Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Hull for the long outstanding final game of the pool stage of the Challenge Cup

Just to remind everyone this game has no bearing on the Devils C Cup challenge (they play the Giants in the quarter finals in the next two weeks)

If Stingrays win they progress, any other result and the Blaze go through.

Join me (OJ) from around 5:30 - please note that it is a 6;30 face off not 7:00 as advertise in some places

Predictions/comments as always to

Texters en-route

Will bring you team news ASAP

Warmup ongoing

Cornwall Taffy predicts a 4-2 win for Devils

Daniel goes for the same score

Russky no league points for this game its a Challenge Cup game

Mark G calls it 4-3 to Devng his hated Blaze to go through

4-2 is popular tonight as Pat in Bridgend goes for ir as well

The Forum team news posting has it wrong as Ben Bowns is warming up

Steve B thinks a fiddle is on the cards and the Devils lose by 2 goals allowing stingrays through instead of Blaze

We shall see

A prize for guessing Sue J prediction

warm up done

I am now getting a different story - BEN BOWNS is not icing neither is TYSON MARSH

My apologies to Devil94 his info was better than what I was getting from Hull at one stage

Greg Blais is the backup netminder

Pete (KettDevil) has joined us having travelled to Hull from Bedford and with Rachael will give us coverage of the game

In addition as always Stringrays fan Keith is also on duty

I am totally confused, fans watching the webcast say that Ben is dressed

Very cold -36 in SK where the Mychan Clan predict a Devils win by 6

Rachael has counted NINE of the RED ARMY so far

Peter says 10

We will have MNL coverage of the 1st leg of Cup quarter final in Belfast on Tuesday

I shall be hosting before I jet off to Tenerife - a close friend is having an operation and I feel I should be there

Steve will be hosting the 3 games I miss, doing his excellent stint as always

Clive B says 4-2 to Hull

Jason M says 5-2 Devils

Michael Hicks is the referee

Devils on the ice

No Tyson Marsh

Mike Will in net for Devils

RED ARMY grown to 18 fans

Not a big crowd, very small in fact


Rays in YELLOW - Devils in WHITE

Puck dropped

No Matthew MYERS

Ben Bowns on gamesheet

Good save Mike Will @ 1:11

Gamesheet has Ben Bowns in net


@ 1:57 a Andrew Hotham rocket

His 15th of the season

Assist by Jesse Mychan

Well deserved assist as it was his hit that caused the turnover

Trevor Hendrikx misses with a hip check, boards are shaking

Luke Piggott goes close

Gametime 3:50

Mike Will save from CARL LAUZON

Another Mike Will save

gametime 5;04

scramble before Brown covers

Joey Haddad (captain tonight) fishes for the puck by Brown covers

Very few clear chances being created by either team

Brown saves from Mark Richardson @ 8:03

Does Mike Hicks have a pea in his whistle as there are very few stoppages

Devils playing well within themselves

Stingrays penalty

@ 10:32 - Turcotte - 2 minutes for holding


A PPG for Devils scored by Mark Richardson (his 4th) assist Brent Walton

Keith says Devils looking confident

Face off in the Devils zone @ 10:57

Devils 2nd goal was @ 9:58

Gametime 12:21

Stingrays playing very high leaving tons of space behind them which Devils speedsters can exploit

Devils Penalty - Luke Piggott 2 minutes for hooking @ 12:30


Face off in the Devils zone

CARL LAUZON shoots high

Chris Jones now penalty killing

Devils restricting Stingrays to long range shots

Stingrays icing

Doug Clarkson on SH breakaway shoots high

Devils FS

Gametime 14:52

Luke Piggott down injured

Stingrays penalty called @ 15:27

Jordan Mayer 2 minutes for interference

Piggott got up after a big hit

Zach Hervato goes close SH

Big hit by Josh Batch @ 16:13

Game has come to life

Stingrays FS

Good save Mike Will

Mike Will pad save from Dominic Osman

Gametime 18:04

Final minute

End of 1st period Stingrays 0 DEVILS 2

Devils almost scored on buzzer as Jake Morissette deflects an Andrew Lord shot but David n saves

KettDevil period report - Devils cruising, Mike Will has mopped up everything thrown at him. Stingrays must try something new next period as they are leaving acres of space behind and Devils are exploiting it

Andrew Hotham gets the 23nd assist on Richies goal

SoG for 1st period - Stingrays 10 DEVILS 8

Devils back on ice as are the Stingrays

2nd period starts

Stingrays goal

CARL LAUZON the scorer

@ 20:21

In fact goal scored by CORY TANAKA assist Lauzon

Sleepyheads Devils D

Stingrays penalty

@ 21:33 - Turcotte 2 minutes for roughing

He tried to get Chris Jones to fight

Another Stingrays penalty called - DOMINIC OSMAN 2 minutes for hooking

Devils have 5 on 3

For 57 secs

Save David Brown


Another PPG for DEVILS

Joey Haddad assist Brent Walton & Carl Hudson @ 23:36

That was Joey Haddad 15th goal of the season

Devils regain control of game

Mike Will save

Stingrays were back to 4 skaters when Devils scored that PPG

Jordan Knox shoots high when Stingrays had 2 on 1

@ 26:10 Doug Clarkson skates past two Stingrays but shoots stright at Brown

icing Stingrays

Josh Batch has shot blocked

its all Devils @ 27 minutes

Keith impressed by the Devils both size and ability

Brown saves from Luke Piggott

Its a DEVILS shooting gallery at the moment

Brown making good series of saves

Stingrays struggling to get across Devils blue line

a bit of Stingrays pressure

Mike Will save

Mike Will looking impressive @ 30:34

Stingrays penalty Lauzen 2 minutes for hooking @ 31:12

Come on U DEVILS lets have another PPG

One minute killed by Stingrays

double save Brown @ 32:42

Stingrays FS

Gametime 34:44

Devils penalty - Doug Clarkson

2 minutes for holding @ 34:51


Stingrays go close

Jesse Mychan clears Devils zone

Mike Will save from Knox

40 secs of PK left

Another Mike Will save

Stingrays hit post

Devils FS

Mike Will made a lot of decent saves during that Stingrays pp

Final 2 minutes of 2nd period

Brown covers

final minute

Another Mike Will save

Mike Will saves from Tanaka

end of 2nd period Stingrays 1 DEVILS 3

A big hit by Josh Batch in final seconds of the period

KettDevil's period report - More of the same in 2nd from Devils, caught cold at start they dominated for long periods. Haddad, Clarkson & Hotham impressing and Mike Will just bats everything away

Rachael says blown bulbs in rink clock so times are a matter of guesswork

SoG for 2nd period Stingrays 20 DEVILS 12 making it 30-20 after 2 periods

Teams are back

3rd period starts


routine save by Mike Will

Devikls D corps impresses

Devils D corps impresses Keith

Gametime 41:40

Joey Haddad shoots wide

Stingrays go close @ 42:52

Devils sitting back running clock down

Stingrays icing

Gametime 45:03 as Brown covers

Keith says that the consensus of fans around him is that the DEVILS is the best team they have seen this season

Stingrays pressure leads to nothing

Mike Will covers @ 46:37

Only shots Devils allowing Stingrays are from out wide

Gametime 47:50

Dull period so far, DEVILS happy with their lot, Stingrays not penetrating DEVILS zone

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please

Devils penalty @ 51:36 - Carl Hudson 2 minutes for holding


Stingrays have great chance by shoot straight at Mike Will

Stingrays Goal

@ 53:10 scored by Frederick


Assist Cory Tanaka

Stingrays pressing but Devils breakout and go close

game has suddenly speed up

Chris Culligan goes close @ 54:49

4 minutes left

Joey Haddad fires over '@ 56:37

Brown saves from Joey Martin @ 56:49

Mike Will save

Stingrays offside @ 57:14

Mike Will save from Lauzen

Final 2 minutes

Stingrays icing @ 58:13

Stingrays TIME OUT

Game restarts

Brown pulled

Final minute

Brown back for Face off in the Stingrays zone

Brown gone again

Handbags in front of Mike Will

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils clear zone

Final score Stingrays 2 DEVILS 3

Final SOG Stingrays 45 DEVILS 23

Devils MoM - MIKE WILL

Our thanks go to Stringrays fan Keith along with KettDevil and Rachael

Stingrays MoM - ZACH HERVATO

Thats all from me, join me tomorrow night as the Flyers glide into the BBT