddad 2 minutes for slashing< Nickerson 2 minutes for cross-checking

Both at 31:31

Flyers Full strength

Devils have gone off the boil

Kevin Regan saves from Joey Martin

Kevin Regan saves from Matthew Myers

Gametime 37:04

Handbags convention

Matt Nickerson comes flying in to grab Trevor Hendrikx

A flyer dives on Ben Bowns - NO CALL

Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 37:46


Devils net dislodged


Doug Clarkson scores a SHG - his 18th of the season

Scored right on buzzer - official confer


Kevin Regan not happy - poor boy

Not a SHG afterall

Goal scored by Doug Clarkson assists Andrew Hotham & Joey Haddad @ 39:59

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Flyers 1

SoG for 2nd period - DEVILS 12 Flyers 5 - making it 26-12 after 2 periods

No messing about lets score that next goal U DEVILS

Teams back

3rd period starts


Ben Bowns saves from Matt Reber

Luke Piggotts mum is having trouble with the webcast, message says website not available - any advice

Gametime 42:22

Devils have upped their game this period

Gametime 42:22

Gametime 45:15

Ben Bowns deflects Gunn shot out of play

gametime 46:08

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please

Matt Nickerson & Jamie Milan seem to be on the ice all the time

If that is the case up the tempo

Trevor Hendrikx shot deflected wide

Very stop-start at the moment

Devils net dislodged

Flyers penalty 2 minutes for delay of game for Suoraniemi

@ 47:58

Kevin Regan saves from Carl Hudson

Handbags as Kevin Regan covers

As always Nickerson is involved

Flyers FS

Trevor Hendrikx crushes Jordan Fulton

Good defensive play by Carl Hudson

Gametime 51:18


Panthers lose 2-1 at Coventry

Ben Bowns big save from a Ned Lukacevic breakaway

Gametime 53:02

Devils icing

Glove save Kevin Regan

Devils icing

Game stopped for ice repairs

Gametime 53:50

Kevin Regan saves from Jake Morissette

Kevin Regan covers from Chris Culligan

Great back checking by Chris Culligan

Carl Hudson falls over again

Devils penalty Markku Tahtinen 2 minutes for holding @ 15:03


Devils Full strength

final 2 minutes

Trevor Hendrikx railroads Danny Stewart

Devils offside @ 58:13

Great save Ben Bowns


Adam nominates Regan & Culligan as NoMs

Regan lifted

Ben Bowns covers

Final minute

Another great save by Ben Bowns

Flyers throwing everything at Devils

32 secs left


ENG no less

@ 59:47

Final score DEVILS 3 Flyers 1

Backhand shot from Mark Richardson goes the whole length of the ice - his 6th of the season

Unassisted @ 59:47

Flyers MoM - Kevin Regan

Attendence given as 1,964

our thanks to texters - Sharlene, Adam & Jon J - brilliant job as always

Devils MoM - BEN BOWNS

Thats all from me, join me on Wednesday night when the Devils aim to protect their 3 goal advantage against the Blaze and get to the Challenge Cup Final