Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 1 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Coventry for the 1st Leg of the Challenge Cup Semi-Final

Join me from around 6:30 for MNL's unique coverage.

Score predictions as usual to before face off please

After battling through Scotland last weekend the RED ARMY are marching on Coventry in numbers (200+)

My tea was late

Allen W calls it 5-3 to Devils

Mark G says 4-3 to the lads

Robert T calls it 4-1 to Devils

Pat also goes for a 4-1 scoreline

My Mychan clan tonight glued to webcast or MNL just relying on MNL updates

Warmup in perogress

Lights dimmed at Coventry signals start of balloon fight

Devils on the ice

Devils should bare in mind you cannot win semi final tonight but you can lose it

Tom M calls it 4-3 to Devils with Blaze pushing them hard

Blaze finally appear

waiting confirmation of which import is not icing tonight

Anthem time

RED ARMY Choir in full voice

Hicks & Darnell are the refs

Puck dropped

Joey Haddad offside

1 minute gone

Blaze net off ' 1:24

Jesse Mychan only scratch for Devils, Trevor Hendrikx returns

Ben Bowns covers 2:04

Cornwall taffy thinks Devils will lose by 1 goal, more if Hicks/Darnell get up to their nonsense callls

Brian Stewart covers @ 3:22 from Markku Tahtinen

RED ARMY estimated to be close on 400 strong

What a turnout

James S thinks it will be 3-3 after a l of ridiculous penalties

Devils putting pressure on Blaze

Mark Richardson shot covered by Brian Stewart

Save Brian Stewart @ 6:25

That was from Trevor Hendrikx

easy save for Ben Bowns @ 7:33

Devils penalty @ 8:05 Carl Hudson 2 minutes for hooking


Apologies Lord not Hudson

Blaze offside @8:35

One minute killed

Devils Full strength

Devils icing @ 11:08

Another Devils icing @ 12:00

Jake Morissette shoots marginally left

Ben Bowns deflocts shot into nets @ 15:48

Devils net off its moorings - being redrilled

Both teams look cagey

Worried about unforced arrors


Brent Walton with his 24th of the season

Assists Doug Clarkson & Josh Batch @ 17:30

Final minute

Puck out of play at Blaze bench

@ 19:25

End of 1st period Blaze 0 DEVILS 1

No info on SoG yet

Ice is ready

So long as we don't lose any of the next 5 periods we are OK

Officials back on ice

So are the Blaze

And now our very own DEVILS

2nd period starts

Glove save Ben Bowns from Jacob Sindel

All Devils at start of 2nd period

Mark Smith & Russ Cowley offside @21:45

Devils penalty called

@ 22:47 Brent Walton


2 minutes for hooking was the call

1 minute killed

Ben Bowns covers @ 24:29

Devils Full strength

Tyson Marsh fires a rocket shot - just too high

SoG for 1st period Blaze 11 DEVILS 10

Gone quiet from Coventry

Not a pun I hasten to add - it will not be quiet in the Library with the 400 strong RED ARMY present

What do you think happens next?

Yes Brian Stewart dislodges his net @ 30:32

Ben Bowns coughs up a rebound after a Cale Tanaka shot

Handbags between Trevor Hendrikx & Ryan O'Marra @ 31:24

darnekll ignores batant spear by Blaze

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

Blaze penalty at last

Craig Cescon 2 minutes for slashing @ 32:28



PPG @ 33:39

Matthew Myers (12th) assist Chris Culligan

I am greedy - lets have another goal U DEVILS

Blaze Goal @ 36:42

Puck bounced off Andrew Hotham


@ 37:04

Markku Tahtinen with his 1st goal for the Devils

Assist Chris Culligan

Ben Bowns covers - handbags

Blaze goal @ 36;42 scored by Jakub Sindel

Devils penalty Andrew Lord 2 minutes for hooking


@ 37:54

Assists for Tait & Tanaka on Blaze goal

Ben Bowns covers @ 38:34

1 minute killed by Devils

Devils penalty @39:01 Matthew Myers 2 minutes for delay of game

5 on 3 for Blaze

Final minute




End of period Blaze 1 DEVILS 4

Andrew Lord scored SHG @ 39:59 assist Tyson Marsh

Texters say noise at rink make it impossible to hear announcements

Easy solution to that - go and sit by Blaze fans

Devils will have 1:01 of PK at start of 3rd period

Enough time to get another SHG - me thinks

Another period like the last one please

Ice ready


Teams are back on ice

3rd period underway


Devils Full strength

SoG for 2nd period Blaze 10 DEVILS 12 making it 21-22 after 2 periods

Gametime 43:42

Blaze offside

Markku Tahtinen shoots wide

Gametime 45:03

Come on U DEVILS - give us another goal

Blaze icing @ 47:17

Carl Hudson shot deflected out of play

Jake Morissette shoots high

Gametime 49:43

Devils icing

Devils icing @ 51:26

Blaze exerting a bit of pressure

Gametime 53:49

Doug Clarkson goes close @ 55:04

Devils icing 55:04

Ben Bowns covers @ 55:13

Devils penalty @ 55:34 Joey Martin 2 minutes for roughing


Devils clear zone

Carl Hudson clears zone as 1 minute is killed

Ben Bowns covers with 50 secs of PK remaining

Joey Haddad clears

Devils Full strength

Final 2 minutes

Face off in the Devils zone

RED ARMY getting louder if that was possible

Ben Bowns covers @ 59:03

Blaze Time Out

Game restarts

30 secs left

Brian Stewart glove save

7 secs left

Ben Bowns covers

Final score Blaze 1 DEVILS 4

What a win

Devils in total control

Our thanks to the RED ARMY Texting team - Gerald, JohnWildthing, Colin & Rachael


Blaze Mo - Cale Tanaka

A nice advantage to take into the 2nd leg next Wednesday at the BBT

Devils certainly ran the clock down in the 3rd

That all from me, join me on Saturday night when the Devils are back in league action at Nottingham


PS Just seen the SoG for 3rd period Blaze 18 Devils 4 making a final count of 39-26

Good for Bownsy stats