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Cardiff Devils 0 - 6 Sheffield Steelers

Welcome to MNL as we cover the game between the Devils and the Steelers in the BBT in Cardiff Bay

Join me (OJ) from around 5pm

Score predictions always welcome -

We also invite comments especially from those of you following MNL and watching the webcast or even at the BBT giving your insights on the game

Texters making their way to BBT

Parking problems in Cardiff Bay as there is a swimming gala at Pool

Steven B goes for a 4-2 win

Russky predicts a Devils win in O/T

Plexi Girl & Dan at BBT go for a 3-2 Devils win and want plenty of action from Trevor Hendrikx & Doug Clarkson

Only player missing for Devils in warmup is Matthew Myers

Chris Jones seems to have recovered from the knock he had last night

We have Tom Darnell in charge tonight again

Robert T goes for DEVILS 4 Steelers 2

Mychan Clan go for Devils by 4 goals

The Mychans (+ others) say WELL DONE to the Stingrays for getting their webcast running and going that extra mile in refunding all purchasers

Its +4 in SK, my brother in law in Ottawa said it got down to -25 there in the week, very little snow though

Warmup completed

Clan losing 4-2 at Norttingham mid way thru 2nd period

No Doyle, Kohn or Fretter for Steelers

Hazel in Southend calls it 4-2 Devils

Its Panthers 5 Clan 2 after 2 periods

Lights dimmed at BBT

Final texter Rachael has just made it

On duty tonight are Sharlene, Rachael, Jon J and Nigel

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Team intros

Refs are Darnell & Hogarth

Anthem sung

Puck dropped

Joey Haddad goes close @ 1:20

Josh Unice in net for Steelers

Good early pressure from Devils

Ben Bowns keeps out a shot by Phillip Hill

Jon J wants me to say hello to JO - HELLO

Very very noisy at BBT

Another sell out I believe

Steelers offside

Gametime 4:45

Matthew M goes for 5-3 Devils win

also wants me to give a shout for a tired Sharlene who was in Hull last night

Save by Unice

After great pressure by Devils

Gametime 7;06

unice saves from Joey Haddad

Steelers Goal against run of play

@ 8:38

Hard shot saved by Bowns but Steelers bury rebound

Scored by Petruska

Steelers penalty @ 8:48 - Legue 2 minutes for hooking

Unice kicks off net - blatant

1 minute of pp gone

Sheffield FS

Poor Devils pp

Gametime 10:54

Devils offside @ 11:08

Devils offside again @ 11:14

Come on U DEVILS

Unice saves after great work by Brent Walton & Chris Culligan

Unice stops a Joey Haddad wrap around

Hogarth missing blatant offences

@ 13:25 Unice covers again

Phillip Hill is working harder for Steelers than he did for us

Gametime 14:02

Darnell stops a late Steelers line change

15:02 gone

Good Steelers pressure but no clear chance

Jake Morissette tripped no call - maybe we should have 3 refs

Ben Bowns save after a Steelers offside missed

icing Face off in the Steelers zone @ 17:10

Devils not getting the bounce of the puck for sure

icing Face off in the Steelers zone @ 18:25

Now 6-2 in Nottingham

Sheffield net displaced @ 18:42

Unice saves from Chris Culligan

Unice saves from Andrew Lord

Final minute

Give us a goal U DEVILS - now

Steelers penalty @ 19:14 Rodney Sarich 2 minutes for hooking

Devils penalty @ 19:23 Joey Haddad 2 minutes for boarding

Just a hard hit says Jon J

end of 1st period DEVILS 0 Steelers 1

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 16 Steelers 9

2nd period will start with 4 on 4 for 1:14 followed by a 9 sec Steelers PP

Both teams back on ice

it will be 4 on 4 for 1:14 followed by 9 secs of PK for Devils

Off we go

Unice covers @ 21:07

Steelers Full strength


Devils Full strength

Lots of handbags on show


Andrew Hotham v Mark Thomas

Andrew Hotham has the take down

Andrew Hotham batters him acording to Steve

time of fight 21:40

Both get 5 minutes for fighting with 2 for instigating for Andrew Hotham


Andrew Hotham minor was for slashing

Andrew Lord hits cross bar on SH breakaway

Steelers penalty Darrel Hay 2 minutes for high sticks @ 23:47

Roughing was the call not high sticks

Devils on PP


Glove save Unice @ 25:14

Steelers Full strength

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please

Steelers are blocking a lot of Devils shots

Andrew Hotham is back

Steelers penalty Mark Thomas 2 minutes for tripping @ 28:50

It might be x-checking who cares DEVILS on pp

One minute of pp unfruitful

Steelers Full strength

Steelers goal @ 31:24

Forney assist Hill

Come on U DEVILS get into gear

We need to get one back quickly

Steelers score again @ 33:40

Mosienko the scorer

assists for Legue and O'Connor

Gove save Unice from Doug Clarkson @ 34:23

Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for roughing @ 34:30

Roy blindsides Hendrikx then goes to hide as Sarich jumps in as 3rd man

Devils back to FS

Will get you the penalties when I get confirmation

Devils shooting tonight is below par

It would appear Sarich was not called for 3rd man in although planly identified as such by officials

Final minute

End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Steelers 3

To clarify Rodney Sarich got 2 minutes for roughing when clearly 3rd man in

Teams are back

If we ever need one of those famous Devils final periods now is the time

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 12 Steelers 8 making it 28-17 after 2 periods

Away we go for 3rd

A goal every five minutes that all we want

Ben Bowns glove save from Eddy

Devils making Unice look much better than he is by shooting straight at him

Big hit by Trevor Hendrikx on Tyler Mosienko who gnes off a tad shake

Ben Bowns not looking as assured tonight says Nigel

Devils offside @ 46:13

We need that goal U DEVILS

Lino waves off Steelers icing - why don't ask me

Steve will be hosting next Sunday.

You will have me on Saturday when the Devils are in Kirkcady. Welsh Champion Hurdle and West Wales National in the afternoon at Ffos Las

Steelers Cullen Eddy 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 48:18

Come on U DEVILS lets have that PPG

one minute killed by Steelers

Steelers score a SHG

@ 49:28

Its not "The Wheels on the bus go round and round" but "The wheels on the bus come off"

Forney scored assist Roy

STEELERS score again @ 50:35 - Tyler Mosienko

Very lacklustre Devils performance

Unice dislodges net yet again

Mike will replaces Ben Bowns @ 51:20

Steelers goal - Legue @ 53:20

Time out Devils

Steelers 6th goal was unassisted

Assists on 5th goal to Legue and Dowd

Game restarts

Unice covers @ 54:40

I concede that we will not score 7 goals but lets have one U DEVILS

Steelers icing

What made them call that one, they have waved off all the others

Losing badly to Steelers sticks in my throat

Trevor Hendrikx a ten minute misconduct for ?????? @ 56:31

Darnell reappears and the hockey turns sour for all concerned

Sheffield penalty Gord Baldwin 2 minutes for delay of game @ 57:16

Unice glove save as we enter final 2 minutes

Unice covers again @ 58:48

Steelers FS

Final score DEVILS 0 Steelers 6

Our thanks to Rachael, Sharlene, Nigel & Jon J. Our sympathy goes to them also for having to endure that Devils performance

Steelers MoM - Josh Unice


Join me next Saturday as the Devils travel to Kirkcaldy to take on the Flyers - coverage depedent of finding texters. If you know someone who can help out let me know, PM , or text MNL 07527625206