Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Nottingham in search of 2 valuable league points

Score predictions as usual welcomed to

Russky predicts an O/T win for Devils and Josh Batch putting Chris Lawrence on his backside

Mark G calls it 3-2 Devils

Pat predicts another good night for the Devils bringing home 2 points after a 5-2 victory

Laura Mychan & family missing the webcasts but happy to follow us at MNL. Jesse hoping to be back in the lineup soon

I'm glad to hear that you're having better weather in SK, at Chepstow races today we had sun, rain, hail and sleet

Warmup in progress

No confirmation yet but apparently Mattias Modig is in net for Panthers

Southend Hazel predicts a win for the Devils by the odd goal in 7

waiting for team news

My band of texters are in position at the NIC - Panthers fans Cheryl & Charlotte plus our very own Colin & KettDevil (Peter)

Confirmed that Modig is in net

Devils on the ice

Steven B says Devils by 2

Robert T calls it 4-2 Devils of course

Dean Smith is one referee

Sizeable RED ARMY contingent at NIC

Intro time

not icing for Panthers, Higgins, Wild, Clarke & Lee

National Anthems

Michael Hicks is the other referee

around 100 Devils fans at NIC

Looks like a full house

Puck dropped

Chance for Chris Culligan

Modig save @ 1:14

lovely play by Andrew Lord beats 2 Panthers, shot blocked @2:00

Chris Lawrence goes close on a breakaway

Devils penalty Doug Clarkson @ 3:51 2 minutes for hooking


1 minute killed

Joey Haddad shorthanded chance - misses

Devils Full strength

Puck out of play Face off in the Panthers zone @ 6:12

Quiet opening both Ds on top

Ben Bowns save @ 6:28

Ben Bowns saves from Landrey @ 7:13

Joey Haddad shot rebounds - not punished

Joey Haddad through again - looks as if he was held - no call

Cardiff penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for hooking @ 9:46


Chris Lawrence misses on 1 on 1 chance

Trevor Hendrikx clears

49 secs of PK left

Joey Haddad shoots right

Mark Richardson clears

Devils Full strength

Come on U DEVILS

Both teams are very cagey making sure they do not make any errors

Markku Tahtinen fails to get onto a pass that gave hime a clear chance on open net

Gametime 13:55

Devils icing @ 15:48

Pretty boring game says Gerald

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone @ 15:59

Chris Jones has his first shift

Panthers icing @ 16:36

Modig spills a shot from Chris Culligan

Chris Culligan, Tahtinen & Haddad the pick of the Devils lines so far

Colin says not a lot happening

Ben Bowns saves on a breakaway shot

Gametime 18:36

lovely coast to coast by Carl Hudson - Modig saves @ 19:02

Modig saves from Andrew Hotham

last 15 secs of period

end of 1st period Panthers 0 DEVILS 0

KettDevil's period report - Cagey, defensive and frankly not a lot happening, 0-0 an accurate reflection of period

Cheryl says - Not a good game, she has seen both sides play better

Come on U DEVILS a win tonight would make a big difference as I have a feeling that other results will go in our favour

Giants are 1-2 against the Capitals at the O

0-0 at Sheffield with Woolhouse in net for Steelers against Blaze

Clan, without their suspended players, only 1-0 against Stars at home

Ice is ready

NIHL1 Devils leading 1-0 against Chelmsford scorer Owen Bradshaw assists Jamies Heyes and Jason Stone

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

*** Chelmsford equalize now 1-1 at BBT

Huge save Ben Bowns

Robert Lachowicz shot saved by Ben Bowns

Doug Clarkson shoots wide @ 22:16

Delayed penalty on Panthers

Devils have retained puck for extended period

Finally Panthers touch puck

Panthers penalty @ 24:06 Brandon Benedict 2 minutes for boarding

Devils had puck for 2 whole minutesNottingham

Panthers clear their zone

They clear again, Andrew Hotham moves in

Panthers penalty gives Devils 5 on 3

Chris Lawrence 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 25:55

Panthers back to 4 skaters

Chris Culligan stops Benedict breakaway

Carl Hudson massive slapshot

Saved @ 27:18

Doucet fails to clear zone


A PPG no less

scored by Joey Haddad (23rd) @ 27:39

Assists Andrew Hotham & Brent Walton


@ 28:42

Matthew Myers I think

Goal given to Chris Jones (2nd of the season) assist Matthew Myers

Some doubt about scorer as texters cannot hear/understand announcer

Devils penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for tripping @ 29:27


Mark Richardson clears

Ben Bowns save and bats puck away

Ben Bowns covers @ 30:19

Big block by Tyson Marsh @ 31:07

Cardiff Full strength

Panthers are creating chances and look dangerous

KettDevils says he has just seen 2 of the bravest blocks he has ever seen by Tyson Marsh

Great play by Trevor Hendrikx, big hit picks up puck goes on breakaway - save Modig @ 34:51

icing Devils

All panthers at the moment as KettDevils says Devils unsure whether to stick or twist

***End of 1st period NIHL1 Devils 2 Chelmsford 1

Panthers icing @ 36:37


Matthew Myers (his 13th) @ 38:08

assists Brent Walton & Doug Clarkson

Panthers icing @ 39:14

Panthers icing @ 39:57

End of 2nd period Panthers 0 DEVILS 3

Handbags at buzzer

Doug Clarkson in the middle of it

Penalties called - awaiting details

Farmer elbowed a Devil hence Clarkson jumps in

KettDevils period report - Much better period, devils took their chances but Panthers are not out of this if they can find a spark from somewhere

SoG for fist 2 p Panthers 8 + 5 = 13: DEVILS 6 = 12 = 18

You didn't know I could do sums did you!!

*** NIHL1 Devils 2 Chelmsford 2 after 30:44

Teams back on ice

Farmer gets 2 minutes for elbowing Clarkson 2 minutes for roughing @ 40:00

4 on 4 to start 3rd period

Puck dropped

Good save Ben Bowns

Both teams FS

Andrew Lord shoots high @ 43:58


Gametime 45:00

Devils playing a very containg game avoiding odd man rushes

Devils penalty Andrew Lord 2 minutes for delay of game @ 45:41


Jake Morissette breakaway save Modig @ 46:34

Panthers offside @ 46:33

1 minute killed

Devils clear zone

Devils Full strength

Silky skills by Markku Tahtinen he killed 20+ secs by skating around with puck

Panthers Goal scored on a delayed penalty @ 48:48

Farmer scores assists Lawrence & Landrey

Come on U DEVILS

*** NIHL1 Devils 2 Chelmsford 2 after 2 periods

Ben Bowns save

Another unlucky goal to cencede , puck bounced off a skate straight to Farmer

Devils icing @ 49;51

Panthers penalty Chris Lawrence @ 51:38

2 minutes for slashing

It was Parent who took penalty

Devils penalty Brent Walton 2 minutes for holding @ 51:38

Gametime 52:36

it was Lawrence 2 minutes for slashing, walton 2 minutes for holding the stick

Chris Culligan goes close

Both teams FS

Devils penalty markku Tahtinen @ 55:59 2 minutes for holding


Devils clear zone

Panthers icing

1 minute killed

Andrew Hotham clears zone

Devils Full strength

Gametime 56:55

Ben Bowns covers

Gametime 56:34

Andrew Lord shot saved

Tahtinen breaaway saved @ 57:06

Jake Morissette shoots, rebounds, cleared by Panthers

Gametime 57:44

Panthers TIME OUT @ 57:44

Modig pulled as game restarts

Final 2 minutes

Devils miss empty net @ 58;18

Devils icing @ 58:22

Devils Time out

Game restarts

Devils icing Face off in the Devils zone @ 58:46

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for holding the stick @ 58:46


Gametime 59:18

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Ben Bowns covers

Handbags @ 59:38

Settled down

Panthers goal @ 59:51

Benedict the scorer

assists Lawrence & Graham

3 secs left

Final score Panthers 2 DEVILS 3

solid performance, devils not at their best but best team won

KettDevils pick - Myers, Haddad, Marsh or Bowns for MoM


our thanks to Cheryl & Charlotter, KettDevils, Colin & Gerald

Panthers MoM - Robert Farmer

Colin has fallen in love with NIC

Join me tomorrow night when the Flyers visit the BBT