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Belfast Giants 3 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you full coverage of the 1st leg of the Challenge Cup quarter-final between the Devils and the Giants in Belfast

With a 7pm face off join me (OJ) from around 6:20 (warmup time)

Score predictions for tonights game to

We have two of our regular Giants reporters from the O on duty tonight - Dorothy E and David M.

Our third texter Carl (knoun to us on the Forum as Jester) is in Switzerland for a few months

A Devils fan who has made the long trip to Belfast will make his debut on MNL - Paul (Ocko)

If you have made the trip or know someone who has let me know - matchnighlive@gmail or text MNL on 07527 625206

Warmup in progress at O

Tonight we have Giants fans David Mercer and Dorothy texting along with brothers Paul (Ocko) and Jack

Michael Hicks is the referee

Matthew Myers the only scratch for the Devils

Mark G goes for a 4-4 game

Pat is more confident and predicts a 4-2 win for Devils

Allen W calls it Devils by the odd goal in seven

Congratulations to Canada - Junior World Champions after beating Russia 5-4 in final

Laura Mychan predicts a Devils quarter final win with the Devils winning 3-2 tonight

That means a tied game in Cardiff next week, how tense that will be. Think of me 2,000 miles away in Tenerife

We welcome Jesse Mychan's grandmother to MNL this evening. I am told she is the hockey expert in the family

Any other player family members out there, let me know at

Comments from those of you watching the webcast always welcomed

Haven't heard Josh Batch's family for some time

I wander if any former Devils are following us on MNL

I suppose most ex-Devils Canadian players are at work

Warmup completed

It was -50 in SK on Sunday, record is -60.9

That explains why the are so many in Florida or Mexico.

A mate of mine took his family to Mexico for New Yearand said it was full of Canadians

Shoes how nervous I am rabbiting on

Brian Parker says Devils by 2 in a hard physical game

Matthew Moore is getting very precise - game will have 6 goals, 66pims and Devils win

Jason M says - heart says Devils win 4-2, head sees Giants win 3-2

O filling nicely for a mid week game

Face off delayed to 7:10 i am now told

Russky hoping for a Devils win but a narrow single goal loss would be acceptable

Steve predicts that Devils sneak a 4-3 win

Yes Steve I did back Dynaste on Saturday

At least it won which can't be said for the horse whose trainer told me he would finish in the frame which he didn't (he was 50/1)

No update on FO time

Steven Bletsoe thinks we can bring home a win

welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Refs are Neil Wilson & Michael Hicks

Cornwall Taffy back in France hoping for the best

Giants on the ice

David M has spotted 4 Devils fans, I know who 2 are, who are the other 2

Lord. Morisette & Martin start for Devils

Puck dropped

Giants offside

good save by Ben Bowns

O is half empty says Ocko

Reports that there is no Tyson Marsh

Checking with texters

Big hit by Carl Hudson on Evan Cheverie - floors him

Carl Hudson & Cody Brookwell having words

No Tyson - confirmed

Cagey start by both teams

Giants penalty called

Cody Brookwell 2 minutes for hooking @ 5:21

Come on U DEVILS lets get that pp into overdrive

Mark Richardson has the C tonight

Good pressure by Devils but Chuback keeps them out

Giants Full strength

Joey Martin should have scored on that pp

Save Chubak @ 8:40

Keenly fought opening as both teams seek that first goal

Devils in White Giants in RED

Good save Chubak

Massive hit by Trevor Hendrikx on Kevin Westgarth - HUGE

Gametime 11;03

Paul says it was a bigger hit that the hipcheck at the BBT

Mark Richardson foils a 2 on 1 Giants breakaway

Devils penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for hooking @ 11:13


Devils clear zone

Giants offside

1 minute killed

Mark Richardson clears zone

Richie collides with boards - heavily

He is OK

Devils Full strength

Great PK by Devils

Giants opressure, Devils icing Face off in the Devils zone

Gametime 54:03

Devils penalty Brent Walton 2 minutes for kneeing @ 14:18


Westgarth misses a clear chance

1 minute killed

Big blocks by Mark Richardson & Jake Morissette

Devils Full strength

Another excellent PK by Devils

Tripping was the call against Brent Walton not kneeing

Big hit by Joey Martin on Robby Sandrock

Apologies it was Joey Haddad not Joey Martin

Giants under pressure, Chubak finally covers puck @ 18:22

End of 1st period Giants 0 DEVILS 0

Jesse Mychan got flattened by Darryl Lloyd just before buzzer

Ocko period report - Devils better team and deserve to be in front as they created the most clear chances

Come on U DEVILS another 2 periods of solid hockey called for

SoG for 1st period Giants 6 DEVILS 13

Cornwall Taffy sys Devils have got to show the same effort in 2nd period and bag a couple of goals

Ice ready

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts


A lot of water on the ice

water almost gifts Giants an early chance

Giants penalty Calvin Elfring 2 minutes for hooking @ 21:58

Come on U DEVILS

Give us a PPG - please

some breast saves bu Chubak

Belfast Full strength

It was Devils pressure throughout that PP foiled by Chubak

Good save by Ben Bowns @ 25:32

Westgarth tries a big hit, misses and crashes into boards

Giants are the more physical team so far

Giants attempt wraparound, afters between Keefe & Hotham

Another big save by Ben Bowns

David says pretty even so far this period

Jesse Mychan flattens Colin Shields

Giants penalty Evan Cheverie 2 minutes for holding @ 29:53

Doug Clarkson drew that penalty

Dorothy very disappointed by the lack of intensity shown by the Giants Belfast GGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

PPG @ 31:26

Andrew Hotham with his 18th of the season

Assists Mark Richardson & Brent Walton

Giants goal - Colin Shields

@ 32:28

Bowns unlucky says David

Assists Calvin Elfring & Jeff Mason

Why do we always concede a gioal after we score, its happened all season

Adam Keefe lays big hit on Josh Batch

Lots of Giants pressure around the 35 minute mark

Chris Jones puts a good chance wide


@ 36:57 scored by Andrew Lord his 12th of the season

Assists Jake Morissette & Joey Martin

Gametime 39:04


Jake Morissette scores his 14th of the season @ 39:06

Assists Andrew Hotham & Joey Martin

End of 2nd period Giants 1 DEVILS 3

Ocko says - Good period for DEVILS well worth their lead

SoG for 2nd period Giants 9 DEVILS 15 making it 15-28 after 2 periods

Come on U DEVILS 20 minutes of clever hockey good flight home

Teams are back on ice

3rd period underway

Adam Keefe takes out team mate Mike Kompon with slap shot

Kompon looks very sore as he leaves ice

Birthday cake and balloon for TK from Giants tonight

Kompon is back on the ice

Devils forechecking hard keeping Giants penned in their zone

4,591 in the O tonight

Giants penalty Westgarth 2 minutes for high sticks @ 44:22

One texter says high sticks other says tripping

I don't care DEVILS on PP

Come on U DEVILS letsd have a PPG - Please


A PPG no less

I should buy a lottery ticket

Jake Morissette with his 15th of the season @ 46:01

Assists Andrew Lord & Carl Hudson

Giants now throwing their weight around as Devils are under pressure

Get another goal U DEVILS

Gametime 50:04

Its end to end - DEVILS working hard

Great save Ben Bowns

Good block by Mark Richardson

Gametime 51:08

Westgarth on 3rd line to replace Keefe

Game delayed - ice problem

Game restarts

Doug Clarkson goes close

Puck out of play

Gametime 52:11

Another good save by Ben Bowns

Devils penalty Carl Hudson @ 52:57


2 minutes for slashing

Josh Batch clears

1 minute killed

Another Devils penalty Giants have 5 on 3 for 53 secs

Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for tripping @ 54:03


Ben Bowns covers

Giants goal a PPG

Giants still have 1:05 of pp

Mike Kompon was scorer


Giants 2nd goal was @ 54:59

Giants Goal

Colin Shields @ 56:20

Doug Clarkson thrown out - unsure why

5 = Game for Doug Clarkson

For spearing we think

Giants have pp for remainder of game

Ben Bowns save

Devils clear zone

Gametime 57:50

Lets have A SHG U DEVILS

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Fantastic block by Andrew Lord

44secs left

Giants time out

Game restarts

Jake Morissette clears zone

9 secs left

Final score Giants 3 DEVILS 4


Our thanks to Giants fans Dorothy Ennis and David Mercer for doing such a great job for us yet again

A BIG THANK YOU to our debutant texters the brothers Paul & Jack

Thats all from me for a couple of weeks as I am off to Tenerife to see some friends, Steve will be your host, so if you cannot get to the BBT on Saturday join him here on MNL as the Coventry Blaze come to the BBT