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Belfast Giants 6 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for coverage of yet another of the eagerly awaited Giants v Devils games

Join me (OJ) from around 6:15 as we bring you coverage from the O in Belfast

Score predictions along with comments to

Good evening, team news - Calvin Elfring & Cody Brookwell not icing for Giants. Brookwell suspened

MARKKU TAHTINEN icing for Devils

Russky calls an O/T for Devils following MNL as he watches the rugby

Gareth J says Devils by 2 oals - Wales by 12 points

Clive B thinks Devils will lose in O/T

Warmup in progress - Markku Tahtinen wearing #39

No Brent Walton for Devils

Mark G thinks Devils will win in O/T

Bridgend Pat says Devils will win 3-1

I thought you all would be interested in the email from the Mychan Clan ...... Just getting ready to settle in to watch the Devils battle the Giants, in what we hope will be a great game! Predicitions: Devils will dominate the game and win by 2. Saskatoon is playing host to Hockey Royalty today as the Great One, Wayne Gretzky, along with several other NHL greats are in town to pay tribute to Hockey Legend, and Saskatoon native, Gordie Howe.Howe's family said it will be his last public appearance (he is in failing health) so it was only fitting that they hold the event in his home city so the people of Saskatoon can honor him one last time. We are in day one of what has been billed as a three-day snow storm, with lots of snow, wind and cold temperatures. Wayne Gretzky commented today at a news conference that "he wished Gordie Howe's hometown was somewhere in Mexico!" ha ha Wayne played for many years in Edmonton, AB but has been in sunny Arizona for so long he's likely forgotten how miserable it can get on the Canadian Prairies! Welcome back Wayne!

Ray Sawada slips in warmup and collides with Kevin Westgarth and both go down

The Mychan Clan and other followers abroad probably don't realise how big a night this is with wales playing England at the Millenium Stadium

Tom Darnell is there along with a 2nd referee

That says goodbye to a decent game of hockey

Our texters tonight are David Mercer (Giants) along with Rich and making their debuts Sebastein and Ian

My other 2 usual Giants fans who help us out are not at the game

Laura Mychan sends her "warm"regards I hope that Gatland's boys give a very warm welcome to those from across the Severn Bridge. a repeat of the 2013 result 30-3 would do nicely

Warmup done

Reports of horrendous traffic problems on the M4

Probably caused by those blasted chariots the English are so proud of

Face off at O delayed by 15 minutes

Devils by a single goal says Brian Parker

Your wife has trained you well Brian to cheer against England.

I have always said that I support TWO teams, Wales and whoever is playing England

I don't know about being colder in SK, with this wind it is freezing in Cardiff

No sign of players or Officials at O

Officials make an appearence

Devils on the ice

I believe 2nd ref is Neil Wilson

Somebody should have told Wilson you cannot skate on carpet - as he goes flying

Giants Intro video

RED ARMY - is 10 strong at the O - well done them

Devils are in white tonight

Ceremonial face off

Chubak in net for Giants, Ben Bowns for Devils Full strength

Cornall Taffy calls it 4-3 Devils & 21-12 Wales

Puck dropped

Devils start with Ckarkson, Tahtinen & Haddad

Giants goal

@ 1:00

Mike Kompon scores assists for Sawada & Peacock

Good save Chuback

Hip check by Carl Hudson on westgarth

Matthew Myers icing with Jesse Mychan & Chris Culligan

Evan Cheverie on D duty for Giants in Cody Brookwell absence

Joey Haddad takes big hit behind net

Giants icing @ 5;07

Its end to end neither team in control

Joey Haddad nails Darryl Lloyd

Some big hits being thrown

Devils icing @ 6;25

It is very physical

Matthew Myers now links up with Andrew Lord & Jake Morissette

Joey Martin seems to be missing shifts

Devils icing @ 7:55 to relieve pressure

Joey Martin doesnt seem to be on bench, hes on the gamesheet

Giants forechecking very well

Devils icing @ 9:25

Apologes that was a Giants icing

Devils penalty @ 8:50 Tyson Marsh 2 minutes for tripping

Kill Devils Kill

Joey Martin back

It was Tahtinen who was called for trippingBelfast

Giants set up PP but do not get any shots away

Jake Morissette blocks shot after shot

Giants FS

Good PK by Devils

Giants icing @ 13:12

Devils offside 13:46

Devils getting into the game with more possession

Handbags in front of Giants net

penalties for Westgarth & Haddad - 2 minutes for each of them roughing @ 15:37

Ben Bowns covers

chubak covers from Mark Richardson @ 17:22

Devils penalty @17:27 Chris Culligan 2 minutes for hooking

Westgarth & Haddad return

Ben Bowns covers

Giants goal Westgarth

A PPG @ 18:31

Assist Robby Sandrock

final minute

End of 1st period Giants 2 DEVILS 0

Sog for 1st period Giants 8 DEVILS 2

Rich can't decide if the score reflects the game, devils have hardly had any offensive zone play

Teams back

Puck dropped

Ben Bowns save

Giants goal

Terrible giveaway by Tahtinen

Peacock @ 21:23

Giants are cruising

Kevin westgarth throwing his weight around with no response from Devils

Chubak covers @ 23:09


Its a PPG as Cheverie was in sin bin


Joey Martin & David Phillips

Doug Clarkson with his 15th of the season

Martin gets instigator minor

@ 23:50

Assists for Joey Haddad & Markku Tahtinen

5 minutes for fighting for Phillips & Martin who got extra 2 minutes

Joey Martin also gets a 10 min misconduct penalty

Andrew Lord shoots high on 2 on 1 breakaway

Devils Fs

Giants goal

@ 28:12 scored by Peacock

Assists Sawada & Kompon

Tyson Marsh limps to the bench

gametime 31:20

Chubak glove save from Matthew Myers @ 32:11

Ben Bowns save

Luke Piggott & Chris Jones getting regular shifts

Chubak cover @ 36:15

Andrew Hotham stops a Giants breakaway

Devils penalty Jesse Mychan 2 minutes for tripping @36:46


Great block by Jake Morissette

Ben Bowns save from Jeff Mason

12 secs of PP left

Devils FS

end of 2nd period Giants 4 DEVILS 1

For those of you who cant get BBC at half time its Wales 16 England 8

SoG for 2nd period Giants 8 DEVILS 8 - making it 16-10 after 2 periods

Devils back on ice

3rd period starts

Giants icing

Devils offside @ 41:40

Ben Bowns covers @ 41:48

Chubak save

Matthew Myers & Joey Haddad combining well

Giants penalty Evan Cheverie @ 43:35

2 minutes for tripping

Chubak making a few saves as Devils press

Chubak denies Joey Martin

Giants FS

Good save Ben Bowns

Chubak covers from Andrew Lord @ 47:33

At least RED ARMY won some pizza


@ 49:25 scored by Jake Morissette (20th)

Devils pressure

Giants score ion a delayed penalty

@ 51:18

Darryl Lloyd scored, assists Keefe & Garside

Devils penalty Andrew Lord 2 minutes for boarding @ 52:11

Josh Batch penalised as well

Apologies no penalty for Lord

Westgarth takes 2 Devils out

Westgarth ejected

Assume Westgarth got 5+ Game for excessive roughing

Come U DEVILS lets have a PPG

Devils on PP for 5 minutes


Chris Culligan @ 55:50

Ben Bowns pulled

Assists for Myers & Martin on Devils 3rd goal

Chubak covers

Joey Martin shoots wide

Final 2 minutes

Its actually 6 on 3

6 on 4

Devils penalty Matthew Myers 2 minutes for hooking @ 58:51

Chubak save 47 secs remain

Bowns pulled again

Keefe in bin as well so its 4 on 4

Giants ENG @ 59:29 - Ray Sawada

Final score Giants 6 DEVILS 3

Mychan & Keefe tangle at buzzer

Haven't got a clue whether final buzzer has gone as Jesse Mychan & Sawada sent to dressingroom

Devils MoM is Andrew Hotham

Giants MoM not awarded given to young fan who is seriously ill

Our thanks to David, Rich, Ian & Sebastien

Join me on Sunday when the Steelers come to Cardiff Bay