Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 0 Hull Stingrays

Welcome to MNL as the Stingrays swim into Cardiff Bay

Your host Stephen will be with you tonight

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Before I disappear can I wish you all a Happy New Year when it arrives in 29.5 hours - OJ

Evening all Steve here hosting my 2nd ever game, looking forward to another big win as my previous game was the 10 nil drubbing of The Capitals

predictions coming in Mark G Caerphilly says 6-1 to the Devils

Pat in Lovely Bridgend says 5-1 to the Red Army

Cornwall Taffy says he is Still in Lanzarote (swine) and predicts the mighty Devils to win 5-2 in front of another sell out

Russky just prediting a Devils win

I think I'll make a prediction Devils to win 6-2

Come On O.J. where is your prediction ???

Hazel in Scotland says it will be a comfortable 6-2 victory to the Devils

Brian Parker predicts Devils by 4 goals

O.J. is also going for a Devils victory 6-2

The Mychan clan are gathering to watch the Devils win a cracker of a game by 2, its freezing in S.K. but they are sure the house will warm up with all the cheering going on

Heard nothing from rink but would imagine warm up well underway

Lights out Intro about to start

Seems Devils still missing Matt Myers

intro's on infront of what looks like a near full house

Tent is rocking

Stingrays on the ice

ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome on to the ice your very own Cardiff Devils

Players being introduced

long time since there was a crowd like this on a Tuesday

Anthem time

Roger in Capel Dewi, Carmarthen predicting a 4-1 win to the red army

Anthem being sung by Sully wearing Adam Harding jersey

Player huddles

Lordo line to start

Bit of Bad news Hicks is ref

The puck is dropped here we go

puck out Rys end 0.29

Bowns turns away a Rays shot

Fat opening Rays looking to break quickly

Bowns covers

Josh Batch hits one just wide

Hendrikx with a hit 2.20 gone

Walton falls on a deke and ends up in net, suspected trip no call

Hull being pinned back


Andrew Lord 3.29 forecheck effort forces bad pass

Devils go on powerplay 15.56 left


all Devils at mo

Lauzon was slashing call

Rays net off moorings

5.30 Gone

Continuous Devils Pressure

Rays full strength

Brown covers Clarkson has a dig at him, Matty Davies grabs Dougie who laughs

Goooooaaalllllll! the man Jesse Mychan from Hendrikx and Culligan


Hotham from slot at 7.26 Hull call time out and ask ref if they can go now

Rays do not have an answer

Devils are destroying them

Mychan grabs Chilcott and has a few words 11.48 left in first

Brown knocks net off again

Hull can't get out of their end

CARL LAUZON 2 minutes for holding Devils P.P.

Walton goes close, now Hotham close

james Snelson with late prediction 5-0

11.20 gone

Rays full strength

icing Face off in the Stingrays zone 8.35 left

Rays have rare foray forward but mess it up

Puck out of play 8.02 left

assists on 3rd goal, Lord and Martin

Bowns covers

13.00 gone

Lord hits crossbar on empty net !!!

Chris Jones with a GGOOOALLLLL

14.30 gone

C.J's first Goal assists from Clarkson and Haddad, get in!!

Hull icing again

Piggott gets taken down by by Davies, Hotham smashes him with big hit

Batch not having his best game apparantly

2.33 left in period Brown covers from Marsh

2.08 left in period

Bowns makes 3 excellent saves

Hull Offside 59 secs left

Devils very aggressive on forecheck

Puck out of play

Bowns catches 28 secs left

End of first very convincing by Devils,,, 4-0

Remember next red army trip is Nottingham on 11th January 21 Adults and 14 kids awesome value

Now i need a drink (tradition)

chaos here no red wine, it had to be Coors light !!! (other beers are available)

Puck is dropped for 2nd period

Hull come out a little harder

Gone quiet !

Must be network problems

puck out of play, after great defensive work by Marsh

Hull are turning up pressure

Trevor Hendrikx buries his man as Hull go offside

5 Mins gone in 2nd

Bowns makes superb save

icing Devils from poor Haddad play

Crowd now all back in seats andf cranking up noise

Walton with great Deke

Walton shoots, Brown covers 6 mins gone

Hull lokking lively with few shots on Bowns

OMAR PACHA shoots high

Penalty shot Devils

Walton Scores with it

Left Right Left Right,sits Brown down then smack bang in middle of net

8 minutes gone in period

Piggott goes close

Galbraith misses puck with open net lol

Noise is deafening LETS GO DEVILS LETS GO

Mychan gets to know Pacha

Martin goes coast to coast and almost buries one

Brown covers

C.J. gets turned over Batch helps him out

Big hit By batch

Mychan gets 2 minutes for roughing 32.35

Hull trying to get P.P. going

33 secs left on poor pp

Mayer shoots rebounds safely

Devils full strength

Bowns with glove save, Jon says Hull don't really look like getting back in this

End to End Bowns with mental save

Hendrikx with vintage hipcheck

Haddad has shot saved by Brown facemask who then covers

Goal off @ 36.35 MAYER was run into it

Culligan2 minutes for hooking

pen @ 36.50

Devils zone cleared

and again

Bowns covers after decent Hull powerplay

1.21 left in period

Devils FS

Davies misses empty net for Hull

Bowns covers 22 secs left

End of the second period Devils 5 Hull 0, Hull brought more to the table that period with Davies going close, but saying that they are being given a lesson

oh well back to work tomorrow, got to get the overtime in to buy tickets for BBT !!!

A big Hello to Bailey and Nia joining us this evening I hope you are enjoying it so far

Players back out

Third period underway

End to End again

Bowns covers

icing Stingrays 42.30

Lordo misses a huge hit

Two good saves by Brown

Batch gets upturned by galbraith

So Hendrikx buries Galbraith sounds fair to me !

Piggott with decent hit forces icing @5.25

Crowd getting loud

Brown covers @36.46

Haven't heard much about Hicks which is encouraging

Brown covers with nobody in zone !! whats all that about

CARL LAUZON goes close but forgets to shoot and runs the net

Galbraith shoots chest save 38.47

Piggott with big hit stops breakaway


witing on scorer as BBT very noisy

Hendrikx with assist from CJ @49.48

Hull offside

Brown covers from Mychan

Brown covers again from Culligan

Hendrikx has now been given 2nd goal

Bowns snatches puck out of air 51.22

Batch with a Hendrikx hip check

Brown save from Clarkson

Devils now playing 2 forward 2 on blue line and 1 centre line

GGGOOOALLLLL Culligan from Hudson and Mychan 53.08

Bowns covers

6.15 left

Brown very dramatic cover for no reason----heads gone

Haddad 2 minutes for slashing 54.16

OMAR PACHA shoots wide

Hull PP poor

Mychan goes close then Marsh shoots wide

Mychan showing he has it all, skill and toughness

5 on 5 again

Crowd is bouncing

Clarkson shoots high

Brown saves from coach Lord

Devils are superb

Brown covers definately a theme here

final 2 minutes

Keep them out Devils

Mychan shot tipped wide

Mychan shot tipped wide

1 Minute left Piggott goes close

30 seconds

Crowd in full song

ALL over Devils 7 Hull 0, Thats Bowns 4th shut out of season i'm filling up here

very one sided game

very one sided game

I have now hosted 6 periods and we have not let a goal in !!

Stingrays MOM ZACH HERVATO nobody seems to know why

Devils MOM Trevor Hendrikx

Great end to 2014 happy new year,,, blwyddyn newydd dda stay safe everybody see you in New Year