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Cardiff Devils 3 - 1 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL coverage on the reverse Christmas fixtures between the Devils and Blaze at the BBT

Following last nights 5-4 win at Coventry the Devils will be all out to make it as perfect 4 point Christmas

Score predictions plus any other printable comments to

All the signs are for another sell out at the BBT and a new record crowd for the venue

Early predictions are for a comfortable win for Devils

Stephen B in freezing Bolton calls it devils by 3 goals. Lets hope he doesn't get snowed in since he is hosting on Tuesday night

Allen W just wants a Devils win to pocket the points

Mar K who I know has a dislike of the Blaze calls it 6-3 to the Devils

Laura Mychan & family go for a Devils victory by 2 goals

Rachael says its busy already at BBT

Natalie at Pentyrch Rugby Club goes for a 6-3 win for the RED ARMY

Sue J, goodness me, has come up with a different prediction from her normal Devils by 2 goals and goes for Devils by 3 goals

Anyone at the BBT following us, let us know your prediction/comment at

Warmup has started

Matthew Myers is not icing

Looks like same squad for both teams as iced last night

"Its all your fault" sign in place behind Brian Stewart in the Blaze net

Some interesting games tonight - Steelers at Nottingham (after losing 4-0 at home to them last night) and Giants v Clan at the O

Bumper PIMs is my prediction

We are likely have a bucket full of PIMs at the BBT as well

No news yet who has the whistle tonight

Lets hope there is no pea in it

The Faustino rioja is going down well

Stephen assures me he will be back in time to host on Tuesday.

Before rumors start I am not off to Tenerife next week (many of my friends are out there for New Year) her indoors has a hospital appointment early in the New Year to check her bionic elbow

Hazel thinks we are going to get even more goals tonight with the Devils coming out on top - 7-4

Warmup completed


Officials on the ice

welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Lauren is asking how you can buy webcast

Anthem time

Email me at and I will pass it on

Hogarth is one ref

Puck dropped

other ref is Liptrot

Blaze fans trying to make some noise - bless them

Brian Stewart covers @ 1:43

fast open start to period with both netminders called upon to make saves

Its end to end @ 4:02

Ben Bowns save

From Russ Cowley @ 4:34

Ben Bowns saves again as Blaze exert some pressure

Gametime 6:05

Giants 1 Clan 0

Handbags @ 7:46 in front of Devils net

Devils Penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for roughing @ 7:56


Gametime 9:06

Face off in the Blaze zone

52 secs of PK

Carl Hudson shoots wide

Tyson Marsh misses whilst on breakaway

Devils Full strength

Blaze penalty Craig Cescon @ 10;27

cross-checking was the call

Jake Morissette goes close

Devils penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for holding @ 11:12

4 on 4 for 1:25

Brian Stewart covers @ 11:57

Blaze Full strength


Devils Full strength

Its end to end

Brian Stewart saves from Andrew Lord

Using his shoulder

Venus & Mychan - handbags

Devils pressure and surprise surprise Blaze net comes off its moorings

Giants 4 Clan 1

Trevor Hendrikx hip checks a Blaze into next week

lots of Devils pressure

Good glove save Brian Stewart @ 15:58

Brian Stewart forces net off again


Trevor Hendrikx v Craig Cescon

Hendrikx went after Cescon after Joey Martin got cross-checked

Easy win for Trevor Hendrikx

waiting for penalties

@ 17;20

Blaze pinned in their zone

Blaze penalty

O'Flaherty I think

Ceson got 2 minutes for kneeing, 2 minutes for cross-checking 5 minutes for fighting

Trevor Hendrikx 5 minutes for fighting + 2 minutes for instigator

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Blaze 0

I assume Gareth O'Flaherty went to sin bin to serve Ceson's extra minor

ceson back first whistle after 26:20, Hendrikx 24:20

Jon says - exciting period, not many clear chances, devils had the best of it

Panthers 0 steelers 2: Giants 4 Clan 1 after 1 period

Stingrays 1 Capitals 0

Brian Parker says Devils by 3 goals

Liprott is now a linesman as original linesman went off injured

Stefan Hogarth sole referee

Ice ready

Come on U DEVILS lets go DEVILS lets go

teams back on ice

Puck dropped

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 9 Blaze 10

Crowd 2,300 - sell out

its all Devils

Gametime time 23:58

Andrew Lord wrestled to ice in front of referee - NO CALL

Jesse Mychan collides with Brian Stewart - pusdhed by Blaze D

Save Ben Bowns as least he was awake

Trevor Hendrikx returns

Brian Stewart keeping Blaze in game

Devils shots raining on Blaze goal

Another save by Ben Bowns as Blaze make rare visit to Devils zone

Andrew Lord shot deflected out of play - Face off in the Blaze zone

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for boarding


Craig Cescon returns

BBT noise level has gone even higher

Hendridx penalty was @ 26:14

Russ Cowley trips Chris Culligan

Cowley 2 minutes for tripping @ 27:28


Chris Culligan scores

A wonder goal says Jon J

assist Andrew Hotham @ 27:58

Jake Morissette hits pipes

That was Chris Culligan 6th of the season

Blaze penalty bench minor for Too Many Men ' 29:56

Mike Egener skates off hurt after blocking a Doug Clarkson shot

Blaze FS

Gametime 32:05

Ben Bowns save from a recuperated Mike Egener

great glove save Brian Stewart

Gametime 34:32

gametime 36:10 as Stewart saves again

Brian Stewart is a big obstacle to Devils scoring

Blaze penalty Mike Egener 2 minutes for interference @ 36:37

Give a goal U DEVILS - please


Doug Clarkson scores

A ppg

@ 37:18

Assists for Andrew Hotham & Brent Walton on Doug Clarkson goal (his 12th of the seaon)

Ben Bowns great save

final minute

10 secs left in period

end of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Blaze 0

Devils totally dominated that period

Ben Bowns has been outstanding because its not easy to keep your concentration when the vast majority of the action is up the other end of the ice pad

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 15 Blaze 9 making it 24-19 after 2 periods

Plenty of people out and about near the harbour in Puerto de la Cruz - jealous me

Teams back on ice

Puck dropped

Come on U DEVILS we want that next goal

Brian Stewart dives to cover puck @ 40:15Cardiff

gametime 43:04

Its all Devils

A healthy scratch for Blaze tonight was Rory Rawlyk

Brian Stewart save @ 43:03

Blaze offside @ 43:15

Brian Stewart keeping Blaze in this game singlehanded

Gametime 44:40

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

Brian Stewart covers @ 45:46

Blaze penalty @ 45:46 - Ryan o'Marra 2 minutes for hooking

one minute of pp wasted

get your PP into overdrive U DEVILS

Blaze FS

gametime 48:22

Brent Walton goes an am mazy skate @ 49;07

Before Stewart covers

Blaze net off again


Andrew Lord with his 10th of the season

Goal was @ 51:52 assist for Joey Martin

Gametime 53:24

RED ARMY taunting Brian Stewart a bit unfair as he is the only one keeping Devils at bay

Devils penalty called


Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for tripping @ 54:51

A crap call says Nigel

50/50 over 500 tonight - well done sellers

Poor Blaze pp

Blaze offside @ 56:05

It was Chris Culligan that was called for tripping not Andrew Hotham


gametime 57:04

Final 2 minutes

RED ARMY chants rock the BBT

Devils net off its moorings - makes a change

Gametime 59:18

Blaze score @ 59:39

Ben Arnt unassisted

Final score DEVILS 3 Blaze 1

Our thanks to Nigel, Jon J, Rachael and Sharlene for their excellent coverage

Devils win in front of the BIGGEST CROWD EVER IN BBT

Blaze MoM - Ben Arnt

Texters say it should have been BRIAN STEWART by a country mile

Devils MoM - BEN BOWNS

Join us on Tuesday nighty when the Stingrays visit the BBT, Stephen B will be your host.