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Edinburgh Capitals 7 - 4 Cardiff Devils

OJ here at MNL eagerly awaiting tonights game after missing out on last nights big win in Newcastle


Waiting for my first text from Edinburgh, lets hope for another 2 points. believe you me it makes that long journey back to Cardiff much more pleasurable

Fans report that it is not as cold as usual in the Murrayfield Rink

Its cold here, it seems to have gone much colder in the last hour.

Its cold here, it seems to have gone much colder in the last hour.

Remember to send me your predictions at

I am thinking of making a quick visit to my usual bolt hole in Tenerife watching the Wales v France game over there.

Its Carnival time on the Island of Sun

No e-mails, late Sunday tea maybe

Lets hope we can stay out of the bin tonight as we have beat any team 5 on 5 and the pk is respectable as well. least said about the pp the better

Trying to get a flight for Tuesday 24 Febuary so I can attend the Burial of the Sardine on Ash Wednesday.

Warmup nearing completion, Capitals wearing Red Valentines sweaters, Devils in home white.

At least be thankful Devils not wearing those white jerseys with strawberries as we once did

For those of you who don't know what I am on about, some bright spark designed a Devils jerseys covered with mini Devils logos (The original Devils Logo) the jerseys looked like the were covered with strawberries or lovehearts

Where have all the predictions gone, probably everyone asleep after watching that boring Italy v Ireland game, there were more stoppages in that game than a hockey game

Our texters are confident that the Devils will massacre the Capitals in their own barn

I can't belive that it is almost 20 years since our first game in Edinburgh. Devils won there in their 2nd game in the top flight having drawn with Ayr the previous evening in Glasgow

20 or so Devils fans have made it north of the border (x2)

Still no predictions

Marco Coenen is the referee

Crowd of 300 or so diehards

Russky calls it 4-1 to the Devils

We are underway

Elich, Davies & Prich start for the Devils

Gareth calls it 3-1 Devils

Raitenen makes first save of the night @ 3:11

Ryan also calls it 3-1 Devils

Capitals icing @ 3:44

Devils have started well

Capitals score @ 4:07

Scored by Hurtibuise, assists Cingel & Cassells

Devils defence went walkabout

Lets hope thats the only goal for the Capitals

Pasi save @ 5:05

Another Pasi save @ 5:34

More than 500 Capital fans now present

Pasi deflects puck out of play @ 6:16

Aubry save @ 6:39

Wayward Devils pass gave Capitals a breakaway

Capitals penalty @ 7:29 Stefishen - hooking

Pasi save @ 8:59

Another Capitals breakaway calls on Aubry to save @ 9:08

Capitals kill penalty

Devils penalty @ 9:49 Jarvis - delay of game

Capitals shot felected out of play @ 10:46

Zoe calls it 4-2 and her boyfiend thinks it will be 5-2

Capitals ppg @ 11:41

Scored by Stefishen assist Hurtibuise

Wake up Devils

Capitals ice puck @ 13:30

Coemen not calling anything

Game stopped for repair to plexi-glass

Play re-commences

Come on you Devils is the shout from the travelling fans

Capitals icing @ 13:48

Devils penalty @ 13:54 Elich - tripping

Lets get that pk into gear for this penalty

Capitals penalty @ 14:04 Horne - hooking

1:51 of 4 on 4 on that big ice

Another Capitals icing @ 14:37

Too much partying last night, big ice are the concensus from e-mailers

Capitals penalty @ 15:01 Cingel - interference

Elich back, short 5 on 3

Horne back, now Devils 5 on 4 - make it count

Oh no, Devils penalty @ 16:06 Latulippe - tripping

Back to 4 on 4

Capitals 3rd goal scored @ 16:42

Shot from blueline by Christiansen, assits Horne & Garside

Latulippe back

Handbags @ 18:56 after Aubry save

Capitals penalty @ 18:36 Stefishen - interference

I think Chris is fed up he times events @ 58:36


A ppg goal for Devils @ 59:44 scored by Teplisky assist Prpich

At the end of 1st period Capitals 3 DEVILS 1

I wander if its down to the netminder as Devils outshot Capitals 9 -8

E-mails gone mad, sorry can't reply to them all but I wouldn't want to be in the Devils dressing room at the moment.

Still it can't be as bad as when Paul Heavey was coach and Taffy and I would make ourselves scarce are still outside

By the way do any of you have contact details for Heaves as I need to get in touch with him. If so e-mail me

Glyn the eternal optimist thinks Devils will win 6-3

True believers follow the Devils

BLuebirds v Swans FA Cup Final now looks likely

Myers in net for Devils

Aubry apparently said to Adams "Something doesn't seem right"

Read about it fist on MNL

21 minutes gone

Capitals offside @ 21:14

Myers fist save @ 21:23

Devils offside @ 22:09

Ace save by Myers

Devils offside @ 23:15

Capitals icing @ 23:29

Devils playing better

Maybe they have now got rid of their bus legs , its a longway from Newcastle to Edinburgh

Devils icing @ 24:37

Its gone very quiet

27 minutes gone

End to end

End to end

Capitals 4th goal @ 27:31

Capitals goal scored by Cinget, assist Hurtibuise

Capitals 4th goal came after more poor passing by Devils giving Capitals a 3 on 1 opportunity which they accepted gleefully

Devils go offside again @ 29:15

Very cold at the rink says Chris, I suppose the Devils performance doesn't help

Capitals penalty @ 29:31 Perkins - delay of game

30 minutes gone

Pasi save @ 30:28

Devils powerplay is awful

There is only one solution - stay out of the naughty boys room

Puck out of play @ 30:42 following a Towe shot

Capitals kill penalty with ease

Capital penalty @ 32:31 Cingel - tripping

Towe misses a good chance

Can you decline penalties in ice hockey?

Pasi falls into net and dislodges

Devils forwards non-existent

Capitals kill penalty at leisure

Pasi looks knackered

Devils revert to their favourite game plan - Dump and DON'T chase

One good thing Latulippe & Elich playing really well together

YES Aubry is apparently injured. Why people don't read full MNL is a mystery to me

Capital 5th goal @ 36:56

Scored by Cingel, assists Hurtbuise & Christiansen

Elich seems to be annoyed at dump and chase tactics

Devils penalty @ 37:28 Voth - 10 minute misconduct

Final 2 minutes of second period

Final minute


Devils 2nd goal @ 39:09 scored by Davies assists Latulippe & Prpich

Capitals ice puck @ 39:35

Ben's goal was a beauty maybe the imports can try and emulate him

End of 2nd period Capitals 5 DEVILS 2

Elich disspleasure with team mates all too obvious and who can blame him, dumping the puck is OK to relieve pressure or run the clock down but we are trailing badly and need quick goals if the long trip home is going to be bearable

SoG for 2nd period Devils 8; Capitals 7

Teplitsky was the target for the Elich rant

Trying to get update on Aubry

At least England are doing well 223/1 - two 100 stands so far

Aubry doesn't seem to be badly hurt, he is still on the bench full dressed with helmet on. Maybe he felt he wasn't on top of his game as was honest about it

Both teams back on the ice

This will be a good game to win from this position

Cast any spells you know of

Crooss those limbs, indexes or buns

Start delayed for repair to ice

We are off 4 goals to win

Capitals offside @ 40:40

Richard points out that you can sign a replacement netminder after the deadline and urges G to find someone more consistent that Aubry - I am sure people will wish to comment on that

Capitals penalty @41:32 Stefishen - tripping

Pasi giving up loads of rebounds

Powerplay pants

43 minutes gone, Capitals created more chances shorthanded than Devils on powerplay

Devils penalty @ 43:23 Hartwick - holding

Capitals go on 5 on 4

Hill checks Horne into Devils bench and falls flat on his face

Prpich takes hit on leg by puck and is injured

Hartwick returns to the ice

It was Horne who hit the ice not Hill

Prpich looked hurt but is back on the ice

Prpich shift didn't last long, he's gone off

Devils offside @ 46:52

Relief Prpich looks OK on next shift

Capitals penalty @ 47:09 Christie - holding stick

Voth returns

Come on Devils get the pp into gear if only fiorst gear, its been in reverse for too long

Capitals penalty @ 47:38 Perkins - delay of game

Devils call timeout


Devils 3rd goal @ 47:46 scored by Prpich, assists Teplitsky & Voth - ppg

Capitals offide @ 48:12

Devils penalty @ 48:35 Hill - holding

1 minute of 4 on 4

There's time for those three goals

Capitals back to full strength and go on pp

Myers save @ 50:21

Pasi save @ 50:49

Devils finally looking dangerous

Capitals penalty @ 51:55 Mitchell - roughing

DEvils get that pp into overdrive quickly

Too much old D&C

Pasi save @ 53:32

Its now or never

Powerplay crap say texters

Capitals return to full strength

Pasi save @ 54:16

Its going to be a long trip home for everyone

Another Pasi save @ 54:35

Capitals 6th goal scored @ 54:56 on a 2 on 1 breakaway

Goal scored by Perkins, assists Hurtibuise & Hay

And we all know what hay makes the bull do

57 minutes gone my texter in chief thinks its all over

No Russky nobody understands why our pp sucks - skill level maybe

DEvils look cream cracked

Myers save @ 57:49

Penalties @ 57:49 Voth (D) roughing; Stefishen (C) roughing

Devils 4th goal scored @ 58:17 by Latulippe, assists Elich & Prpich

Capitals 7th goal @58:52

Hat-trick goal for Cingel, assists Dustin & Hurtibuise

Another breakaway goal

Voth & Stefishen return and ref steps between them - maybe he wants to buy a handbag

Final score Capitals 7 DEVILS 4

At least they will sleep all the way home since they look knackered and out on their skates

SoG in 3rd Devils 15 Capitals 7

Devils MoM Jason Stone

Capitals MoM Cingel

Thanks for all the e-mails it was the most yet

Thanks to Chris in Edinburgh for the texts

Aubry seems to have concussion from last night

Thanks for your company thats all from me OJ