Match Night Live
Newcastle Vipers 2 - 5 Cardiff Devils

It's Saturday night, and the Devils away to the Vipers. So, must be time for Match Night Live. As always, send your comments to for a shout out in the comments.

Devils are again without Campbell, Fulton, Silverthorn and Cowmeadow. Vipers Derek Campbell is suspended for this game after picking up a match penalty in Thursdays game for slashing.

Both teams are on the ice for the warm up. Devils playing in black to complement the lovely red Valentines jerseys being sported by the Vipers.

Silvertorn has not made the warm-up, and is on the bench again tonight.

Warm up over. 15 minutes until crunch time.

Apparently the Newcastle Zamboni is actually a Zamboni. Nice bit of trivia there/

Vipers are without Holland and their Derek Campbell tonight. Anderson is in the 72 jersey.

Almost time for the puck to drop on the Devils win lol. Lets go Devils!!!

10 - 15 Devils fans have made the trip up. A good turn out for such a punishing drive on a Welsh international Valentines day.

The Devils are out on the ice.

Vipers coming out. May as well get a drink - they are being announced individually.

Apparently 20 Devils fans now.

Hicks is officiating.

Anthems over - almost time!

Elich, Davies and Prpich start

We are underway

Aubry faces his first rubber at 12 seconds.

Payette gets his handbag out with MacIver

Devils with an icing at 35 seconds. Payette stil wanting to get intimate with MacIver.

Verner saves at 53 seconds. Sound like it is going to be a real end to end match.

Hutchins is stick happy as normal

Apparently no atmosphere at all. No change there from all the other North East teams then.

Devils ice the puck at 2.50

Aubry save at 4.04. Real slow, end to end stuff.

Payette still after MacIver.

Vipers penalty at 4.22. Lundin 2 min tripping. Franny on the breakaway.

Lundin penalty changed to Slashing.

Devils ice puck on powerplay. 5.13. Powerplay is awful

Vipers kill penalty. No Devils chances.

Comments, predictions, updates? Let me know on

7.12. Devils Penalty. Teplitsky 2 minutes holding.

Jarvis on short handed break away -but didn't shoot!!!!

Ryan on the email thinks it will be another close one, with a 3-2 Devils victory - plus Elich getting his first fight.

Devils kill the penalty.

Fight!1Voth and McAllister at 9.23

Fights came after an Aubry save at 9.23. Penalties timed at same time.

Penalties. Devils - Voth 5 minutes fighting.

Vipers, Rankin 2 minutes cross checking.

Vipers, McAllister 5 minutes fighting

Devils on the POWERPLAY!!

Devils powerplay isn't improving...

What can the Devils do to improve their power play? What do you think the Devfils will do tonight - let me know at

15 minutes played. All players back on the ice.

Looks like this could be a late night. Perhaps they are taking their cues from the Rugby in play style.

Jeff emailed in. Thinks this will be a 3-2 OT win to Devils, and we haven't seen the end of the fights yet.

Apparently the atmosphere is really flat up there. Perhaps we should have shipped this Millennium Stadium crowd up. Period still in progress, but nothing happening.

Devils penalty, Jarvis 2 minutes hooking. At least something is actually happening I suppose.

Teplintsky fight with Rankin. Tyson wins!

Bench clearance at the buzzer. More handbags than dancing at the moment.

End of the 1st. Vipers 0 - Devils 0.

For those of you haven't seen the Rugby - WALES WIN 23 -15 !!! COME ON!!!!!

Details on the fights - both pretty scrappy. Bench clearance at end was as both teams skated off.

Keith from Aberystwyth is on the email. He is predicting a 2-1 win for the Devils. Everyone seems to be siding on this being an odd goal win for the Devils.

And into the second.

Period starts with the penalties from the end of the first.

Devils, Teplitsky 5 minutes fighting. Timed at 20 minutes

Vipers Rankin, 5 minutes fighting. Along with a 2 + 10 for instigating.

Payette sits out the 2 minutes

Devils on the POWERPLAY

22 minutes played. Could be a long night

Payette is back on the ice. Looking like it will start to kick off.

Do we want to see a huge brawl? Do we want the Devils to stay above it and let the Vipers take penalties? Let me know on the email

22.42 Vipers penalty. Payette 2 minutes high sticks.

24.45 - Voth 2 minutes Slashing

Robert on the email thinks that we should leave the fighting for the home rink, where we want to put on a show. Have to admit, I agree - we should have discipline on the road, and get the wins. What do you think?

Devils penalty kill off.

Good save from Verner at 26.47

Devils hit the pipe at 27.56. Mad scramble for the puck, which moves the net. Sounds like the plays we want to be seeing.

Verner with another good save at 28.55. I get the feeling that I am going to be typing that a lot.

Keith wants us to stop taking penalties - "we must be the best team to sit in the bin all season?"

Scores from around the league - thanks Paul.

Basingstoke 1 - Coventry 4. Lewis for Cov getting 30 minutes plus for fighting

Sheffield 1 - Panthers 1

Manchester beating Hull, but still behind on aggregate.


Devils goal at 30.23.

Scored by our Phil Hill - boys doing good.

Assist by Latulippe

And then Verner with another good save at 31.03.

What can we do to beat this guy?

With 32 minutes gone, Devils are playing a lot better this period.

Aubry with a save at 32.40. Must have been a shock to face the puck, sounds like a quiet period so far.

Vipers run Aubry over again at 33.30. Should be a penalty.

Aubry intentionally delaying the restart. Hicks hasn't called anything - so his usual standard then.

Getting some interesting suggestions on the Verner problem. Think Ryan's idea may end up with someone serving prison time though. Anyone else?

34.57. Another good Verner save. Hicks is apparently calling nothing.

Vipers off side at 36.28

Verner is really having to work this period. Lets hope that they can find the way through him.

It begs the question, with Verner in the pipes, and Hicks calling the shots - what is the Devils biggest challenge?

38.17 - Rankin returns to play

Devils getting close to a 2nd goal. It would be nice to take at least a 2 goal margin into the third.

Aubry save at 39.37.

Looks like the short bench is showing. Voth looking knackered.


Devils second goal at 39.54

Assist by MacIver and Prpich

Scored by ELICH. Get in!

Sorry for the delays - blame Virgin for the dropped network.

End of second.

Devils lead 2 - 0, with goals from Hill and Elich.

Quickly around the league

Manchester beat Hull 4-3. Manchester go through 8-4 on aggregate.

Manchester beat Hull 4-3. Manchester go through 8-4 on aggregate.

Still 4- 1 Coventry at Bison. Now in the 3rd

Still 1 a piece in Sheffield, in the 2nd.

Adams is icing tonight. Not sure if I'd mentioned it earlier. Thanks for asking Ryan.

Apparently, the only noise in the rink is coming from the 20 Devils fans.

To me, I'd take a match in the Big Blue Tent, over every other rink. Devils fans always generate an atmosphere. What rinks are good, and what rinks are dead?

Both teams are back out on the ice.

Getting lots of positive emails. Can sum them all up I think with COME ON DEVILS!!!!!

Into the third.


Devils goal disallowed. Verner kicked the nets off.

Here's hoping that we don't have a Hicks period eh?

John emails in with "Come on Newcastle! Lets make a game of it!!!" I'm not sure many reading this would reflect that sentiment.

Apparently third goal should have stood. Lets go to the video umpire...oh hang on.

41.17 - Aubry save


And now one for the Vipers

Details coming... sounds like it is hotting up

I think Andrew on the email is right. 4-1 Devils.

Vipers goal at 42.48. Courtenay - don't know the assists

Devils 3rd goal at 42.40.

Assists from Voth and Hill

Scored by Jay Latulippe

Devils offside at 44 minutes

Devils ice the puck at 43.50. Hard to keep up with all these texts now lol


McAllister jumps Voth at 44.45 after (yet another) Verner save

MacIver fights McAllister after Voth turns his back on the punches.

McAllister wins. Perhaps we get the moral victory?

Details of the penalties

Voth 2 minutes cross checking

MacIver 5 minutes fighting

Vipers - McAllister 2 minutes fighting, 2 minutes roughing and 5 minutes fighting.

All timed at 44.45

Devils on the POWERPLAY

46.49 - Devils offside.

Payette returns after sitting out the 2 minute McAllister penalty.


Devils goal number 4 at 48.07.

Assists from Davies and Jarvis

Scored by our Jay Latulippe. Can he get the hat trick?

Vipers goal at 48.32

Vipers second goal by Hutchins, from Courtney and Wilson. Can they do a Blaze comeback?

So much has happened, haven't had a chance to look at the emails.

From Rhodri on the email "Devils fans in fine voice. At least 40 here now after the rugby finished. The only sound from the home fans is during the many fights."

MacIver returns to play.


Adams takes the shot, but Verner saved.

Apparently no penalty from the Vipers, but we got a shot.

51.28 - Vipers offside.

Around the league. Steelers lead Panther 3-2 after 2 periods.

Blaze lead Bison 4.2 in the third

Hicks Flattened. Wonder who'll start getting penalties now lol

Apparently it is now 8-2 to the Blaze against the Bison.

Aubry with another save at 53.28

And the puck leaves the ice at 53.44.

55 minutes gone.

So, with 5 minutes left to play - Devils lead Vipers by 2 goals. Can Vipers dig themselves out of the 2 goal hole, or will we win in regulation against them for the first time this season?

55.08 Devils penalty. Teplitsky 2 minutes for tripping.

McAllister returns to the ice.

Devils hold on for an easy penalty kill.

Under three minutes left!

Are we going to see an empty net goal from the Devils, or will Wilson not commit?

57.40 - Payette put on his head by a brilliant Jarvis hipcheck.


Devils 5th goal scored at 58.26

Assists from Hill and Teplitsky

Scored by Latulippe - for his third of the night I believe.

Verner pulled after Devils 5th goal

And that's it. Devils win 5-2.

Jay with the hat trick!!!

Man of the match to Devils is Latulippe.

Courtenay gets man of the match for the Vipers.

Hopefully this sets us up nicely for tomorrow night.

Elsewhere, Blaze beat Bison by 8 goals to 2

It is still 3-2 in Sheffield. Steelers have only lost three times in regulation this season.

And with that, I am going to sign off. Time for my tea and a beer.