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Coventry Blaze 0 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils go points hunting in Coventry.

Gerald & Colin are en-route to Coventry to bring you MNL unique coverage of this league game

Predictions & comments always welcomed to

If you are going to the game and can help us please text the MNL line 07527 625 206

Join me from around 4:30 for the 5:15 face off

Waiting for my texters to tear themselves away from the beer in Weatherspoons

Robert T says 6-2 Devils

Russky says Devils will win in O/T

Mychan Clan think Devils will dominate game and make it a 4 point weekend

Pat in Bridgend calls it 4-2 to Devils

Warmup in progress

Mark G goes for a 4-2 solid road win

Hazel not so confident and goes for a 5-4 win for the Devils in O/T

Nothing from texters so far

Gerald & Colin finishing that last pint I assume

RED ARMY TRAVEL banner being raised

RED ARMY are armed with CLAPPERS and ready to go

Waiting for the teams to appear

Robert T wants to know if there will be any fights tonight.

I don't support this fascination with fighting, anyone who does should read "Boy on Ice - The life & Death of Derek Boogard"

Robert Farmer of the Panthers supposedly losing all his fights is a candidate for the same problems unless they monitor him closely

That said the issue is the same with rubgy theses days with 18st centres

I played at 18st but at least I was a prop

Adam T has also made it to Coventry

Devils on ice followed at last by the Blaze

Brian Stewart given a warm welcome by the RED ARMY

Anthem time

Matthew M says 3-1 Devils with 2 fights and a Game Misconduct

Devils by 3 says Brian Parker who says coach Lord will have the team focused and hungry after last weekend

Elliot B goes for 5-3 win for Devils

Ready to start game

Presentation pre game also a lighting problem

Puck dropped

Toby Craig is referee

Apologies its Matt Thompson with the whistle

Puck out of play Face off in the Blaze zone @ 1:42

Brian Stewart covers @ 2:06

Devils without Myers, Blaze without O'Marra (suspended)

Both teams have 16 skaters

Chris Culligan offside @ 3:36

No clear chances for either team so far

Come on U DEVILS

Devils icing @ 4:55

Andrew Lord could have saved icing but impeded by lino

Brian Stewart save @ 5:12


Blaze icing @ 7:47

No intensity in game so far

Ben Bowns saves from Cale Tanaka

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for tripping @ 8:16


Joey Haddad goes close to a SHG

Blaze penalty called will be 4 on 4 for 40secs


Tyson Marsh scores

It was Craig Cescon who got Blaze penalty @ 9:27

Devils opening goal by the captain was @ 9:33

His 7th of the season

Unassisted I believe

Devils FS and go on PP

Puck out of play Face off in the Blaze zone

1:01 of pp remains

Blaze clear zone

Brian Stewart covers @ 11:25

Blaze FS

Ben Bowns save from Mike Egener

Ben Bowns saves from Cale Tanaka @ 12:17

Doug Clarkson ploughs Craig Cescon into boards

Blaze offside @ 13:04

Jake Morissette hits right hand post

Doug Clarkson 2 minutes for roughing @`16:44


Russ Cowley should have been called as well

It was only handbags

Blaze had 7 skaters on ice that was missed by officials

Devils Full strength

Doug Clarkson & Russ Cowley having words again

Cowley chirping Clarkson - what a brave lad

Devils icing @ 19:29

End of 1st period Blaze 0 DEVILS 1

I am told Capitals are beating Giants 2-0 after 10 minutes

Now 2-1 at Murrayfield

No SoG info yet

Devils need to up their game to douse the Blaze this period

Both teams back on ice

2nd period starts

RED ARMY TRAVEL trip to Hull next Saturday - Adults 27

Lots of other deals on this trip - details later

Ashlee Tait shot saved by Ben Bowns

Discounted tickets 4 for buffet lunch

Devils penalty Chris Jones 2 minutes for boarding @ 22:01


Chris Culligan clears zone

Pint for 2 at Hull 3 jagers for 5

Massive save by Ben Bowns


@ 24:08

Andrew Lord ((14th) assist Joey Haddad

Evenhanded goal

Ashlee Tait shoots Ben Bowns saves @ 25:23

SoG for 1st period Blaze 14 DEVILS 12


Doug Clarkson @ 29:43

assists Joey Haddad & Tyson Marsh

That was Doug's 14th of the season

Its silent in the Coventry library - RED ARMY apart

They have probably been told to be quiet

Trevor Hendrikx & Craig Cescon on way to naughty boys room

@ 34:46

Kneeing for Trevor Hendrikx; elbows for Craig Cescon

Jacob Sindel shoots Ben Bowns gloves it

Ben Bowns saves from Steven Goertzen @ 35:02

Blaze offside

If you fancy the trip to Hull get in touch with RED ARMY TRAVEL

Both teams Full strength

Brian Stewart covers @ 38:26

Dundee take early lead against Steelers

Now 2-2 at Edinburgh

End of 2nd period Blaze 0 DEVILS 3

I dont know how cold it is with you, it is freezing here

Due to go to -4 overnight rising to 4 in the day tomorrow.

+23 in Puerto tomorrow after +17 overnight

The Mychan Clan are basking in their -2 and gtrateful

My trip to Tenerife whilst enjoyable was a waste of time as my friends hospital operation was put off for a month or so

Come on U DEVILS one tight period and a good weekends work done and dusted

SoG for 2nd period Blaze 9 DEVILS 6 making it 23-18 after 2 periods

Teams back

Puck dropped for 3rd



@ 40:27 Trevor Hendrikx (his 4th)

Assists Joey Haddad & Chris Jones

Colin says Blaze in disarray

Doug Clarkson smashes Craig Cescon into boards - FIGHT Cescon knocks Clarkson down with 1 punch, Clarkson back up and gives him some heavy punches

Both get 5 minutes for fighting @ 44:19

Jake Morissette down hurt, gets up completes shift and goes to bench in obvious pain

Ben Bowns covers from Steven Goertzen @44:46

Will keep you posted on Jake Morissette

Blaze offside

Blaze fans chanting "We want one"

No sign of Jake Morissette yet

Cale Tanaka shoots wide @ 48:33

Ben Bowns covers @ 49:04

Jake Morissette back on the ice

Good save Ben Bowns from Mark Smith @ 50:01

Mike Egener cross-check on Jesse Mychan not called

FIGHT i believe awaiting confirmation

Apologies it said fighters back

Blaze fans walking out with 8 minutes left

Jesse Mychan buries Mike Egener in the boards


Debate about goal

Tyson Marsh it was who buries biscuit

Goal given

@ 15:51

That was Tyson Marsh 8th goal of the season

Assists for Chris Culligan & Jesse Mychan

Worth noting big Doug now has 100pims

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Blaze icing with 37 secs left

Final score Blaze 0 DEVILS 5

Blaze have not scored a goal for 157 minutes 19 secs

Big thank you to Gerald (RED ARMY TRAVEL) & Colin for their coverage

Devils MoM - TYSON MARSH with 2+2

RED ARMY will enjoy their bus ride home as will the DEVILS

Join me next Saturday when the Devils travel to Hull to take on the Stingrays

If you want to make the trip contact RED ARMY TRAVEL

No news on Blaze MoM - maybe witheld


Blaze Mom was Jakub SINDEL