Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 2 - 2 Cardiff Devils

join me from 4.30 for the panthers game may be limited coverage tonight as a lot of texters done their money over christmas !!

Time to get your predictions in guys

send them to

special thank you to Rachael who got hold of lots of people to help out in Nottingham tonight

I wonder if OJ will predict tonight

Russky thinks he may have jinxed us last night so is going for an overtime win today

OJ was so upset he went to the local bar in puerto De La Cruz

For tonights game I am live from my lounge in Fairwater where i may have an ale !!

Racael is going for Devils win whilst Baz says 5-3

Myers not icing, Kwall and higgins missing for panthers Doucet plays

Dougie is Back and Tyson is there despite Mrs Marsh being heavily pregnant, hold on mrs Marsh till at least Thursday !!!

Pat from Bridgend says a must win for Devils and goes for 4-2

Robert T says a 4-1 win to Devils

Claire is going for a very tight 2-1 win for the red army

The Mychan clan are back afetr technical problems yesterday probably the -38 temperature didnt help !! they are going for a narrow devils win and suggesting that all teams should have webcast which i agree with

60- 70 Devils fans in rink at moment dont know if that includes the bar too

waiting for prediction from Wayne my mate or even his lovely wife Karen

Mark goes for devils to sneak it 5-4 and hopefully stear clear of any bans for big game Wednesday

Wayne thinks a few goals and goes for 6-4 to Red Army

Jason Manly going for 3-2 to Devils

Thompson and Piggett are refs

Clarke also scratch for panthers

2nd ref was pickett

Officials are on the ice

Lights are dimmed

Panthers intro started

My first can has been opened

Intro dragging on a bit

Anthem time

Anthems over ready to rumble

puck dropped

Mychan walto culligan marsh and hudson start

Modig save @0.23

bit quiet

culligan shot saved 2.11 gone

Panthers offside despite puck not leaving zone oh never mind


richardson from morrrisette and martin top shelf get in

bit of panthers pressure

Benedict tripped in slot Jones 2 minutes for tripping

pen @5;41

Jacina almost deflects puck in

Bowns covers


Lord has shot blocked

Farmer big shot saved by Bowns

handbags Mychan and lee watch your hand Jesse

2 mins to Mychan and Jacina for roughing

should have smacked Lee and had done with it

if i'm too biased let me know !!

few chances on 4 v4 no clear shots both back to FS


Mychan and Jacina

Jacina got take down and Jesse bleeding

no clear winner cut was from hitting ice

Delay as blood cleared from ice

don't worry Mrs Mychan he';s ok

Jacina gets 5 minutes for fighting Mychan gets 2 +5+10 for instigator all at 8:23 to go

what a save from bowns

8:04 to go and we have 5 on 4

Doucet misses easy chance

Devils fs

Good kill apparantly


Haddad from martin and richardson 14:17

Bowns soaks up a slapper fromCharles Landry 445 to go

Plexi problems refs inspecting now

panthers offside 15:47

Panthers fans not happy saying puck never left zone

Haddad big shot saved over board face off panthers end @16.04

Doucet 2 minutes for tripping

Jesse back all cleaned up

panthers break 2 on 1 bowns saves

came from poor martin pass in panthers zone

panthers fs

handbags in front of devils net afetr brilliant bowns save 1.09 left

no calls made panthers fans baying for blood clowns

final minute

devils offside although never touched puck

mre handbags hudson and parent

officials losing control

parent trying to get Hudson to go

end of first Panthers 0 Devils 2

just need to keep heads and not get involved, panthers fans booing something on buzzer

SOG Devils 12 Panthers 14

Devils bullying panthers

Oh dear Man U lost again (sarcastic)

players out for 2nd

2nd underway piggott doing mychan's shift

lee shoots from blue line bowns holds easily

wish someone would smash Lee

is it just me ???

good panthers pressure

late prediction from Brian Parker says devils by 3

Dougie shot saved puck out of play 24:40

Lawrence hits pipes


Wild shoots bowns pad save 13:30 to go

haddad shot saved

great chances at both ends

Marsh 2 minutes for hooking 28:04

morrisette breaks Doucet holds and gets called

4 on 4 hockey


Jesse penalty over haddad gets 2 for roughing

Hotham offering to give Lee hammering !!

4 on 3 panthers for 1:23

10 to go in 2nd

bowns save from lawrence

Devils back to 4 men

Panthers goal dribbled in

awaiting scorer hope its not lee

Robert Lachowicz from Lee and Jacina

Devils full strength

change to assist not lee hahahaha it was graham

Devils go close

Dougie wants to go with Lawrence,, Lawrence bottles it

5:32 left

panthers icing

farmer shoots easy bowns save

hope Bailey is tuning in tonight

Panthers offside

bowns covers

2:40 left in period

modig save 1:33 left

great poke save from bowns puts lawrence off

final minute

farmer and Clarkson handbags

40 secs left

wild shoots bowns saves

more handbags calls to come

graham grabs martin round neck

graham and martin get 2 minutes for roughing

end of 2nd Devils 2 Panthers 1

as hooter goes lawrence gets2 minutes for hooking

very feisty period SOG after 2 panthers 28 devils 19

Devils will start 3rd 4 on 3 got to make it count

Russky says great weekend so far Liverpool win Man u lose patriots win, weakened devils push blaze last night just wants Hendrikx to sort out Lee

Panthers back on ice

Devils return

puck dropped for very important period

panthers goal short handed

Evan Mosey unassisted

Panthers breakaway parent pulled down penalty shot

Panthers breakaway parent pulled down penalty shot

Doucet to take

lee taking it sorry bout that

saved by bowns parent leaves ice hurt

shame Lee missed

both back to full strength