Match Night Live
Braehead Clan 0 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for the middle leg of the Devils triple header in Scotland

Tonights we have the Devils most crucial game of the season against the Clan

Only a win will do if the Devils are to entertain any hopes of the league title

Join me from about 6:15

Score predictions are as always welcomed along with your pre game comments to

I will attempt to use any comments that come in during play but it depends how hectic the game is - I predict tonights game will be very hectic & feisty

Warmup underway at Glasgow

Pat in Bridgend says its a must win game and predicts Devils win by a single goal

Quieton the prediction thread tonight

We are in for a feisty game according to Dreamer

He anticipates matching the 1929 St Valentines Day Massacre in Chicago

Alternatively the teams might have sent each other cards & possibly roses

Helen J says Devils will win 5-3

Helen Clan do not have webcasts

Warmup completed

Mandy R calls it 3-2 Devils with another "Gordie Howe" for Doug Clarkson

Texters in place - tonight we have Colin & Rachael in the Devils corner & Julie & Chris in the Clan corner

Referees are Neil Wilson & Tom Darnell

No Trevor Hendrikx for Devils

Zamboni has heart shape ballons tied to it

I did say ballons not baffons

Where are the Mychan Clan and Brian Parker?

Rachael says RED ARMY in good voice already

No Leigh Salters for Clan

awaiting teams

Russky says Devils will pocket at least a point

Officials take to the ice

Lights dimmed

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Clan finally make it onto the ice

RED ARMY does the National Anthem proud

Julie very impressed

Both anthems done

we are ready to start

Steve who is hosting on Sunday cannot see the Devils winning but hopes hes wrong

What the delay is I do not know

Puck finally dropped

cagey play

Save Ben Bowns

No real chances so far for either team

End to end hockey

Good save by Kyle Jones

Very physical

Frank & Richardson come together

Frank has a go at Joey Haddad

Stefan Meyer goes close for Clan

Kyle Jones covers @ 4:32

Tyson Marsh limps to the bench

We will keep you updated

Mark Richardson shoots staight at Kyle Jones @ 4;38

Devils penalty Joey Haddad

2 minutes for boarding



Ben Bowns save

20 secs of Devils PK left

Devils Full strength


Tyson Marsh back on ice

save by Kyle Jones

Julie says Devils are very physical

Kyle Jones saves from Andrew Lord

High tempo - end to end - like tennis says Rachael

Kyle Jones covers from Tyson Marsh @ 12:40

Kyle Jones having to make lots of saves, Ben Bowns having an easy time

Kyle Jones now saves from Joey Martin


Jeff Smith trying to start something - no takers

Jeff Smith trying to get under the Devils skin


@ 15:10 scored by Joey Martin (18th)

Assist for Carl Hudson

Scramble in front of Ben Bowns

Doug Clarkson shoots marginally wide @ 16:20

another Kyle Jones save

Pad save Jones from a Tyson Marsh shot

Gametime 17:36

Come on U DEVILS lets have another goal - please

Ben Bowns save

Gametime 18:37

Another Bowns save @ 18:36

Final minute

Zack Fitzgerald goes after Chris Culligan

Handbags really @ 19:14

Clan penalty Zack Fitzgerald @ 19:27

cross-checking the call

Come on U DEVILS

End of 1st period Clan 0 DEVILS 1

Devils will start 2nd period with a 1:22 PP

SoG Clan 7 DEVILS 15

Very quiet

These period breaks are getting longer and longer

Officials are back so are Devils

Followed by Clan

2nd period starts

25 minute break by my reckoning

Come on U DEVILS

Kyle Jones covers @ 20:25

Appeal for Amy Usher apparently in interval

Clan Full strength

Kyle Jones save

From Matthew Myers that was

Clan penalty @ 23:17 Scott Pitt

high sticks the call

Carl Hudson shot saved by Jones @ 23:46

It is Trimm not Pitt in sinbin

Come on U DEVILS a PPG please


Matthew Myers the scorer his 10th of the season


Jesse Mychan not dressed

He was in warmup but has since got dressed

Ben Bowns saves from Jamie Fritsch

Kyle Jones covers @ 26:24

RED ARMY very loud - don't we know

Kyle Jones covers from Mark Richardson @ 26:28


Doug Clarkson with his 16th of the season

Assist Matthew Myers @ 28:03

Clan Time Out

2nd assist goes to Chris Jones on Devils 3rd goal

Devils 2nd goal scored by Matthew Myers assists Tyson Marsh & Markku Tahtinen

Game re-starts

Kyle Jones covers

RED ARMY has got louder if that was possible

Andrew Lord misses a clear chance

Lots of puck possession for Devils in Clan zone

Kyle Jones saves from Josh Batch @ 33:58

Julie says Devils are dominating

Devils pressing hard for another marker

Jones covers @ 34:44

Devils penalty Doug Clarkson @ 37:54 2 minutes for cross-checking

Apologies to Laura Mychan and family I missed your email

Ben Bowns save

Final minute


Devils FS

End of 2nd period Clan 0 DEVILS 3

Colin says very good 2nd period for DEVILS

Colin says he has just witnessed the best 40 minutes of Devils hockey this season

Lets have another 20 minutes of the same I say

Waiting for SoG for 2nd period

You might have noticed I have let JohnWildthing off texting duties this weekend as he is busy with RED ARMY TRAVEL and apparently running a mobile Dating Service

SoG for 2nd period Clan 4 DEVILS 11 making it 11-26 after 2 periods

Steve is hosting tomorrows game in Dundee as I was going to go racing but have decided against it due to a heavy cold and next week is halfterm which means granddaughter minding

I can't wait for Spring the weather is miserable

Missing my wine tonight

I didn't get any cards did you?

The RED ARMY are half way through their epic trip - how many will be standing by tomorrow night - send your predictions to Steve

Devils back on ice as are the Clan

3rd period starts

Lets have another goal U DEVILS to tie this game down


save Ben Bowns

Scott Pitt shoots Ben Bowns saves again

Kyle Jones save

Jones covers from Markku Tahtinen @ 45:31

Clan finally get a SoG - Ben Bowns saves

Devils penalty

Joey Martin @ 47:01 2 minutes for roughing


Clan penalty - now 4 on 4

Neil Trimm @ 47:16 2 minutes for hooking

Devils will have a 15 sec PP after 1:45 of 4 on 4

Ben Bowns covers

40 secs of 4 on 4 left

Devils Full strength

Clan Full strength

gametime 50:03

Penalty Clan Lee Esders

2 minutes for boarding

Chris Culligan shoots high & wide

Mark Richardson shoots wide

Matthew Myers misses open net

Its all DEVILS

Miss of the season says Chris

Clan Chris Frank gets 2 + 2 for

Its 5 on 3

Frank got minors for tripping & cross-checking

Now 5 on 4

Devils penalty

Matthew Myers called for 2 + 2 for Roughing @ 53:19

sorry hooking & roughing

Frank;s penalties were at 51:32

Gametime 54:59

Still 4 on 4

13 secs of 4 on 4 left then Clan have 1:47 pp

Clan Full strength


Panthers lose 2-3 at home to Steelers

Devils Full strength

Blaze beat Giants 3-2

Final 2 minutes

Flyers beat Stars 5-2


Kyle Jones pulled (why)


melee really

Chris Frank sent to sinbin

Along with Tyson Marsh @ 58;47

Marsh 5 minutes for fighting

its 5 on 5 anyway

Josh Batch & Jeff Smith FIGHT

texts unclear whats happening

Batch clear winner @ 58:51

Game restarts

More discussion on ice

Lively end to game

RED ARMY so noisy not a hope of hearing calls

Frank & Marsh got 5 minutes for fighting + 2 minutes for holding

Jeff Smith gets 5 minutes for fighting + 2 for cross-checking

Its 5 on 4 for Devils

30 secs left

Josh Batch got 5 minutes for fighting

Final score Clan 0 DEVILS 3

A brilliant performance by the DEVILS

Chris Jones got 2 minutes for cross-checking @59:51


Clan MoM - Ben Davies

Our thanks go to Flyers fans Chris Devlin & Julie Patterson who as usual did a brilliant job for us at MNL

Thanks also to Rachael & Colin who are rushing of to party as the RED ARMY does

Steve will be here tomorrow night when the Devils take on the Stars

Good night to Eliot Bate who was following MNL in Orlando, Florida