Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 2 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL as the Panthers visit the BBT

Join me ( a freezing OJ) from around 6pm as the Devils return to league action and seek the first 2 points of the 4 on offer this weekend

My texters have been allocated their duties, I am trying to get warm before the action starts

Russky goes for a Devils win and reminded me what I had given up in Tenerife to be back in Cardiff

Face off delayed for 15 minutes

I assume delay is due to traffice problems on Link road

Adam T goes for a 4-3 Devils win, brother Tony slightly more confident and calls it 5-3

Josh C predicts a 6-4 win for the RED ARMY

Steve who so ably hosted the last 3 games goes for a 6-3 win

Its his birthday today as well

Mychan clan predict a 4 point weekend

Laura Mychan also wants to thank Katrina & Johnathan along with Helen Drane for the programee sent them with Jesse on the cover

JohnWildthing is on texter duty tonight and I am sure Katrina is selling something at the BBT

Thanks also for the good words said about my fellow host Steve

Hopefully I can take in the iodd game now that I have Steve to help out

+1 in SK today, it hit me last night arriving back to -2 after enjoying 25+

Happy 16th birtm Jon Jfrom MNL to Bailey also from Jon J

Looks as if Kowalski and Modig warming up for Panthers

That would mean having one less import skater

Rachael goes for a 5-3 Devils win, Baz doesn't care what the score is so long as the Devils win. I second that

Hazel in freezing Southend goes for 7-4 scoreline in favour of the DEVILS

Warmup done

Sue J as always says Devils by 2 goals

I believe we have another sell out at the BBT

Panthers fans in fancy dress - no theme apparent however

Tony Temme wants a plug for his club - South Wales Samurai Ball Hockey Club who are on a recruitment drive

Refs are Hogarth & Smith

Twitter handle for Tony club @samuraibhc

BBT Is busy tonight

Panthers without Higgins, Parent, Clarke, Graham, Lee

Craig Kowalski is backup tonight

Brian Parker says Devils by 3 thanks to the sellout BBT

Teams take to the ice

Panthers have 13 skaters

Craig Kowalski doesn't look happy

Cornwall Taffy says Devils by 3 also


Sharp eyed Tony has spotted 3 unoccupied seats

We are ready

No Matthew Myers for Devils

High tempo game is called for, Panthers short bench

Puck dropped

Great work by Chris Jones to clear zone

early Panthers pressure

Glove save Modig from Andrew Hotham

Its end to end hockey in a very noisy BBT

Trevor Hendrikx 2nd hit on Doucet

Jesse Mychan goes close

Its now Devils pressure

So come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Doug Clarkson hit on Charles Landry

Ben Bowns covers from Robert Farmer

Doucet now hit by Carl Hudson

Doucet basically crawls to the bench

Devils throwing hit after hit

Joey Haddad now gets in on the hitting

Devils offside @ 5;40

Puck out of play

Gametime 6:15

Tyson Marsh foils 2 on 1

Bryan Schmidt stops Jake Morissette breakaway

Brent Walton hits post

Devils net off its moorings

Andrew Hotham & Greg Jacina handbags

Panthers icing

Game played at a very fast pace

Andrew Lord goes close

Tyson Marsh breaks stick on slapshot

Good glove save Modig

Young Brit Betteridge getting a shift for Panthers

Gametime 10:30

No goal anywhere tonight so far

Jon J says noise level is off the scale

I hope City Council don't come here for a warrant

Modig saves from Jesse Mychan

Jesse turned over Berube on edge of crease, should have scored

Devils Penalty Josh Batch 2 minutes for boarding @ 11:55


Panthers goal @ 13:56

Jonathan Boxill scores assists Mosey & Jacina

Panthers penalty @


A PPG by Carl Hudson - his 8th of the season

Penalty was against Charles Landry 2 minutes for slashing @ 14:20

Handbags quelled by Josh Batch & Trevor Hendrikx

Devils goal was @ 14:32

Modig glove save

Tyson Marsh lining up Greg Jacina

Glove save Ben Bowns from Chris Lawrence

Gametime 16:44

Andrew Lord hit on Robert Farmer

Doug Clarkson levels a Panther

Modig save from Doug Clarkson

Assists on Devils goals for Chris Culligan & Joey Martin

Gametime 18:25

Final minute

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Modig has Joey Martin's stick stuck in his helmet

26 secs left in period

Modig blatant removal of net

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Panthers 1

Apologies for in correct score, be assured it will be thus shortly

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 12 Panthers 8

Jon J period report - Not a lot between the two teams so far, it doesn't look like being a high scoring game

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Devils penalty Josh Batch 2 minutes for hooking

@ 20:23


Ben Bowns covers

Panthers unable to set up their PP

What a pity

Great PK by Devils so far

Great PK by Jesse Mychan

Devils Full strength

Doug Clarkson & Robert Farmer chatting @ 22:43

Doug Clarkson invites Chris Lawrence who declines

Modig keeps out a Joey Haddad shot

Doug Clarkson chirping at entire Panthers bench

Jesse Mychan levels a Panther

Devils penalty Jesse Mychan 2 minutes for ???? @ 24:12

Now Brent Walton is penalised

5 on 3 for Panthers

Both penalties were at the same time


Brent Walton 2 minutes for hooking Jesse Mychan 2 minutes for roughing

1 Minute killed

30 secs of PK remains

RED ARMY killing this penalty for the lads

Devils Full strength

Modig glove save from Mark Richardson

@ 27:51

BBT is getting louder and louder if that is possible

Come on U DEVILS

Panthers icing @ 29:08

Chris Lawrence misses a clear chance

Great interplay by Joey Haddad & Doug Clarkson

Good save Ben Bowns

gametime 31:42

Modig bats away a Jesse Mychan rifle shot


Joey Haddad with his 21st of the season


Andrew Hotham scores 3rd

Confirmed 2 goals in a shift


seeking confirmation as its raining goals

FIGHT - Clarkson V Farmer

Robert Farmer is battered

gametime 34:47

Devils 2nd goal scored by Haddad assist Clarkso @ 33:43

Craig Kowalski seems to be warming up

Chris Jones 2nd assist on 2nd goal

3rd goal @34:14 Hotham assists Lord & Morisette

4th goal @ 34:43 scored by Culligan assists Hendrikx & Walton

Panthers goal

Missile shot by Chris Lawrence

@ 36:40

Panthers penalty Doucet 2 minutes for tripping @ 37:41

Lets hve a PPG you DEVILS

Before that penalty Ben Bowns had made a wonder save after a Walton/Batch cockup

Andrew Hotham foils a Robert Lachowicz breakaway

Panthers penalty Greg Jacina

5 on 3 for Devils for 20 secs

Tripping the call

@ 39:20

Panthers back to 4 skaters

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Panthers 2

I need to find a quiet room after all that activity

I think I have cleared everything up

devils will start 3rd period with a 1:20 pp

Doug Clarkson & Robert Farmer got 5 minutes for fighting @ 34:47

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 19 Panthers 14 making it 31-22 after 2 periods

Devils back on ice

úrd period underway with Devils on PP

Panthers clear zone

Come on U DEVILS we want a PPG - please

Andrew Lord goes close

Panthers FS

Modig saves

Gametime 43:30

Play confined to neutral zone at the moment

Gametime 45:10

Ben Bowns glove save from Chris Lawrence

Trevor Hendrikx misses with a big hit

Gametime 45:35

RED ARMY went a bit quiet but now getting back to full voice

No game comments on

Ben Bowns covers

farmer crashwes net, Doug Clarkson laughs at him

Doug Clarkson invites Farmer & Mike Berube both decline

Brent Walton & Jesse Mychan combine to put pressure on Modig

Huge block by Tyson Marsh

Doug Clarkson leans over boards and reminds Mike Berube of his offer

Doug Clarkson now laughing at Berube


Superb solo effort by Doug Clarkson his 13th of the seaason

Bottom left corner

Doug Clarkson then goads the entire Panthers bench

Assists for Joey Haddad & Andrew Hotham @ 49:39

Devils penalty Brent Walton 2 minutes for slashing @ 50:25


Tony Temme just drenched his mobile with lager after a Doug Clarkson hit on the boards

Panthers penalty Chris Lawrence 2 minutes for hooking @ 51:26

Reminded that Doug Clarkson has a Gordie Howe hattrick - GOAL + ASSIST + FIGHT

Modig saves from Andrew Lord


Joey Martin scores (his 15th ) assist Jesse Mychan

@ 53:35

Modig saves from Trevor Hendrikx

Credit where credit is due - Panthers fans still singing

Ben Bowns foils Doucet

Andrew Lord hits cross bar


Jake Morissette scores his 17th of the season

Assists Joey Martin & Andrew Lord @ 55:38

Gametime 57:40

Its all Devils with the RED ARMY wanting more goals

Harry Cooper wants to know if Panther fans are singing - "Show me the way home"

Luke Piggott shoots stright at Modig

Ben Bowns save

Game over

Final score DEVILS 7 Panthers 2

Our thanks to texters - Adam & Tony Temme, Jon J, JohnWildthing and Sharlene

They matched the team and did a brilliant job

Panthers MoM - Jonathan Boxill

Adam says Chris Lawrence had a good game as well

I am still on the lookout for texters in Coventry tomorrow

If you can heklp or know someone who can PM me, email me at or text MNL number 07527 625206


Thats all from me - join me tomorrow from around 4pm as MNL brings you coverage of the Devils battle with the Blaze in Coventry (FO 5:15)


where is the hot water bottle?