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Fife Flyers 3 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 as we bring you MNL coverage of the Devils game against the Flyers in Kirkcaldy

Score predictions plus any other printable comments always welcomed to

Russky says Devils by 2 goals

Cornwall Taffy would be happy with a point but hopes Devils scrape through by a single goal

Pat in Bridgend calls it 5-3 Devils

Hazel in Southend thinks Devils will win 6-3

Robert T predicts a 7-1 win for the Devils with the Fyers sole marker being a breakaway goal

The Mychan Clan believe that the Devils will redeem themselves and lodge a win by 2 goals

Laura M adds that its -32 in SK, I tell you it felt that cold at Ffos Las races this afternoon, driving rain and hail

Two nice winners and a couple of places made it bearable

Tonight we have Flyers fans Gillian & Laura helping us out.

Peter (KettDevil) has made the trip from Bedford and will ensure we retain MNL's biased view of proceedings at Kirkcaldy

Warm up done & dusted

My texters didn't arrive to see if Matthew Myers was in warmup. Told he is on gamesheet

Kyle Horne does not ice for Flyers

Matthew Myers confirmed as playing

Waiting for info on ref, its not Darnell he is in Nottingham

Steve calls it 5-2 for the Devils, he'll be with you tomorrow night hosting

Wilson is the referee

Devils take to the ice

Mark G calls it 5-2 as well


Dan goes for 4-2, Jon calls it 3-2 to the RED ARMY

They are the S Wales Samurai Ball Hockey Club duo

We are off as puck is dropped

Myers, clarklson & Haddad start


Doug Clarkson & Matt Nickerson at it after 13 secs

Laura marks it as a draw

Both get 5 minutes for fighting @ 0:13

Good scrap says Peter

Some big punches from both of them

Tey are also given 2 minutes for illegal equipment

Fife look much better organised tonight

Kyle Haines shot just wide

Milam hits post

Great check by Andrew Hotham @ 3:20

Jesse Mychan clears zone to relieve Flyers pressure

2 big shots from Tyson Marsh

Flyers @ 5:02 Ned Lukacevic 2 minutes for slashing

Good save Kevin Regan from a Andrew Hotham blast @ 6:23

Flyers Full strength

Wide open game, chances to both teams

Matt Nickerson & Doug Clarkson return

Joey Martin causing massive problems to Flyers

Chris Culligan hit in the face by puck

Flyers Goal @ 9:21

Ned Lukacevic the scorer

Loose play by Devils led to giveaway in front of net


@ 9:53

Jake Morissette (18th)

Assists Andrew Lord & Joey Martin

No Chris Culligan gone to dressingroom

This time Flyers pay for a loose giveaway

Jordan Fulton has a chance, missed

Chris Culligan being attended by First Aid after taking puck to the face

Devils penalty Joey Martin 2 minutes for hooking

@ 13:32

Andrew Hotham not Joey Martin the culprit


Ben Bowns bats away puck @ 14:37

Devils Full strength

Assist for Matt Nickerson on Flyers goal

Devils Full strength

Flyers offside @ 17:25

Good save Ben Bowns

Peter says Devils looking sluggish

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for hooking


This time it is Joey Martin

My Flyers texters having trouble identifying Devils

Matthew Myers got away with a clear trip

Final minute

End of 1st period Flyers 1 DEVILS 1

Peter's period report - Good period of hockey, Flyers speed causing Devils problemsbut we look the better team ...... just

Un-confirmed report that Chris Culligan needs stitches

That brings back memories, a dentist stitched me up once and sent me back into the front row

SoG for 1st period Flyers 9 DEVILS 9

Both teams back on ice

Puck dropped

Luke Piggott taking Chris Culligan's place

Glove save Ben Bowns @ 22:06

Joey Martin slashed - NO CALL


Devils 2nd goal @ 24:01 scored by Joey Haddad (22nd)

Assists Matthew Myers & Jesse Mychan

Kevin Regan saves from Luke Piggott

Devils not clearing their zone very well

Massive shot by Joey Haddad after a great steal by Chris Jones deflected into crowd

Gillian says referee Wilson is missing a lot

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for holding @ 27:47


Ben Bowns save from Chris Auger

Feisty game says Peter

Doubt whether Matthew Myers is fit enough to play

Brilliant defensive play by Josh Batch @ 30:35

Whole Devils bench banging sticks in recognition of a brilliant recovery on a 2 on 0 breakaway

Lots of Devils pressure

Joey Haddad throwing big hits - hes up for this game

Matthew Myers hasnt taken a shift for some time clearly not match fit

its going to be 4 on 4 hockey @ 33:50

Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for slashing

Flyers Josh Scoon 2 minutes for slashing

Flyers penalty Ned Lukacevic 2 minutes for interference @ 34:53

Correction it was Kyle Haines

Devils on pp

Lots of chances for Devils

Now 5 on 4

Flyers Full strength

Flyers penalty Scott Fleming 2 minutes for hooking @ 37:21

Final minute

Matt Nickerson having words with Andrew Hotham

End of 2nd period Flyers 1 DEVILS 2

Peters period report - Devils well worth lead, they have stepped up their physical play and are forcing Flyers to take Penalties. Next goal could be crucial, though Flyers not out of this if they can stop taking penalties

Big thank you to the Flyers fans helping Gillian out as she reports on the Devils

The webast is having problems galore but good old MNL marches on

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS had 7, Flyers had 80 according to gamesheet, it must be 8 making it 17-16 after 2 periods

Teams back on ice

3rd period underway

Matthew Myers back in action

Flyers goal @ 41:53

Chris Wands the scorer


Sloppy goal to concede -total lapse of concentration

Cannot bring you any update on Chris Culligan

Desparate defending by Devils @ 44:12

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal


Devils need to settle down and get teamwork not individual plays

lovely play by Doug Clarkson @45:57

Josh Batch shot saved by Kevin Regan

Chris Culligan has a cut on the inside of his mouth and needs a specialist to stitch hime up, hes ok

Devils finally holding on to puck and creating some pressure

Devils penalty Josh Batch 2 minutes for hooking @48:52


Flyers PPG @ 48:51 Matt Reber

Assists for Matt Nickerson & Ned Lukacevic

Come on U DEVILS

Come on U DEVILS

Devils dominating but cannot get that telling shot

Matthew Myers also out of the game

Come on U DEVILS we want a goal

Joey Haddad down @ 53:25 after a boarding hit by Ned Lukacevic @ 53:25

Devils go on PP

Joey Haddad is up, that should have been 2 + 10 for checking from behind

Gillian says ref has lost control of the game

Jordan Fulton penalty

Andrew Hotham also penalised for being punched

Why is it 5 on 3 for Devils I don't know

Ref hasn't a clue

Andrew Hotham got 2 minutes for elbowing

Fulton got 2 minutes for slashing + 2 minutes for roughing

Flyers back to 4 skaters

Flyers FS

Its all Devils with less than 3 minutes left

Final 2 minutes

Great check by Joey Martin

Flyers penalty @ 58:06 - Milam 2 minutes for slashing

Come U DEVILS give us a PPG now - PLEASE

Time out Devils

That penalty against Jamie Milam was utter nonsense

Final minute

Bowns lifted

Ben Bowns returns

Gone again

Face off in the Flyers zone @ 59:19

Save regan @ 59:33

Jake Morissette with the shot

Final score Flyers 3 DEVILS 2

Our thanks to texters - Gillian & Laura (Flyers) and Peter (KettDevil)

Peter says Devils should have won but conceded 2 goals by terrible defensive lapses

Devils MoM - BEN BOWNS

Flyers MoM - Matt Nickerson

Join Steve tomorrow night as he sits in the host chair when the Blaze come to the BBT

Thats all from me until the next time