Match Night Live
Dundee Stars 2 - 4 Cardiff Devils

good evening after a great win last night and a great win this afternoon, lets have another tonight, get your predictions in I will be here from about 5:30 !

send your predictions to

Rumours are that our texters have had a drink !!

first prediction in from Matthew and its a 5-2 win to the Devils

Clive B says Devils to win 3-1 providing they didnt have too many sherberts !!

texters made it to rink balloons are flying and the signal is rubbish oh great

only 2 predictions so far, are people still celebrating the rugby ?

just been watching highlights from last nights win when Tyson and plank went for it, fitzgerald grabbed someone seen it was Dougie and changed his mind Lol

Pat says after a fantastic game last night, please give us another tonight and says it'll be 3-2 to the Red Army

warm up underway

Jesse Mychan not dressed, neither is Hendrikx, I don't mean naked I mean not dressed in Hockey gear !!!!

Cornwall Taffy is a bit more confident after last night and is going for a 6-3 victory

The Mychan's have predicted a Devils victory by 4 goals and will be following intensly on MNL

Russky's Wales prediction was close he said Wales to win by 5 and it was 3 and is now predicting a win and to come home with 5 points

Carl in Carmarthen is going for a 6-2 Devils win and Martin starting a Fight !

Face off 6:30

Warm up over

warm up ends with batch passing 20 pucks to myers for slapshot from face-off spot

Stars full strength with 16 skaters

accept my apologies for possible delay in updates due to bad reception (just to cover myself)

no prediction from O.J. prob laid up in bed with hot toddy trying to recover

you can also e-mail with any bias views you have too

Stripeys out, Wilson is ref

O'J' is ok folks he has e-mailed and is hoping the head cold has had its day and says the Devils will win by 3

Devils enter the arena and Will is between the pipes

Stars are oooott to


Now flower of scotland

We're off

lets have a quick goal Devils

Devils offside 0.14

Will blocks stars shot

Hotham shoots just to the right of net

Richie shot deflected out of play

Culligan shot from point saved 3:02

icing Stars 3:26

Clarkson shoots and SCORES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

goal timed at 3:49 from Hotham and Walton

Hotham gets tripping call @4:29

one minute killed

Lord goes close short handed

Devils full strength

Devils hits pipes Hudson from blue line

Plumton chirping Dougie from bench----clown

Marsh turned over saved by will

10:04 Devils sjot deflected out

Walton shoots cheverie knocks it out

great play results in Marku slapshot, glove save

Devils icing 10:46

puck gets stuck up Jake Morissette's shorts oohh err

great inter play by walton and Dougie who has shot deflected

Stars long shot easy save will 12:43

13:30 gone all Devils

puck out into Devils bench

Marc Cheverie covers after pressure 15:22

covers again after lovely Batch wrister

nice save by Will from Grimshaw

Hudson makes nice move after feed from Lord


goal timed at 17:08 from lord and morissette

Stars goal

@18:28 waiting on scorer

McLusky from Quick

end of first

Steven B from Ella Riley sweets predicts Devils to win by 3 using their momentum but conserving energy for cup game

Big MNL shout out to baby Scarlett who is cheering for Dougie

one line is Lord, Morissette and Martin trying to get others but texters may be seeing double

teams back ooot

puck is dropped

Haddad, Tahtinen and Culligan another line

Cheverie covers at 20:09

Dolan shot straight at Will 21:12

puck hits the ceiling in stars zone--face off 21:43

another line is Walton, Clarkson and Culligan


22:15 Lord from Martin and Morissette thats Jakes 3rd assist

Stars Pen Cingel 2 minutes for tripping

Come on Devils lets have a PPG

Pen @23:35

lots of Devils pressure

Penalty over

good break Stars but Will saves

26:00 Cheverie covers

Devils penalty Clarkson 2 minutes for high sticks

6:26 gone in period

Stars hit bar and puck bounces out

Devils kill one minute

Dundee score PP goal

waiting on goal details

Gongalsky from Blight and Lust

gone quiet

Mike Will covers from Blight

Devils mixing their lines

Will foils decent attempt by stars

32:00 gone

Jake Morissette lovely breakaway but saved

Jones on the ice with Tahtinen and Culligan

14 mins gone in period

Dundee miss sitter

Penalty coming

Myers and Hudson in box

Myers 2 minutes for boarding, Hudson 2 minutes for boarding

Myers was high sticks

one killed

Devils full strength

Superb PK

Hotham shoots from point chest save from Cheverie

Handbags,,,, about time

Walton tripped hits back of head on ice no call refs a donut

17:49 gone

38:27 Cheverie covers again

Wessex garage Clappers making a racket

Final Minute

good save Cheverie from martin

Plumton Chirping again lol perhaps he wants to come back

2nd period ends Devils 3-2 stars

ok ready for big 3rd period as i have set the recorder for call the midwife !!!

Stars D.J. having problems with birthday announcements apparantly

Devils return to the ice

Stars are back toooooo

Game restarts

even start


41:19 Myers

from Dougie and walton

gone quiet must be reception issues

think i'll get a season ticket next year

nice glove save Will @47:35

Will makes big save with his helmet

Another sad loss for the Ice Hockey family today Steve Montador passed away aged 35 R.I.P.

Devils icing 50:00

Giants lost again lol

think texters have nodded off

Plumton dirty mid ice hit on Clarkson

Clarkson gets 2 minutes for delay of game everyone baffled

Plumton looking for trouble then chickened out

Devils kill first minute

Haddad effort glove save

apparantly Clarkson had his stick taken out of his hand !!! devils FS

Will makes another great save

Hull 5-4 up over Fife

15:04 gone in Dundee puck amonst Red Army

Lust shot saved 55:24

56:05 Marsh Shot Cheverie saves

not much happening the puck is flying up and down the ice

Will saves again final 2 minutes

Red Army is ringing out loud and proud

Final minute

Cheverie pulled

puck ooot 25 secs left

its over Devils win what a weekend 5points out of 6

As the Devils won there is 10% discount at using the coupon code devilswin at the check out

Cardiff Devils M.O.M. Brent Walton

A big thank you to all the texters for this weekend and hope they have a safe trip home

Stars M.O.M. Gibbons

Thank you everyone for tuning in O.J. will be back next week and there is no news on a willy wave as bowns wasn't playing

Night ALL