Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 4 Edinburgh Capitals

Good Evening from me (OJ) in the MNL studio for this eagerly awaited visit of the Capitals

After last Sunday night game I believe that the Devils have some un-finished business to conclude this evening.

Lets hope that the team can lay on a performance tonight that can erase the nightmare suffered by those brave 20-30 fans who had travelled to Edinburgh.

Nothing less will do

Remember to send me your predictions to before the puck is dropped for the first time at 7:30

MNL is getting more popular by the day with a huge increase in unique hits week by week

Devils will have to make do without the services of Aubry tonight, will let you know who is dressed as netminders

Devils will have to make do without the services of Aubry tonight, will let you know who is dressed as netminders

Gareth calls it 2-0 to the Devils

Still awaiting news of who is in net for the Devils tonight as we hear Aubry is a scratch

Gareth has changed his prediction to 4-2 Devils

Andrew calls it 2-6 in favour of Capitals and feels fans have been conned as press reports said Aubry would play

Michael Hicks has the whistle

Still trying to rustle up my texters

Still trying to get a definative statement on Aubry

Warm up finished

We can confirm Aubry's absence, he is in the sponsors block

Capitals take to the ice

Devils are out on the ice

Myers in net, Smith backup

AJ calls it 5-3 to the Capitals

I think we will see a hatful of goals tonight

No other scratches for the Devils (longterm injuries apart)

11-14 goals is my prediction

They are going in the stalls

The hare has been released in Penarth

Biggest mid-week crowd of the season by all accounts

WE are off

Devils start with Latulippe, Hill & Voth

Stone & Teplitsky start on D

Devils offside @ 0:26 at least it shows intent

Adams hitting averything

Francis has the best chance so far @ 2:02

Latulippe goes close

Tom in Wolverhampton calls it 5-3 to the Devils

Devils icing @ 3:20

When we pass the Devils look sharp

Dodgy passing leads to another Devils icing @ 3:31

At least we are not in dump & chase mode

Capitals SoG deflected wide @ 4:04

Pasi makes an awesome save

Elich showing up well

More saves from Pasi @ 6:30 & 6:53

Devils icing @ 7:34

Yet another Devils icing @ 7:57

Devils offside @ 8:10

Good save by Myers @ 9:03 - his first touch of the puck

Devils penalty @ 9:41 Adams - boarding

Puck deflected out of play @ 10:08

Pasi save @ 11:17 as Devils have good SH breakaway

Devils back to full strength

Capitals penalty @ 12:10 Horne - hooking

Pasi denies Devils @ 12:28

Lets cheer up the fans and get a pp Goal

Elich misses a clear opportunity

Another Pasi save @ 13:24

Voth floors Dustin

Pasi save @ 14:03

Dustin lookede terrified

Capitals kill penalty

15 minutes gone

Capitals icing @ 15:29

Prpich hits pipes

Devils are creating chances what we need is some conversions

17 minutes gone

Myers save @ 17:21 - his 2nd touch of the puck

Pete in Edinburgh has joined us on MNL

Horne pushes Voth into Pasi @ 18:08, not the bravest thing to do

Unles he's Braveheart of course

Devils offside @ 18:31

On ice officials are getting in the way of play time and time again

Elich hanging onto the puck too much according to one of my texters

Maybe its to ensure that his team mates don't revert to dump & chase

Capitals penalty @ 19:38 Cassells - delay of game

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Capitals 0

West Indes wickets are tumbling 98/3 chasing 503

We have 1:38 of powerplay to start 2nd period so lets get that first goal Devils

Reports of a crowd of around 1,300 in Tent tonight

Teams back on the ice

Devils lets get that PP into gear its been in reverse for too long

At this stage of a season the transition to pp should be automatic

Voth shoots Pasi saves @ 20:31

Capitals kill penalty

Devils pp CRAP

Puck out of play @ 22:27

Good Pasi save @ 22:32

Devils GOAL

Devils 1st goal @ 22:50 scored by Prpich, assist Davies

Capitals hit pipes

Awesome save by Myers @ 24:51

Pasi save @ 25:03

Devils icing @ 25:33

Fight @ 25:53 which lasted all of five seconds

Adams & Christie dropped gloves

Penalties @ 25:53 Adams (D); Christie (C)

Both got 5 minutes for fighting, Christie got additional minor for illegal equipment + GAME


Devils 2nd goal @ 26:30


Capital timeout

Devils 2nd goal scored by Teplitsky, assists Elich & Voth

Devils 3rd goal scored by Teplitsky assists Hill & Voth

Elich additional assist on Devils 1st goal

Capitals goal @ 28:07

Capitals goal scored by Horne, assits Hurtibuise & Cingel

Devils penalty @ 28:44 Hartwick - interference

Devils penalty @ 29:27 Maciver - tripping

Myers save @ 30:13

Hartwick penalty killed, Devils return to 4 skaters

Devils back to full strength

At least one special team is working

32 minutes gone

End to end hockey with plenty of hits

Capitals hit pipes

Jarvis breakaway saved by Pasi

Capitals goal

Capitals 2nd goal @ 33:58 scored Hay, assists Stefishen & Perkins

Call out the lifeboat our defence is lost out in the Bay somewhere

Devils penalty @ 35:50 Latulippe - slashing

Voth flattens another Capitals skater

Good pk from Devils

Devils return to full strength

Capitals 3rd goal @ 38:10

Capitals 3rd goal @ 38:10

Devils defence non-existent

Penalties @ 38:10 after goal

Capitals 3rd goal @ 38:10 scored by Christianssen assists Dustin & Garside

Voth (D); Bonello (C) - x-checking minors @ 38:10

Myers save @ 39:56

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Capitals 3

The Devils defence is only good enough to pick cockles at Penclawdd

Adams fight was only a scuffle but G managed to get Christie's sweater off so he was ejected for illegal equipment

Cynical Devils fans believe that the Muers in net was a fix, he is featured on the cover of the programme and there is a 2 page spread on him inside - cincidence or what

Capitals are firing SoG from everywhere knowing that some will sooner or later beat Myers despite his valiant efforts behind a missing defence corps

Both teams back out on the ice for 3rd period

Devils 3rd goal changed to Hill from Teplitsky & Voth

Third period underway

Capitals icing @ 40:43

Pasi save @ 40:48 following good shot from Elich

Jarvis passes instead of shooting

Elich seems to be setting up some amazing chances but the same old story no sharpshooters

Pasi save @ 42:38

Capitals offside @ 43:21

Referee Hicks gets in the way sets up Capitals chance - Myers saves @ 43:53

Devils waste a good opportunityt - easy save for Pasi 44:07

Capitals wander offside @ 44:37

No flow to 3rd period so far

Maciver skates off injured @ 45:03

Fantastic shot from Elich draws awesome save by Pasi @ 46:21

Maciver was checked into corner board, took 10 seconds to get up and limped off

Maciver being helped to get to dressing room

Jarvis hits pipes

48 minutes gone Devils camped in Capitals zone but nobody in front of net as usual

Pasi easy save @ 48:43

Capitals penalty @ 49:35 Bonello - slashing

50 minutes gone

Good atmosphere at the Tent tonite

Devils offside @ 50:37

Great news Maciver back on the ice

Capitals kill penalty

Both Elich and Davies hit pipes with shots

Capitals penalty @ 52:34

Devils 4th goal @ 52:39 scored by Jarvis assists Teplitsky & Latulippe - ppg

Capitals penalty was against Cassellsa for hooking

Handbags near team benches @ 54:17

55 minutes gone

Elich & Davies playing really well together

Devils icing @ 56:19

Capitals offside @ 57:08

Tom's 5-3 prediction is the closest at the moment

Handbags @ 57:28 - no penalties

Good save from Myers @ 57:48

Final 2 minutes

Voth breakaway saved

Myers save @ 58:10

Puck out of play @ 58:13

Another Myers save @ 58:31

Final minute

DEvils offside @ 59:10

Capitals pull Pasi

Capitals equalise to make 4 apiece @ 59:16

Capitals 4th goal scored by Hurtibuise assists Christiansen & Dustin

End of regulation DEVILS 4 Capitals 4

OT starts

Devils offside @ 60:07

61 minutes gone

Ridiculous Devils icing @ 61:16

Elich hits pipes


Devils winning goal @ 62:05 scored by Hartwick assists Prpich & Elich

Pasi dropped the puck and it bobbled over the line

DEVILS win 5-4

Capitals MoM Sean Perkins

Devils MoM Tyson Teplitsky

Our thanks to texters in chief Sharlene & Chris

At least its two points and it looks as itf it was a good game for the fans

Thats all from me OJ until the next time