Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 2 Belfast Giants

Join me tonight from 6.20 tonight for the big game get your predictions and comments in and I will pass them on to everybody watching

Early one from Russky Devils to win tonight and get back in the habit !

sorry i meant 6.50 !!!! got to have my tea first

Pat says afetr a terrible Weekend we must get back playing and stop giving away stupid goals so she is going for a 5-2 win

Robert Tyler says Devils to win 5-3 tonight Redemption on the cards

Mr Brain Parker who owns the team i Love says Devils by 2 in a hard hitting game

Both teams are out warming up

Big shout out to Bailey our biggest fan, never misses an MNL

Gareth jenkins says he doesn't care if Devils win by one or five, Justas long as the Red Army win

i'm going to have to have a drink as i am getting nervous

it's my birthday Saturday anybody got a spare ticket as a present to see us get revenge on panthers and see someone hit Steve Lee

The Mychan clan has gathered together to watch the Devils slay the Giants, they have taken work off finished their lunch and have beers at the ready, its going to be a battle. they are also sweltering in temperatures of +1 whe it was -39 a few days ago, mental !!!

Matthew moore is laid up with tonsillitis and can't make tonight, wishing the boys good luck and predicting a 4-2 win to the Devils with around 38 penalty minutes

Anne McShane a Giants fan is predicting a convincing win for our gaelic cousins she is a believer ! thank you for tuning in Anne

Hazel in Sothend says Come On Devils and also says we will win 5-3

No Matt Myers again

Saurette and Garside Out Keefe carrying an injury if he plays and of course Murphy is out

refs are Hogarth and Smith

Giants enter the arena

please welcome on to the Ice your very own Cardiff Devils

Lloyd is playing tonight

The puck has dropped

very intense start Keefe and Mychan exchange words


Bowns save

Dont fall for it Jesse

Devils on top so far

great work by Haddad

i thought Lloyd was banned

2.53 gone and Red Army is deafening

more devils pressure as the net falls over ?

Culligan with a shot after a break by Mychan 4:40 gone,, lets have a cheeky goal now boys

great point blank save by Bowns

a lot of offside calls being missed apparently

very fierce game so far

7:17 gone

Devils pp too many men

Penalty served by Peacock

Giants countering the PP well so far

Belfast back to full strength

Bowns glove save 9:55 gone

Sandrock breaks but can't put the puck away

10:49 puck out of play

not many openings from either team yet

its a good tough opening period not for the faint hearted

puck out of play again

Haddad called for hgh sticks but not by ref who was stood next to him, strange

1 minute of P.P. GONE

Giants score

awaiting details

PPG @ 13:19 Calvin Elfring FROM Mike Kompon

Clarkson gets2 minutes for kneeing

6:17 left in period

30 secs left on PP

for those who didn't know 4-4 on aggregate

PP over

just before penalty ended Devils went close

COME ON DEVILS lets get one before the end of the period

2:40 left in period

puck out of play again 1:32 left

Giants goal

looks like there may have been a player in the crease

scored by kompon assists Lloyd and Brookwell 18:40

refs calling nothing against Giants

Lord falls over Chubak and Giants players moan at ref

33 secs left

and the puck goes out again

period ends Devils 0 Giants 2 5-4 to Giants on aggregate

late prediction comes in from Cornwall Taffy in France----any win will do preferably not biting his nails at the end

Now we need a big second period

Dear Me, Spurs 0 Burnley 2 after 8 minutes

anyway back to the Hockey an early goal should settle us back down

Spurs have scored

Russky says come on Lordy give them a rocket and sort them out

dreadful refereeing one texter says

teams are back

puck ahs dropped for the second period

20 seconds gone and very feisty

Smith misses blatent charging call on a devil crowd are getting hacked off with him

very very very noisy

Devils putting on lots of pressure

come on boys make it count

late hit by Lloyd on walton

no calls going Devils way

Bwns save @ 24.22


hudson with a superb breakout and Walton with skill top shelf

extra assist from Jesse @25.22

Bowns glove save

Hogarth makes another suspect call Haddad sits 2 minutes for tripping

2 high hits from Westgarth not called

Hendrikx gets elbowed and Morrisette gets boarding no calls

Hogarth calls Hudon now 5 on 3

Hudson was 2 minutes for delay of game

PP over

9:11 to go in the second

Giants offside see the refs aren't all against us !!

gone a bit quiet

Devils on their heels but withstand the onslaught

6:20 left in period

Shields 2 minutes for high sticks @34:26

good build up but no shots yet on PP

Giants back to full strength

westgarth (donkey) 2 minutes for elbowing @37:15

1:49 left

Mason 2 minutes for slashing @38:24

Hudson scores BBT explodes with noise get in THERE

Devils ahead in the tie again

Westgarth returns shouldn't really make a difference

Hotham with big hit on lloyd

period over Devils2 (6) Giants 2 (5)

Devils worked very hard that period and the officials woke up

Matthew says Keep Going Devils

Russky says thats more like the Devils we know and love

Bailey says she just loves the Devils

Keep your heads and game together in this big third period Devils

Anne Mcshane expecting a big period from both teams

Jon says atmosphere is berserk its almost a full house and the free clappers are making the noise deafening

Game on for the huge third period come on you Devils

Giants back to full strength


awaiting details

Culligan get in there

will there now be some dirty stuff ??

Devils lead 7-5 on aggregate

Giants upping the pace

superb work by Mychan almost leads to a goal

5:19 gone

giants pressure

assist on 3rd goal Brent Walton

Lord breaks and net is dislodged

14:11 remaining

icing against Devils

Atmosphere is awesome i am sat home and i'm getting goosepimples bonkers

Cody Brookwell gets 2 minutes after Haddad beats him on the outside and gets dragged down

Marsh shot saved

lets have big PP goal Devils

Keefe is everywhere just like a captain should even though he is injured

12:17 to go

a very late hit by lloyd on richardson devils 5 on 3 for 37 secs

2 minutes for interference against Lloyd

Brookwell returns

Devils trying to force it too much

Culligan just fails to force one home

24 secs left on PP


sorry about uppercase

Jake Morrisette SCORES OH YEAH

is it too early to play Bryan Adams ??

olay olay olay olay Devils rings out

come on guys close it out now says Matthew

7:54 left

anybody praying yet ?

Mychan forces big save from Chubak

Russky says normal service has been resumed

5:20 left

Clarkson blocks a shot and goes off in pain

4:39 left

forgot to say its 8-5 on aggregate

Lloyd with dirty hit from behind on mychan and sits for 2

Jesse is fine

lloyd 2 minutes for charging @55.30

Devils go close again

Morrisette hits the bar

Hotham shot saved

3 minutes left

Giants struggling to get puck

Giants back to full strength

final 2 minutes

its deafening in the BBT the roof is about to be taken off


giants pull netminder

Anne in Belfast says well done Devils

the mighty Cardiff Devils win yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

a very good team performance

and a very good performance from texters Sharlene, Jon and john wildthing who without, MNL would not be possible

Kompon MOM for Giants

OJ says well done Boys from Tenerife god i bet he is drinking red wine to celebrate

Devils MOM westgarth lol nah just kidding it was Ben Bowns

oh well onwards and upwards, I have really enjoyed hosting last 3 games even with system mishap, hope to host again soon but OJ will be back for the revenge on the panthers Saturday

good night all