Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 4 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL on a cold and miserable Boxing Day

Join me (OJ) from around 5pm as we bring you coverage of the Coventry leg of back to back games between the Blaze and our very own DEVILS

Score predictions as usual to

Santa has been good to us by sending Tom Darnell & Michael Hicks to Sheffield tonight

Cornwall Taffy (in sunny Lanzorote) goes for a 5-2 win for Devils

Mar G is even more confident and calls it 6-2

Russky just wants a win for RED ARMY

Mr C Jones (either Cenwyn or Carl) predicts a 5-3 win for the lads

Alan T calls it 4-1 for the Devils

Blaze on ice for warmup

Mychan Clan go for a Devils win by 4 goals

devils take to the ice 3 minutes late, no Matthew Myers

Just heard from Adam Temme traveling from the footie at West Bromwich that it is snowy heavily in the West Midlands

Gerald says its snow heavily in Coventry

Started snowing about an hour ago

RED ARMY TRAVEL took 130 fans to Coventry and there are as many if not more who traveled independently

Around 300 in total I am told

RED ARMY TRAVEL next trip is Nottingham on Sunday 11th for a 4pm face off - Adults 21 - kids 14 - see them at the RED ARMY TRAVEL desk at the BBT

Panthers winning 1-0 at Sheffield mid way through 2nd period

Berube and Dowd had a fight in 1st period

Warmup done

These Devils owners do know how to live, Brian Parker says Devils by 4 goals from sunny Mexico

Pat K says 4-2 Devils also hopes everyone has a safe journey home

Hazel in Southend predicts a 4-3 win for Devils

Sue J says Devils by 2 goals

Ice ready

Lights out at Coventry - not a power cut I hope

We have Gerald and JohnWildthing reporting from Coventry soon to be joined by the Temme brothers

We have Gerald and JohnWildthing reporting from Coventry soon to be joined by the Temme brothers

Steelers 0 Panthers 2 after 2 periods

Adam Temme says he has never seen so many Devils fans at an away game

Devils on the ice

Blaze on the ice

Brian Stewart getting endless grief from Red Army

Ref is Stefan Hogarth

Puck dropped

Seems to be dark at Rink

Devils fans in full voice as Devils exert pressure

Slow start to game

Devils have had a couple of chances

Gametime 4:20

Blaze offside

Devils penalty @ 4:26 Joey Martin 2 minutes for tripping


Jesse Mychan clears zone and goes for a change

Chris Culligan clears zone

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone @ 6:12

Devils FS

Blaze offside @ 6:40

Steven Chalmers almost manages to put puck in his own net

Brian Stewart covers

Great interplay by Brent Walton & Chris Culligan who lost control at the final key moment

Brian Stewart kicks his net off and gets warned by referee

Adam says Blaze D look rattled

Brian Stewart blocker save from Trevor Hendrikx

Great hit by Andrew Lord on Cale Tanaka

Brian Stewart covers a Joey Haddad wraparound

Devils pressure but Blaze SCORE

Mark Richardson coughs up puck and Blaze score @ 11:00

Sindel the scorer

Blaze penalty Russ Cowley 2 minutes for tripping @ 11:34

Craig Cescon clears Blaze zone

30secs left on PP

Blaze FS

Gametime 14:02

Brian Stewart making some good saves

Brian Stewart covers @ 14;31


Andrew Lord

@ 14:38

Assist Trevor Hendrikx

and Joey Martin

Rory Rawlyk kicks off net when Devils had a scoring chance

Blaze Rory Rawlyk 2 minutes for delay of game

@ 15:21


PPG by Doug Clarkson his 11th of the season

Assists Tyson Marsh & Joey Haddad

@ 16:05

Craig Cescon looking to goon it

Face off in the Blaze zone @ 17:02

Gone quiet

Gametime 19:15

Brian Stewart at 19:51

End of 1st period Blaze 1 DEVILS 2

Tony report - Good physical 1st period with Devils edging it. RED ARMY giving nettie Brian Stewart plenty of stick

Final 2 minutes it Sheffield it is still Steelers 0 Panthers 2

Panthers score 2 in last minute to win 4-0

Devils return to the ice

There seems top be a snow warning for all of Wales other than Cardiff

Snow is moving north

So lets hope RED ARMY gets home, we have a game tomorrow at the BBT

2nd period underway


Joey Haddad v Steven Chalmers

Clear win for Joey

PA system is on mute

Joey Haddad gets 2 minutes for interference + 2 + 2 for roughing


Chris Culligan clears

I assume Steven Chalmers got 2 + 2 for roughing

Joey Martin wanders offside @ 22:48

A combination of poor PA & noisy RED ARMY makes it impossible to hear announcements

Massive glove save Ben Bowns

It would appear Chalmers only got 2 minutes

Great save Ben Bowns @ 23:54

Devils have 30 secs to kill

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx @ 24:19

Kneeing was the call

Blaze Goal a PPG (5 on 3)

Blaze penalty Jereme Tendler 2 minutes for tripping @ 25:11

Egener & Lord have words @ 25:51

Devils FS

50 secs of PP for Devils

Blaze FS

Brian Stewart glove save from Joey Martin @ 27:32

Now 5 on 5 for a change

All you can hear is the Devils fans

Blaze score

Josh Batch giveaway leads to O'Maara goal

assist Griffin

Andrew Hotham buries Jereme Tendler who then slashes him - Tendler 2 minutes for slashing @ 28:38

High sticks was the call not slashing

Puck out of play Face off in the Blaze zone @ 30:03

SoG for 1st period Blaze 6 DEVILS 12

Blaze FS as Brian Stewart covers @ 30:57

Devils penalty Jesse Mychan 2 minutes for roughing: James Griffin 2 minutes for interference @ 31:38

40 secs of 4 on 4 left

Ben Bowns glove save @ 33:13

both teams FS

Ben Bowns covers @ 33:55

Brian Stewart save @ 35:10 after some fantastic play by Tyson Marsh

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal


Devils pressure


It does work

Devils 3rd goal @ 36:44 scored by Andrew Lord (his 10th of the season)

PA is getting worse , the Temme brothers thinks the announcer is talking thru a sock

Jereme Tendler shoots wide on a breakaway

Gametime 38:40

Assist for Chris Jones on Devils 3rd goal

Blaze icing @ 38:52


@ 39:16

Andrew Hotham with a rocket

Ben Bowns covers @ 39:35

Assists Joey Martin & Doug Clarkson on Devils 4th goal

End of 2nd period Blaze 3 DEVILS 4

Don't lose this period and a happy trip back to Cardiff

Ice ready for action

Lee Young seems to line in many Devils games. I go back to the days when Lee and his father Terry used to line together in the Superleague

Both team return to the ice

3rd period starts

Brian Stewart covers

Blaze penalty Devils on PP

Carl Hudson hits post

Mike Egener clears

Blaze FS

Its end to end at the moment

Brian Stewart covers @ 43:45

Ben Bowns glove save @ 44:59

Devils offside - Doug Clarkson

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please


Jesse Mychan - his 6th of the season

Shoots, collects rebound, fakes and deposits biscuit in empty net

Assists Brent Walton & Chris Culligan

Blaze Mike Egener 2 minutes for tripping @ 46:49

Devils Fs

Nigel thinks Devils scored as i was polite in asking for a goal

SO PLEASE PLEASE lets have another

Gametime 49:21

I wonder if itstill snowing at Coventry, its pointless asking the texters who are taking it in turns to go to the bar

Blaze goal - Griffin

assists for Goetzen & O'Marra

@ 50:05


very end to end

Puck out of play @ 53:28

Face off in the Devils zone

Come on U DEVILS

RED ARMY lift them

Big final effort

Both teams pushing for that next goal

Puck out of play @ 54:55

Face off centre ice

Most pressure coming from the Blaze

Gametime 56:58

Brian Stewart covers after Jesse Mychan & Chris Culligan breakaway

Too much beer, texters call time out for bathroom break

Devils icing @ 57:42

Time Out - Devils

game restarts

Devils clear zone

Puck out of play @ 57:54

Final 2 minutes

Blaze offside @ 58:45

Blaze Time out @ 58:50

Game restarts

Brian Stewart ready

Final minute

Stewart gone

Blaze icing @ 59:08

Stewart returns

Stewart gone again & returns

10 secs

Lord misses empty net


Final score Blaze 4 DEVILS 5

Our thanks go to Gerald, JohnWildthing, Adam & Tony T

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MoM announcements lost in the noisy turmoil caused by the travelling RED ARMY

Join me tomorrow night when the Blaze come to the BBT for a second dose of DEVILS treatment

Better still get to BBT and create another record crowd