Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 5 Coventry Blaze

Join me (Bozza,Steve) from 5:30 for some very biased chat from myself and match updates. don't forget to get your predictions in @

don't know why that updated twice !!

predictions have started coming in

Russ is giving a demand rather that a prediction and it is for a Devils win and hoping I bring more luck than O.J. has awwww bless

pat says hopefully a win and the crowd will lift the boys to do it

A busy day in the Mychan household as the gang are turning up for a brunch to cheer on the Devils and then watch the Superbowl. the predictions are the Devils to win by one and Seattle to be superbowl champs again, keep warm with your drinks guys

I for one fancy a 4-2 victory with an M.O.M. for Jesse

O.J. has asked me to grab us a win as he thinks he has failed miserably in the last couple of games,, don't worry O.J. I remember you were always part of the awesome days. which I think are just around the corner again

haven't heard anything but i imagne warm up well underway

Hazel is going for the Devils scraping a 5-4 win

Culligan warming up but no sign of Myers

Warm up done

Robert says 3-2 to the Devils of course

no prediction from Bailey yet !!

O.K. guys we need a win tonight lets do it !!

lights dimmed at the BBT the stripeys are out

not sure on ref yet

Teams take to the ice

everybody in their seats and bar empty, well almost

speaker trouble at the rink

Anthem time-------goosebumps

puck is dropped and we are off

Blaze goal 22 seconds in

goal from Jorgenson

Devils looking unsettled another error nearly leads to second goal for Blaze

Clarkson buries Griffin who struggles to make his way off ice

checking from behind 2+10 against Dougie

Lord carries puck behind Blaze net and draws pen 4 on 4 hockey

Da Costa 2 minutes for holding 2;44

Stewart dislodges net always seems to have trouble with his net

Dean Smith one Ref

Cornwall Taffy hoping momentum can start again

excellent save Stewart from Morisette

Grumsenn is other ref i've no idea either

Blaze full strength

Tanaka and Mychan exchange pleasantries

Haddad in the box although blaze chap seemed to just fall over--clown

2 minutes for tripping the pen

by all accounts Grumsen carrying a lot of timber

Batch with big hit on Jorgenson 7:46 gone

Hotham pushes blaze player over not sure who but short chap

Stewart covers after good Devils pressure

Great play by Mychan creates a chance which is beaten away by Stewart

Stewart takes the net off again

Stewart blames D men and has a breakdown loses it completely and gets 2 minutes for delay of game

10:15 gone and Devils pushing hard for equiliser

Bowns saves after cowley shoots

Cescon cross checking Lord no call

Stewart takes net off again

11:12 gone

Blaze FS

Jesse goes very close

Mychan in good form tonight

Bowns saves from smith

gone quiet

oohh glove save from stewart

Clarkson back

refs are missing a lot apparently

Bowns save goes out of play 15:24 gone

Blaze score

loose puck goes through bowns five hole

Mike Will takes over from Bowns

goal was Tanaka from Tait and Sindel

Stewart knocks net off

16:28 gone

Panthers beat Giants one nil

Devils looking flat, no go in them

Chaos as it looks like goal has been given to devils as Stewart kicked net off

Stewart is ranting completely lost it

shouting at everyone fans, linos, players


Mychan the scorer and by far our best player this evening

Puck out of play after more devils pressure

final minute

Buzzer goes end of period Devils 1 Blaze 2

players leave the ice apart from Stewart who insists on licking the plexi glass lol

Beer time

lets get stuck into them this period Devils

Devils back out

Mychan has given us a chance now we need to take it

Off we go

Stewart covers and net stays on

goal has been given to Walton with assists to Mychan and Batch

21:21 stewart covers again

22:00 Jorgenson delay of game

Devils go close

one minute killed

glove save from stewart

good devild pp so far

stewart saves from clarkson

Blaze fs

stewart saves from walton

stewart covers

Will knocks net off

end to end stuff

wasn't Wills fault net came off

no clearcut chances this period 7:03 gone

Martin with excellent chance stewart saves==obviously had his medication in the break

nothing really to report on !!

:Blaze icing 29:38

Tamaka breaks away and Will saves

Batch gets2 minutes for slashing

penalty over great kill by Devils

Blaze didnt have a shot

Blaze score after another defensive error

Steven Goertzen from Jereme Tendler

batch breaks up a blaze attack

14 mins gone

mychan goes close

Devils looking very flat

Blaze time out

devils not very physical and its costing them

game restarts

Cescon penalty

2 minutes for slashing

Blaze fs

bad Devils PP

LOTS OF Devils pressure but nothing to show for it

Tait shoots straight at Will 55 secs left

Puck out of play off stewart stick after lord shot

stewart knocks net off

crowd getting annoyed now

end of second period Devils 1 Blaze 3

got to get more physical and out work them

stewart has a go at Hotham after buzzer what a top hat

Zamboni has broken

Bownsy wave out of the question do you think our other netminder will perform a wave

3rd about to start very big period for our season aspirations

puck dropped

stewart knocks net off

Mychan straight in their faces

I love jesse's attitude

Will Covers 1:35 gone


its been called off dont know why

that seems to have taken the steam out of the team, crowd are trying their hardest

Will saves but didn't really know he had it

Blaze net off again

after scramble in front of net

Haddad goed coast to coast but stewart saves

stewart saves from Hudson 7:23 gone

2 players screening stewart but still no way through


Will with nice glove save

Todd trying to get fans going

Venus and Mychan exchange words 9:30 gone

we need a goal now

stewart covers net stays on 50:14

Walton poor turn over Blaze score

too easy that was

Devils look flat and tired

Tait from Jorgenson

Marsh sits for 2 and remonstrates with officials

2 minutes for holding the stick

13:38 gone

Culligan shoots glove save from stewart


Walton back hands it into slot and Hudson finishes it


our coach Andrew Lord

Could an unlikely comeback win be on ???

the crowd now doing their part as extra player

Cescon cross checking no call

3:30 to go


Stewart saves 2:04 left

final 2 mins

its all Devils 1:38 left

Devils time out

Game restarts


Jake Morissette The building is rocking

we are going to Overtime

What a comeback outstanding

just one more goal guys

The BBT has come alive

O/T startsLord smacks Cowley

Morrisette shoots saved by stewart 4:08 left on O/T

come on someone in red get the winner

3:00 left

even so far in O/T

2:35 left

Will makes excellent stop

Final minute

Blaze goal

there were 15 seconds left poor rebound by Will

Tanaka from Jorgenson

Blaze M.O.M. Tanaka

great comeback to get a point

waiting on devils mom

Devils MOM Lord

many thanks to Rachael,Jon and Tony for texts tune in next week where OJ will return refreshed. thank you for tonight goodnight all